Love Quotes

It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

To the one I have never met

We stumble upon life looking for that person that understands the music in our hearts. That person who speaks the same language as we do, that person who's eyes reflect our souls. We travel through the world, we take upon unknown roads, just to find the person who will hold our hearts and treasure it as if it were their own. Unfortunately sometimes it takes more than one lifetime to find that person. Or I would like to think.

Here I leave you with a writing from a person who's soul has been searching, and always will, until he finds her, because he knows that she is out there, somewhere, waiting, wishing and calling for him as much as he does for her.

He will always be The Hopeful Dreamer...

"If I say I love you, I fear it is not enough. You are the piece of my soul that belongs to someone else. You are the moment in which I understood I was not born to be alone. You are God's gift to me, the beginning and the end of my life, my oxygen, my reason for living.

Others wrote the poems before my birth, to guide my existence in this earth, to trace the path that leads to you. And yet, you belong to someone else. How can that be? 

I should have waited, I know. But had I done that I would not be where I am right now, getting ready for you, to appreciate you, all of you. How I wish I could hold you, never let you go, never allow you to part from my arms. But not yet, I must wait, I know. I must grow to the point where I become worthy of you, to the point of understanding you, your desires, your needs, your hopes and dreams. I need to grow and understand the sacrifices that need to be made, the time that I need to give you and the space that needs to be had. I know all this, and I am willing to hold out, because I know that if we do not evolve, we will get stuck, and our frustrations will turn us against each other, make us resentful of one another, because we could not allow ourselves to reach our maximum potential, to see and understand that we came to each other because no one complements us the way we do. In the end, if I don't wait until you are ready for me, and I am in turn ready for you, we would end up destroying one another. 

Why Lord do you allows this to be?! You play with us, as the wind plays with kites. You allow me the freedom that comes with flying, exploring, the freedom to chose my path, only to remind me that there is a string tied to my end, pulling me back, saying, not that way, this way. Why allow her to come to me when I made the choice to live another way.

If we have the privilege to live another life, I would like to believe this is merely my training, and the pain that my soul could feel is eased by the knowledge that another is sowing my grounds, readying me for you, the same, someone else is redying you for me.

God is just, but reigns with tough hand. I want you now, but I don't deserve you yet.

So here, in these few words, in this brief moment of truth, I write the letter that will never reach you, for I don't know if I have you with me or if I am still waiting for you to come. If you are born and I am yet to meet you, or if you are not born yet.

In the meantime, I shall give my life to the one that is next to me right now, thinking that is God's will, and if by chance or fortune you should walk my way, the real you, the one who complements ever inch of my being, I shall erase the past, start from scratch, and I shall feel again like a child, testing, taking as if mine, the toy that has been give, the hope, the perfection, the completeness, the reason I was given this perishable moment everyone else calls life."

Monday, May 26, 2014

The problem with opening a faucet is that when the screws that keep the handle tight are loose, it really takes a lot of effort to close it again. The same happens with emotions, Once you allow them to surface, it takes an immense effort to hold them back. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

losing myself

Thousands of emotions running through my mind, and I seem to be stuck. Stuck in this senseless moment that robs me of my freedom, of my voice. Slowly asphyxiating me, turning me into nothingness, to the point where I am unable to even think. I have gone into oblivion and settled there, becoming as hollow as an empty bottle. There is nothing inside, and yet, there is everything, an entire universe of feelings, that somehow aren't really there, yet, exist.

Have I gone crazy? Am I even making any sense?

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Time to move on

Is not you I am giving up on,  is the illusion of you I created, the image of someone I could be with.  It's not you I am letting go of,  is the thought of you and I becoming something.  Is not you I am leaving behind,  is the desire of having you by my side.  It's not you I am waking away from, is my incessant need to give you what I thought you deserved,  my all.  In the end,  it's not you,  it's me understanding that I want, need and deserve more,  something real, someone I can count on.  It's really not you,  it's me believing in, trusting myself.