Love Quotes

It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The thing is... When with you, when in your arms and under your loving gaze, I will always feel like a lost child finally coming back home.

Monday, April 14, 2014

It's all I can do

The problem is that I can't think about anything else. All that occupies my mind these days is you. I want to lie in bed next to you, I want us to be naked under the covers, feeling our bodie's warmth. I Just want to feel your touch, to know that you are real, that you are here, that you are mine and that I am yours.

All I want is for us to be still. To look into your eyes and see myself in them, to get lost in your smile. All I want is not to have to imagine all this.

But right now, is all I can do. To think of you, to imagine you here , next to me, to close my eyes and see your face, smiling at me, loving me. There is nothing more I can do, but miss you endlessly.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In order to find myself I had to lose everything I was, everythig I had, including you. Ironic, don't you think?

Monday, April 7, 2014

You ask 'what if', I ask 'what then'

The moment has never been the issue. The promise of unrestrained passion, of mutual enjoyment is always there, is always present. I can sense it, I can see it in you, in your body, in your smile, in your words, in your eyes. It is always there. The desire, the anticipation of a night never to be forgotten. All that time wondering 'what if' would finally come to pass. That bothersome feeling of unfinished business would no longer exist. You would not have have the 'what ifs' any more. Your curiosity would be satisfied.

But what about me? Where you ask 'what if', I ask 'what then'.

Words can be so appealing, they can express so much, but they can also be used to conceal, and I have known many to use them for that matter and that matter alone. So when daylight came, and the sun shone through my window and onto our bared bodies, 'what then'. What would you say to me? What would you do? What would you want from me? Having satisfied you hunger, your curiosity, your lust for my body, would that be it then? Would a moment be enough, would it do?

When morning, inevitably came, after the moment went away, with so much time expecting it, what then? After you got what you longed for, after you ravished my body, then, would that be the end?

Sometimes I wish it could all be taken away, that it didn't exist as an obstacle between us, because after the moment, I would always wonder, what then? 'would you make an effort this time? or would you just turn away? Like a sailor who has been adrift at sea for so many days, and finally coming to shore to replenish his strength and health, turning away as soon as it is possible in search for another sea to sail? The next great adventure. Would you be the same?

So you see, the problem is not the moment. The problem is that just as you wonder 'what if' I wonder 'what then'. And because of that, things will remain just as they are.
Sometimes I wonder if I have this all wrong. I wonder if I should give it a go, let you in and try it out, see if it works. Maybe you will surprise me, but then again, maybe you wont.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Sometimes I wish I had the luxury and the benefit of jumping  on a plane and flying out whenever I had a crisis, just like the people in the movies do, just like a character in a book. Sometimes I wish, I too, could just distance myself from my surroundings, to breathe a different kind of air, to see different people, to not feel the pressure in my chest and the tears in the back of my eyes burning, weighing me down.

Sometimes I wish, some moments in life could be scripted.

I would write something like:

"The pain was so unbearable to her that she felt the need to run as far away as possible, as fast as she could. And that is exactly what she did. She needed to distance herself from the world she knew in order to see everything from a different perspective, in order to find herself again. She went home and packed a bag with only the essentials. She didn't really have a plan, she just knew that she had to get out. She called a cab and made it to the airport. Standing in front of the airline she asked for the next flight out of Santo Domingo. The customer service rep looked at her as if she was all kinds of crazy, and not really processing what she had been requested, asked for the information once more.
-Yes, you heard right, I just need the next flight out of Santo Domingo.


-Where is the next flight going?


-Yes, I will take that one.

The CS rep frowned, but reminded herself that she was not there to ask any questions, only to book the flights, to make the sales, so she booked the flight and handed over the ticket.

-The flight leaves in an hour, they are boarding now.

She thanked her and made her way to the instructed gate. She had no bags to register, really all she had packed was a handbag. She presented her documents at the gate, followed the process and went to the plane to take her seat. It had been a window seat. She closed her eyes, trying to calm her mind, to shut it down, even if for a minute. It didn't take long for the plane to take off, and as it did, she hoped that this trip would help."

I would write something like that. And then I would see myself being taken away in a plane to that exotic place to the south where I would magically find a solution to my problems and the path of self discovery would be revealed in some kind of divine way by a complete stranger, who's only purpose in this story is to be my support.

How wonderful it would be to be able to do such a thing. I would always have the means, I would always have the time, and like in a movie or a book, I could always expect the climax to arrive at a certain time, and I would always know that in the end, everything would work out.

But as it stands, I am not some character in a book, life is not a movie, and it sure a hell is not scripted. So any crisis has to be dealt in the best way possible, my many responsibilities bind me to this place and I know I will never have the luxury to run away to some far off place.

But if only...