Love Quotes

It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

On days like this

On days like this I wish I had your hand to hold. To hear a word of comfort that would give me the strengh to go on.
To see myself reflected in your eyes. To feel the warmth of your body while you hold me in your arms.
On days like this I wish this silence was shared. That this home felt more alive, less like an abandoned graveyard, a long forgotten tomb.
I wish for your ease of conversation, your silly remarks. Your melodic laughter, your teasing smile. Your shy touch, your tender kisses. Your intriguing mind, and your loving heart.
On days...nights like this... I wish for you.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hungry eyes

He is there, laying on that couch, waiting for me, that is why his eyes are focused to left, I am coming in through that side of the room, and he awaits, expectant.

I have a long golden dress on, made of silk chiffon. It flows and dances on my skin, it has a beautiful front cleavage that reveals just enough, and a back one that goes all the way to my mid back. I feel as if his hands are already on me.

As I walk in, he does not move, but I see a half, wicked smile drawn on his lips.

I react the same, but adding a wicked look, which says just enough. He knows what I want. I know he can give it to me.

I am wearing my hair up, but as I see the intent reflected clearly on his face, I do the one thing I know drives him insane, no matter what, no matter where. I reach up and remove the two pins holding my hair in place. I do this slowly and allow all of it to flow down freely, wildly to my mid back.

I see the spark in his eyes, while he wets his lips with his tongue, and I am satisfied, for the moment at least.

I start walking to him, not taking my eyes off of him. He holds my gaze, until I stad fully in front of him, about a foot away. He scans me up and down, with only his eyes. He has not moved yet, but the tension in his body is visible, palpable, and I am loving it, knowing I am the cause of it.

I bend down and I make to give him a kiss, only I dont. I straddle him, right there and then. I get on top of him, all he does is smile and in a quick, seemingly rehearsed but expert move, he reaches to my neck, pulls me to him and gives me the most hungry, ravashing, desastrous kiss of all, grabbing me by the hair with his other hand so I don't have a chance to even try and escape from him. But it is not necessary. I am not going anywhere. This, right here, right now, is the only place I want to be.

Seven Minutes

And once more I find that my sisters from around the world and I share a special connection. We seem to be going through the same phases in life and express our deepest feelings/fears through our writings. I am more than blessed to have Salomee in my life, and more than honored to be able to read her. This is a piece of her, and in a way, a piece of me too. 

Hope you enjoy.

Life and all it'ss games have brought me to this conclusion: Where I stand at this right spot, is the place designed for me to occupy. A temporary place that I can change at any time and find myself searching a different happiness.

The big question is: Why change it? Easy answer: Because we can. Then I have another one hitting me hard: What if the perfect place for me was found, decided to change it and suddenly I’m now looking to go back? Not an easy answer there: too bad, because you can’t.

Life, only one shot at it and you have to work hard to make it count. I’ve been  wandering and wondering about the mysteries, about  my confusions, my mistakes, my winnings, my war, my heart, my true love and the end  to  the speech is this: It’s all Vanity, pure incorrigibly and irreverent Vanity. Because what matters isn’t what we lived nor what we will get, what matters is this spot where I am and the desire to stay or to change it. Then I smile and know the answer to this: “I’m staying and you’re going to love me”. Loving me just   like this: wrecked, troubled, complicated and within all of it absolutely perfect. Perfect for you.  And you perfect for me.

Life is what I need right now and it’s all I will need every day, because in the end in seven minutes I will walk on what I lived and the things that made me happy or sad. That short time is the only thing I would need to rest at peace knowing I lived life to the fullest and was happy.

Enjoying this spot and staying.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The men I have known

I've seen so many lost souls out there. I have met so many Prince Charmings that have turned into knights with rusted armors, trapped in a dark forest.

I have seen their faces transform, from hopeful lovers, to hateful animals. Torn by their lover's rejection, their respective others ignorance, being taken for granted over and over again.

I have seen them fall from grace, with hearts wounded and spirits broken. I have witnessed their turning to darkness, searching for the answers they could never find in light.

I have heard their cries in the middle of the night, begging for a release that would never come, only to see the day rise, and ironically enough, their darkness return, grimmer than ever, worse than before.

And I have been blessed with being the one who sees them for who they are, who they were, and who they could become. I have seen these dark angels at their worst, and also at their best. All mixed together in a complication of emotions.

Why they have allowed me inside? I do not know. But I am the one who knows of their secret. I have been allowed past their defenses, into their sacred lives. Their sacred thrones.

Unknowingly they have let me through their defenses, into the space where their innocence lies. And there, I have seen their hope return, the shattered pieces of their hearts be put back together. I have seen their beautiful smiles, with all their lives’ experiences reflected in them. I have seen the wonder in their eyes come once more. I have seen

These are the souls we look for. We wander to the farthest corners of the earth in search for these amazing beings. These are the ones worth saving, because they have known love, loss, pain, darkness, wonder, hope. They have known life, and they know us. They have travelled to the darkest corners of their souls, and returned wiser, more knowledgeable, more caring.

I have seen them, I have known them, I have fallen in love with them and I have had to let them go. But I know.

We can save them, and through them, we can be saved.


There are things in life that I keep hidden from the world. A secret if you must. There are things that I say to no one, for the sake of keeping it sacred, pure, mine.

Like you. You are the secret I hold back, the one thing I reveal to none. Sometimes not even to myself.

Why? Because, like today, I can inhale and smell the scent of your perfume. The last vestiges of its aroma lingering on my lips, on my body. And in this moment I can remember, revel on the memory of our naked bodies entwined together. Our hands, eager to touch, our flesh burning, aching to be touched, our hearts, craving the union.

In this moment, I can smile to myself, knowing that only I know of you, and only you know of me, as I was with you.

Oh yes! There are things I keep hidden from the world, sometimes even from myself. But when I remember, I can only smile.

My secret is safe with me. You are safe, hidden deep in me, resting in my soul.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


We were lovers once. We made each other burn under sheets of satin, adorned with the light of the full moon's glow.

I remember. We were passionate, such passionate lovers, we swore never to let go. But we were so in love, or was it in lust? We were ignorant to the truth, the undeniable truth, that we can never truly belong to anyone else, but ourselves.

We used to make love until our bodies gave out, until our minds became numb. We made a thousand promises under the inhibiting effects of lust. Oh! the things we said to each other, the things we made each other feel.

But time is no one's friend, and neither is lust. One ticks away slowly, witness to the gradual decay of our seemingly insatiable thirst. And the other, well, it burns, fast, as a fire through a wide forest, trees screaming in pain under the heat coursing along its veins.

Soon, all the promises were broken, all the passion was spent, no longer did we make each other tremble, burn, no longer did we dance under the full moon's gaze.

There were no more words, there were no more sensations. We were gone. An emptiness that seemed to fill the earth was left in our wake. We were no more.

I remember how, once, it seems a long time ago now, we were the best of lovers, I remember how we longed for each other. I remember all those moments we spent together. I remember you... I remember us.

Friday, January 17, 2014

A letter to myself

I often ask people that if they could chose to go forward or backwards in time, where they would go?

More often than not they say backwards in time, 10, 15, 20 years before, so they could do it all over again, or do the things they never did. And then they would ask me. For a long time I never knew what to say, I really never knew what I would chose or why. And then, it came to me.

I've had the privilege and the blessing to understand so much in such a short time in my life, to learn to accept all those things that I cannot change, but never stop trying to change those I have the capability to. I have had the opportunity to see and hear so much, to love so fully, to express myself so freely that it seems impossible that I would ever want to go back to a time when I was so ignorant and blind.

I am finally at peace with fact that I am right where I am supposed to be, and I am just the person I am meant to be.

I am finally at peace with myself. And that is all that matters.

A familiar scent on a winter's morning

Every once in while, when I least expect it, I get a whif of your scent. That way your perfume would smell, only on your skin.

It is absurd, I know. You are not here, and still, I know it's you. It invades me, it causes a reaction in my senses, the same reaction it would cause when I would smell your naked skin.

It always come unexpectedly, and it only lasts for a few seconds. Seconds in which I remember all the great times we had.

Something so simple and yet so powerful. A scent, that is all that it takes, your scent, and I am back in your arms.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Letters to you...

My dear love:

I've thought about it so many times. To just pick up the phone and call you, ask you to come to me and stay. But I know I can't...I won't.

Seeing you again has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Hearing you once more made me hope for better things. Knowing you are there for me, fills me with a happiness I thought gone. All great things.

However, it also destroys me. It makes my soul cry out in pain and I slowly become bitter. You are there for me, but you are not mine. I have tried to be as detached as possible. I have kept you at arms lenght for that reason. Because no matter how much time passes, you still hurt.

Our paths no longer run alongside. The roads we walk upon have taken many turns, away from each other, and you and I know that trying to re-build them, to cross paths, is not safe.

I would love nothing more than to have one more night. One last night to feel how you make mad-sweet love to me, to lose myself in your touch, in your kisses. To give free reign to my desire, to let my passions unfold. I would love nothing more than one last breath, one last heartbeat, one last word from you.

But we made our choices long ago. You went your way, I went mine. We must now be true to those choices.

I guess that's what happens when falling in love with someone like you. After all, an angel is not meant to love a demon, for either, one burns in hell with the weight of their sins, or the other burns in heaven with the weight of their guilt. Either way, we burn, for eternity.

And eternally I shall burn with the memory of you.