Love Quotes

It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I will know

He will come along, one day he will come along, and I will know, as sure as he will, that we've been waiting for each other our whole lives... 

On a Bench

On a bench, somewhere, sits the man I love
the one that makes my days shine brighter and my nights warmer.

Somewhere on a bench, he looks for me in the distance, hoping to see my silhouette painted in the leaves of a tree, or the shadow of a cloud above.

Somewhere on a bench, he listens to the winds, praying to catch a glimpse of my laughter, of my song of love for him.

Somewhere, on a bench, he touches the spot next to him and whispers to the world "let her come to me."

Somewhere, on a bench, the man I love sits, waiting for me. 


Maybe another day
Maybe in another time
Maybe when the skies are not so grey
Maybe when the moon again shines bright.

Maybe when my heart does not beat like this
Maybe when your eyes do not see the same
Maybe when the sun shines once more
Maybe when the birds sing happy songs again

Maybe when the seasons begin to change
Maybe when distance does not stand in our way
Maybe when the sea is calm
Maybe when the wind blows from the west

Maybe, just maybe, one day we will meet again
And in that day, maybe we will say all we meant to say. 

It's too late

But I never had the courage to say it out loud. To tell you how I really felt. I was never able to just come out and shout it, to let it go. I never let go of the fear of you not feeling the same, even though I could read it in your eyes, I could see it, I could see you.

Today I cry in silence because you're gone, and I never had the courage. Never said it. I have never in my life had any regrets, until now. The regret of not telling you how much I loved you before it was too late...

And now, it is.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Past, Present...future?

Illusion, ignorance, Judgement, Mistake. Those four words usually go hand in hand with each other. 

Her: Do you forgive her?

Him: who?

Her: Her, for leaving?

Him: sometimes I do. Sometimes I find that I still hurt and I get angry.

Her: Do you think you will ever be able to forgive her?

Him: I don't know. She wasn't there.

Her: but she was. Always. It was really you who weren't.

Him: how do you know?

Her: I saw you two.

Him: She hurt me, us, a lot.

Her: She was hurting herself. 

Him: She was supposed to be strong.

Her: and she was.

Him: She was supposed to protect me.

Her: and she did, in more ways than one. You just never saw it, never knew it. Still now, you don't know.

Him: What are you talking about?

Her: I am talking about all those times she protected you from yourself, from the truth. She sacrificed herself so you would not look down on others, and in doing so, she made you hate her.

Him: I don't hate her.

Her: yet, you resent her. You judge her.

Him: How can I not? She left me.

Her: have you ever tried putting yourself in her shoes.

Him: has she ever tried to put herself in mine.

Her: yes, every day. 

Him: You are just defending her because you are just like her.

Her: I am, and I am proud of that. It took me way to long to realize that she is my hero.

Him: Sometimes I try to let it all go, to just move on, but ever time I think I am moving forward something happens and I am back in the pit.

Her: Maybe is not about letting go at all.

Him: what do you mean?

Her: you've been running your whole life from facing the truth, and I believe you are afraid of what you may find. But maybe it is about finally facing it, and I mean really facing it. Not saying all you want to say and then go into hiding again, but about engaging, and listening, and feeling.

Him: It's not easy.

Her: It never is.

Him: and anyways, who are you to give me advice.

Her: I am the one person that knows what all of  you are going trough. I am the one person whom you can rely on, the one person who is not going anywhere. And I am the one person who knows that it will get better, if you really want it to.

Him: She is not as perfect as you think she is.

Her: Oh no! I know she is not perfect, far from it, she is flawed, broken, scarred, and sooo unbelievable imperfect.

Him: so why do you defend her so much.

Her: because, even with all her flaws, she tried to fix the mess she created. And because of all those flaws, she is the most beautiful person I have ever met.

Him: You're biased.

Her: I'm honest. And you have to remember something.

Him: what?

Her: you are not perfect either, you are also broken, you are also damaged and beautifully imperfect. But you are a wonderful soul. 

Him: You have a funny way of seeing people.

Her: so they keep on telling me, what can I say, I have faith in humanity.

Him: I lost mine.

Her: Give her a chance to help you heal. Give yourself a chance to do the same. But you have to trust in each other and say what you need to say, but be careful not to purposely hurt.

Him: How can I do that.

Her: by forgiving, truly forgiving.

Him: Her?

Her: and yourself.

Him: why would I need to forgive myself.

Her: because even when she hasn't been the best of wives, you have not been the best of men.

Him: you are a pain in my ass.

Her: and yet, you love me. 

Him: I do.

Her: I know. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Only Us

I yearn for innocent romance,
for a long hug full of unspoken words.
A warm look bursting with a million emotions.
I yearn for a soft touch that would tell me all you feel,
for a thousand tender kisses that would make my heart soar,
for one moment of happiness in your arms.

I yearn for a passionate dance to unite our bodies;
a whispered verse of poetry to bind our souls.

I yearn for that moment in time, when even the stars align over our heads, and the heavens part, granting us it's blessing. That one moment when nothing else matters... Only Us.