Love Quotes

It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Come along, join me. Come home with me, hold me tight. Look at me and kiss me. Stay with me and say you're mine....

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Lying in my bed

I'm laying here in my bed, thinking of you. I cannot help it, must be the moon. I think about your hands, slowly unbuttoning my shirt, allowing your fingers to brush my skin, if ever so lightly,  in such a teasing way.

One by one you undo the buttons, until you reach the last one, your lips curling in a provocative smile. Your eyes locked on mine, as you revel in the pleasure undressing me gives you, and the sweet torture you give me. You take my shirt off, making every effort to carress my skin as you let it drop to the floor.

Running your hands the length of my arms, you let them rest for just a second on my waist, you pull me closer to you, every intention clear in  your eyes, but you hold back. You reach for my skirt and undo the zipper. You push my skirt down, grabbing  my hips, as the soft fabric runs down my legs to the floor.

You finally tear your eyes away from mine and take half a step back. The once before curving of your lips now turns to a full grin while you look at me, really look at me, standing there, half naked, taking me in, all of me. I shudder, and only one word escapes your lips..."perfection"

I'm here, alone, and I think of the things you would do to me, the things you have already done. God I miss your hands, your lips, your words, you.

But I think, I fantasize and  I remember, because when I do that, I feel less alone.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Melancholia...for the one who...

You told me I needed a lover... you are right, I do need a lover, but I don't want a new lover, I want my old one. 

I had this lover, the most wonderful, most moving lover. One that knew my body better than I did, one that made me sing with movement whenever we saw each other, whenever we moved together. Everything around us faded and our world became ours. It was magnificent, it was magical, it was sublime. We loved each other, we knew we belonged to one another, no one else existed, no one else mattered, just us, our music, our movement. 

I had a lover. No. Not just a lover, the best lover any woman like myself could ever dream to find. One that knew the song in my heart, and everyday sang it with me. My body became an instrument of relief. I danced! oh how we danced together. 

My lover, my one and only lover. Now he is gone, I can no longer see him, my body no longer sings, no longer moves, and my heart, well, the song is but a whisper now, and I feel it fading. dying. The monotony of this silent world kills me, slowly, very slowly.

My lover, the one that made me so alive is no more. And I miss him, so much it hurt. I wish, one day, for the world, the gods, the universe to return him to me, I wish...I hope, that one day, I can move again to the music of my soul, I only wish one day for my lover to return.

Come back to me...


You and I

And what if I asked you? If I called your name in the middle of the night, softly, desiringly, tenderly? What then? Would you come to me? Would you hold my hand, kiss my lips, push my fears away? Would you lay down with me and hold me tight? If I turned to you with tears in my eyes, would you kiss them away? Would you tell me it will be alright? 

If I reached out to you, would you reach back? If I sat in darkeness, would you join me, would you be my light? If I hurt, would you ease my pain? If I forgot, would you help me remember? If I fell, would you catch me? If I ran, would you follow, or run next to me? If I went blind, would you be my eyes? If I lost my voice, would you sing the song in my heart? If I were never to find my way, would you stay lost with me? And If after everything I pushed you away, would you still be brave enough, strong enough, would you love me enough to stay?

If I open my eyes now, will you be there?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Concealed Memories...

Some memories are meant to stay buried in our heads, otherwise they send us spinning into a wild tornado of emotions....

I was so nervous that day. I really don't know why, but I couldn't really get a grip. Maybe it was the anticipation, maybe it was the place, maybe it was just my head, or maybe it was him, standing there, in front of me, looking at me like nothing else mattered. 

He looked so calm, so in control, contrary to me, I couldn't shut up, rambling about anything and everything, until he reached out, took me by the waist, pulled me closer to him and took my face in both his hands, giving me the tenderest kiss ever. At that moment I forgot everything, there was nothing but us, him, his kisses, his hands, his body, my body.

I remember him picking me up as if I weighed nothing, and maybe to him, I didn't, and then taking me to the bedroom all the while kissing me. He was so sweet, so intimate and yet, I could feel the hunger, the desire, all the promises of a wonderful moment. He lowered me to his bed and started taking off my clothes, slowly, torturing me, sweet torture, kissing every bit of naked flesh he could find, making me shiver. 

His kisses were like wood to fire, and how I burned! Ever the expert in lovemaking he took me to heaven over and over again. I twisted, I turned, I tried to contain myself, but he made me go mad with lust. 

It was long ago, and still, my body remembers his touch, my lips his kisses, my mind his body and my heart his words. 

Men like him should be forbidden, not allowed to come to earth, or just not allowed to come near women, near me. Men like him should not be allowed to touch, for they burn, they consume, they take, and they brand themselves on you, in you. 

Just thinking of him makes my skin yearn for him, my body burn with desire.

Oh how I wish he was here, now, with me...

But Like I said before, some memories should stay buried in our heads, unless, the memory doesn't come from our heads at all, but from our body, from our soul, a silent cry for the one who made our body become alive with a simple kiss.