Love Quotes

It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

My perfect lover

-What was it about him that made him so special?

-He took his time.

-What do you mean?

-There was no rush, with him, he was never on a schedule. When we were together his time was mine, all mine, to do as I pleased. It could be anything, just talking, or more. When he made love to me there was a calm urgency, but no hurry for release. He knew I was there, that I wasn't going anywhere, he made me fell safe, and I trusted him, so I let go of everything else. I gave in.
He didn't demand from me, he only gave, he took pleasure in pleasuring me, in seeing me loose control and knowing he was the one breaking me in the sweetest way. When he looked at me, he saw me, not just my body, not just a woman, but me. I gave him myself, my all, and he took everything, he was merciless in both giving and taking. It was a heavenly torture. He explored my body, every curve, every shape, every line, he took his time in discovering it, as if discovering a new species. He was patient, he touched, kissed, tasted every part of me. He was hungry for me, and made me hungry for him, for more. 
What was so special about was...well...HIM. He was the first person in a long time, to really notice me, to make me trust him, so I took down my walls, and I gave into him. 

-What happened?

-Oh the usual. I didn't say what I really wanted to say, I don't think he did either. We let things just..slip away. Things were, a bit complicated, and I don't think it was time for either of us. So we hid under polite conversation, guarded smiles, unfinished sentences.

-I thought you trusted him.

-I did, I just didn't trust myself.

-And now?

-He's gone, I left. It stopped.

-Do you miss it? Him?

-Every day.

-Do you regret it?

-Not one second.

-Would you do it again?

-In a heartbeat.

-Even if it can't last

-It's not about trying to keep him. It doesn't work like that. He is a free soul and so am I. We are not so foolish as to believe things can last. Our worlds are too...different. But in life things have a way to sort themselves out. If it is meant to be, it will be. If not, well, at least we had each other, even if just for a moment, but in that moment...


-you know how it ends. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


I find that lately I breath better, I hurt a little less, I see a little clearer, I hear a little louder. I find that lately, I miss you a little less. But also, I find that lately, I lie to myself a whole lot more. 

Him: Do I really have to go now?

Her: yes.

Him: One more minute.

Her: no.

Him: why?

Her: Because.

Him: that is not an answer.

Her: that is my answer.

Him: let me stay.

Her: no.

Him: then come with me.

Her: what?

Him: come with me.

Her: to what?

Him: to everything, to anything, just come with me.

Her: I can't.

Him: you won't. 

Her: ok, I won't.

Him: why?

Her: because there is nothing left for me.

Him: there is me.

Her: no there's not. There is the memory of you, an almost forgotten story of what could have been. You are not really here. And I don't really want you.

Him: You hurt me. You are careless with your words, disregarding my feelings for you.

Here: you are fooling yourself. You say you have feelings for me but is nothing more than your need to have company, your selfish need to not be alone. I'm sorry, but the truth is you have nothing more to offer me, and I have nothing more to give. 

Him: so this is it?

Her: yes.

Him: answer me just one last thing.

Her: what?

Him: Why are you crying?

Her: what?

Him: I don't matter anymore, right? I have nothing more to give to you, though you are wrong, but I will not argue. so why do you give me the one thing you have always refused to give.

Her: what are you talking about?

Him: your tears.

Her: what? they are nothing. 

Him: but you are wrong again. You yourself said that tears are the unspoken words of the heart. And that if someone pays close attention they will be able to understand what they mean.

Her: what is your point?

Him: I know you, and I was paying attention, all these years, I was always paying attention to you. I know what your tears mean. 

Her: walk away.

Him: I will. I am. Until we meet again.

Her: but that's just it.

Him: what?

Her: we won't.