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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Is that It? How women get blue balls

Best friend: OMG why do you look so crappy?

Her: crappy night!

Best friend: but I thought you had fun last night.

Her: oh I did, at the beginning

Best friend: weren't you with.. what's his name?

Her: skittles

Best friend: that's what we're calling him now?

Her: it suits him

Best friend: why? does it taste like the rainbow

Her: it is kind of sweet tasting

Best friend: too much information

Her: you asked

Best friend: ok, but why are you in a crappy mood, if he tastes so good?

Her: well.. everything started just fine. I mean, after we left the bar we could barely keep our hands off of each other, I was really turned on and by what I could see so was he.

Best friend: ok....

Her: so, we finally, after many stops along the way, get to the motel

Best friend: aja?

Her: we can barely contain it, we start stripping. He says that since he has been in the streets all day long he wants to take a shower, so I join him.

Best friend: and?

Her: well. OMG!!! he has an amazing body, broad shoulders, strong arms, a six pack you can dial on, and a huge, delicious-looking-so-gorgeous-you-can-just-die-from-how-good-it-looks...

Best friend: I get it!!!

Her: and a nice ass too. I mean you know how hard it is these days to find a guy that has the perfect...umm...body, right?

Best friend: I know!

Her: does the architect always come to mind whenever we talk about beauty vs ugliness.


Her: ok, ok, I get it. Anyways...

Best friend: yes please, do go on.

Her: so we take a shower and we are really trying to hold off as much as we can. We go back to bed and obviously I go down on him

Best friend: aja...and?

Her: perfect fit. But he wants to reciprocate, so I let him.

Best friend: and?

Her: you know I get nowhere like that. He is good, better than most, but I really needed to feel him. So he unwraps the condom and put it on.

Best friend: why the face?

Her: well, let's just say that it was as if a huge arrow had gone through a balloon and deflated it in about 10 seconds.

Best friend: are you joking?

Her: I WISH!!!!

Best friend: just like that?

Her: JUST LIKE THAT!!! I mean, here I am, about to burst in flames because I am so hot, and this dude put it on and it just goes down like an automatic switch!!!

Best friend: so what happened?

Her: Nothing happened, that is the problem. I mean, we can't do anything without a condom, and he knew that was the one unbreakable rule. But, My GOD!!!!

Best friend: so that was it?

Her: that was it!!!

Best friend: are you giving him another chance?

Her: I'm thinking about it, but really, it's as if the tower of Pisa finally decided to crumble. It was like an immediate thing! ugh!! and now I am so frustrated.

Best friend: calm down!!

Her: how can I? I am sooooo sensitive. I mean, this morning while getting dressed the fabric of my clothes turn me on. I can't see a handsome, muscular guy because I immediately start fantasizing and I get... ugh!! 

Best friend: is it that bad?

Her: sweetie, you've seen my boss, yes?

Best friend: yes

Her: do you find him attractive?

Best friend: God no!

Her: well, for a split second I did!!! And then I caught myself. My boobs hurt, I have this tight feeling in the pit of my stomach, my nipples are hard, all the time, I can't think of anything else, no matter how I sit it's uncomfortable, and not to mention how sensitive I am down there!!!

Best friend: so this is what blue balls would be on a woman.

Her: arrrggghhhhhh F@*% you!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Here I go again, 

Him: You know when I said forever I meant forever?

Her: I know

Him: Are you ok?

Her: I'm fine

Him: I've heard that before.

Her: and it is as true as it was the last time you heard it.

Him: Then I know you are not fine.

Her: (Silence)

Him: Why is he not here?

Her: He is trying

Him: not hard enough

Her: don't say that

Him: don't make excuses for him.

Her: not everyone is like you

Him: no, they should be better than me.You deserve more.

Her: How's your son?

Him: don't change the subject.

Her: I said I'm fine.

Him: I heard you. But I also know you.

Her: what do you want from me?

Him: just a third of what you give him.

Her: I can't...You can't

Him: you know what I don't understand. How is it that he treats you the way he does and you still give him your all? Or actually, how is it that he does not treat you at all and you're still there.

Her: don't do that.

Him: do what?

Her: compare

Him: I don't compare, I am trying to understand. I gave you everything I had, I wanted to give you a future, and you ran.

Her: I was young. Not everyone has the ability to mature at 24 like you.

Him: I know that, it took me a while to understand that, but I know that. I'm sorry, I don't mean to upset you. It just frustrates me. 

Her: I'm sorry.

Him: don't be. What frustrates me is that here you have decided to finally open up to someone, and he is too blind to see you, too dumb to understand.

Her: can we just not do this. I haven't seen you in a while, I missed you.

Him: I missed you too. I always miss you, since the day you left. Thank you

Her: For what?

Him: for being you. Thanks to you I learned a lot. You know what I miss?

Her: what?

Him: your letters, writing to you.

Her: I still have them.

Him: The letters

Her: yes

Him: You saved them.

Her: yep, all of them.

Him: Including the ones I gave you?

Her: what do you mean?

Him: I mean, others must have written to you, so..

Her: Actually, you were the only one who ever wrote to me.

Him: really?

Her: yes, you were the only one who really made an effort.

Him: hey...

Her: I'm fine.

Him: yeah, keep telling yourself that, let me know when it starts to feel real.

Her: It's getting late.

Him: are you running again?

Her: I have to go.

Him: you always do.

Her: don't be mad.

Him: how can I be mad at you? I love you, remember?

Her: I know.

Him: I did mean it.

Her: what?

Him: the forever part. You will always be with me, and I will always be yours.

Her: I have to go.

Him: stop running, please, even if it is not for me.

Her: but you see, it is the only thing I am really good at.

Him: hey...

Her: bye. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

Thinking of you...The morning after

I am standing in front of the mirror, looking at the person reflected in it. She looks different than me, she looks younger, refreshed. Yesterday I wouldn't have believed that this person I see staring back is me, but today, today I know it is. I feel how she looks. I feel different, younger, satisfied. I take off my clothes and stare at my naked body. There are little marks on it, marks that give away the events of last night. Here and there, small, divine marks. I run my hand through my face, re-tracing the path your lips took. My skin glows, it feels softer. I stop with my fingers on my lips, my full lips and I remember you devouring them. The memory makes me tremble of delight. I keep running my hands through my body, down my neck, along my collar bone, the same way you kissed it, taking your time, I move down to my naked breasts. My hands are not the same as your lips, but my memory helps me relieve that moment. I caress my flat belly, my waist; I remember you taking me by the waist, pulling me closer to you so I could feel how much you wanted me; more sensations run through me and I close my eyes.I run my hands through my hip, my round backside; I can feel you. I move forward to that place you focused so much on and I run my fingers through it. It feels delicious. I feel the warmth and moisture of my desire for you and I think this is what you must've felt. I can remember your fingers touching me the same way, and then you, licking them and looking at me with those devilish eyes. It was so erotic. I continue to remember you and continue to run my fingers the same way you did, and I feel it, building up, just like the night before. It feels wonderful, consuming, hot, torturing, delicious, it takes all of me until I am finally set free by the ultimate release.

The things you do to me...And even though I know this should be enough, knowing you make me feel like this, do these things, only makes me want you more. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Give in to your true self...

-What are you doing here?- She had come out of nowhere, looking like temptation personified, she always did that when she had a purpose. -Go away-, I said,-You will ruin everything.- She looked at me and a half smile curled up her lips. She wasn't saying anything, she didn't have to. With her piercing dark eyes she could read your soul and in there she could see your deepest, darkest desires. She fed on them.-I know your game, you always do this- I wanted to fight her, to send her away, but she knew me, and I knew it was in vain, yet I needed to try, I could not allow myself to succumb, yet..

-Go away- She came closer to me and in the most seductive voice she had, she whispered.

-Why do you run away from me, why do you fight. You know I can give you what you want the most, I can give you him-

I turned away from her, I did not want to see her. She always managed to make me feel weak. She pulled at my most basic instincts, she made me want to release my wild nature.

-I can't do this- My voice was failing me, and I could feel darkness crawl inside my body. I wanted to fight it so much, but it felt so good.

She was standing close to me, behind me, and she stretched her hand to caress my arm.

-Let go, you know you want this, you crave it, it is your true nature. Why do you insist on denying it?-

-Because I don't want to become you!- I shouted. I was desperate, I needed to fight it, I did not want to give in, not again.
I heard her laugh, loud, mockingly, it came from deep within her and I heard her say the words I dreaded most, it is how she got to me, always, for she was right.

-Oh sweetie, but you ARE me, I am a part of you, the part you deny yourself, the one you try to put away yet keeps on coming back stronger, because deep down, you can't hold me, you can't stop being like me, you were born like this, a wild beast trying to fit into a world that will never understand her, that will always judge her and try to control her.- She sounded menacing. Every word piercing my armor.

-Why do you insist on wanting to be so like them?-

-Because I deserve to be normal, happy- 

she smiled, broadly, her eyes turning red, -And are you? happy?-

It was only two questions, but they froze me to the spot. For a moment I thought hard, about my struggles trying to be "normal". She saw she had hit home, and she went in for the kill.

-Come back to me, THIS is who you really are, no hiding, no holding back, no pretending. You asked me why I was here, the answer is: because you called me-

Suddenly she disappeared, she was no longer in front of me, and I felt relieved, I felt good, daring, I felt free. I felt home. She was no longer in front of me because I had embraced her, the part that completed me, the darkness that I lived in and loved. The seductress, the hunter, the wild, the fearless. I had, once more become the true me. The widow.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Sad goodbye

Him: you ran

Her: i made a choice

Him: you made the choice to run away!

Her: I made the choice to survive!

Him: you left me alone!

Her: You refused to follow me!

Him: It wasn't the right time.

Her: It was never the right time for you and I.

Him: we would have been able to see it through

Her: yes, but at what cost?

Him: what do you mean?

Her: were you that blind? Did you not see what we were doing to each other? Or did you just didn't want to admit that we were destroying whatever life we had?

Him: I...I...

Her: look back, hard, analyze. We argued all the time, about nothing and everything. 

Him: we always did, even when things were good between us.

Her: we were almost at the point of disrespect.

Him: I never disrespected you.

Her: no, you did worse, you left me alone in everything and pretended nothing was wrong.

Him: I never left you alone, you were the one that left me!

Her: Oh God!!! are you really that anal retentive? we would argue, you would leave the house in the middle of the argument, and then come back at night, knowing I was still angry and try to have sex, and when I didn't want to, you would get mad at me and leave again.

Him: you never wanted to let go of anything.

Her: It wasn't a matter of letting go. All those little arguments started to pile up. One after the other, all of them unresolved. And then you just weren't there most of the time. 

Him: I needed to find a way to support us.

Her: except you didn't and I ended up carrying all the weight of the house, trying to make us work, until I just couldn't anymore. And yes I left, and you let me.

Him: it hurt. I needed you.

Her: and still you did not have the courage to try and stop me.

Him: I tried, remember. I warned you.

Her: You threatened me. That is not trying.

Him: that is my way of trying. 

Her: I was tired, hurt, angry. And you...I asked you to come with me after a while, and again you refused. We were trying to fix things and you just refused to do anything. We couldn't meet half way, it had to be your way, or as you thought it, my way. And it was neither.

Him: It was your way.

Her: I wanted to meet half way.

Him: until you didn't anymore.

Her: when you spend your entire life fighting for someone that does not fight back for you, you tend to lose hope.

Him: I love you.

Her: I know. But love was never the problem between us. It was everything else. 

Him: what are we supposed to do now.

Her: the best we can with what we have.

Him: Will there even be a chance for us to be together?

Her: maybe, maybe not, we just can't continue to hurt each other like this.

Him: I know... I'm sorry...for everything I did, and for all I didn't

Her: I know, me too. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

There is no more...

Today I have done it all. I have read all the books, I have written in all the pages of all the empty notebooks, I have felt every emotion the human body is capable of feeling. Today I have cried all the tears, I have laughed until there was no more laughter. I have danced until there was no more music. Today I have heard every word spoken in every language that exists. I have said everything I needed to say, I have tasted every wine, eaten all the food. Today I have seen all the leaves fall form the trees, I have heard the birds sing their last songs. 

Today I exist no more. 

For today is the day I lose you.

Friday, March 1, 2013

I am...

I walk with love
I dance with romance
I sleep with passion
I wake with happiness
I bathe in desire
I roam in between light and darkness
I thrive in the shadows
I give myself to adventure
I am one with the elements
I sing with the voices of the earth
I feel the pains of the world
I exude authority
I am as fragile as a rose and a strong as a rock
I am as beautiful as a gem
I am life
I am God's gift to men
I am a woman

And if you'll have me as all this and more...

...I am yours forever