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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Dearest Gilly...

My dearest Gilly:

I feel that If I stood still, in one place, the world would continue to turn and those around me would carry on with their lives, in spite of me. I think about it constantly and I feel a fleeting hallow sensation inside, but then, then I feel...relieved.

How can this be? I feel relieved at not having to talk, not having to move, not having to feel. I welcome the emptiness and the stillness of utter silence. It seduces me, like a lover would, it embraces me, like a mother would, and it fills me, like love would.

It is irony in itself, me feel like this; the one who dreads disapearing into nothingness, into forgetfullness. But somehow, I do, I feel at peace at the thought of just...of nothing.

I ache and I rejoyce at the same time. I dread and I wish, I fear and I welcome a non-existing destiny. This that occurs only inside of me both conforts me and tortures me, to the point it becomes unberable. How am I to exist in such contradiction?

If I could just stand still and void myself of all thought, of all action, of all that is around me, then, maybe then I could... I could what? disapear? Isn't that the exact root of my fear?

It is nothing and yet, it is everythig. My world summed up in one terrifying action, to just stop.

Is this normal?...Sorry, wrong choice of words, for normal is but a matter of perspective, an oppinion of a few that would love to have the world behave by the rules they set.

I guess the real question is, Is this just an temporary illusion created by the madness in my head? Yes, that is a more acurate question.

My dearest Gilly, how am I to survive if I cannot even trust myself anymore?

PS: In the end, there is still no man Gilly, only that moon.

Monday, February 25, 2013

If Only...

I could feel him, almost as much as I know he could feel me, but I prayed he would not notice. I was nervous. I would glance at him from the corner of my eye and catch him smiling. How come he does not know that he has a beautiful smile? I will always find it funny how people act when they think no one is looking at them.

Sitting next to him was torture. How could he not see? I pretended to be interested in whatever it was we were watching, but I kept drifting to him. The thought of him kept invading my mind, him and those blue eyes. Such beautiful eyes. Not only their color, but what I could see in them, his soul. They held such pain, so many sufferings in them, but there was also joy, happiness and passion. How wonderful that something so small could say so much about him.

I sat there, my leg touching his so lightly. I could feel the warmth, his warmth. It was so...intimate, and yet, he knew nothing of it. I should have moved, but moving meant not feeling him anymore, and that, I could not have that. This was the closest I would ever get to him, this was the only moment I would feel him. We stayed like that for a while, not really touching, not really looking at each other, not really talking. I could tell him, but it is forbidden. He must never know what I feel when I am near him, for I am not free and he is.. well.. he is just that, forbidden to me. Our worlds are different. I move and we are not close anymore.

He looks at me, really looks at me, blue eyes upon brown. There is something in his look, but I can't tell, this I had never seen. What is he trying to tell me? I am frozen to my spot, trying to figure out this hidden message. He takes my hand in between both of his, holding my gaze he leans closer and whispers my name in a soft pleading voice. My heart races, his hands on mine, hot, his eyes hungry, my body calling out to his. In this moment I know he knows, and he knows I know. It is madness, but in all I can hear that voice calling, reminding me. I whisper his name back with sorrow, a strained voice and he closes his eyes. He knows, the same way I know, that this is nothing but a dream, a wish that cannot come true.

He leans back, still holding my hand, still looking at me. A thousand emotions flash through his eyes in an instant. A million emotions run through my body, and a single tear travels down my cheek. He takes one hand and with his thumb clears the tear from my cheek, I lean into his palm, a sad smile on my lips, another on his. Only two words escape him "if only..."


Today I want to Walk the path of my dreams and sing with the voices of the wind. Today I want to catch the sun in my hands and embrace its light. I want to fly to unknown lands and bathe in the sea of my imagination. Today I want to listen to the moon while she whispers stories of old, tales long forgotten. Today I want to see the trees dancing to the music of the earth. Today I want to remember the song sung by my ancestors in times of utter joy. I want to forget despair and sadness. Today I want to be free.

Friday, February 22, 2013

"Seduce my mind and you can have my body. Find My Soul and I am yours forever"

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"If I told you today that a kiss from your lips would save me from eternal depair, would you come to me?"
PS: I am here...

Monday, February 18, 2013

A dance with seduction... A Night with temptation

A man, a song, a dance floor and us.

He had spent the entire night sitting in front of me, looking at me, almost studying me. His gaze was intense, and without even trying he oozed sensuality. Looking at him was mesmerizing. It was getting late and I had to leave, I knew I must, but my legs failed to understand what my brain was telling them. He kept on looking at me, and I was lost in his eyes. Those deep blue eyes. I broke contact long enough to answer something someone else asked, though I had not paid much attention so I can't say that my answer made much sense. I had just finished answering when I turned to find a hand being offered to me, to lead me to the dance floor. I looked up into those sapphire-like eyes and my hand automatically accepted his, even tough my brain was screaming at me "run". I didn't listen to it. He led me to the dance floor, a half smile on his lips. What was he thinking?  

Once in the dance floor he took me by the waist, his hand resting on the nape of my back, his other hand firmly holding mine. My other hand travelling to his shoulder, and Oh My! Even through his shirt I could tell he had a lean body. He still held my gaze and I didn't turn away. I couldn't. We started moving slowly, though it felt more like floating. He moved gracefully and it was so easy to follow his lead, but there was more than just that, more than just dancing. He was slowly seducing me, and I felt incapable of resisting him, I didn't have the strength. 

Wether because he could read my mind or read my eyes, he pulled me closer to him, all the while swaying. His body felt wonderful through his clothes, I got this image of him and I laying together with nothing on the way. I had to let out a breath to try and shake the image from my brain, but he was so close. He smelled so good, he smelled of man. I was lost in his arms, his touch. He took my hand and his and placed it on his chest, holding mine to his heart. He leaned closer, his lips to my ear, and I was almost trembling, he pulled in a breath and whispered "stay with me tonight". My heart skipped a beat but I couldn't answer. The words seemed to be stuck in my throat. He must've sensed something, he didn't pull back. Instead he kept his lips close to my ear, and kissed my earlobe. I closed my eye as a million sensations went through my body. He kept on going, kissing my neck just below my ear and I let out a moan. I was forgetting that there were other people around us. This was the effect this man had on me.

He pulled back to look me in the eyes. His were so dark, filled with lust. Mine were, well, they must have been transparent, or my mind must have been talking because he seemed to be reading me like an open book. The music had stopped, or so I think because no other couples were on the dance floor. He then took my hand and led me out of the dance floor, out of the restaurant, and into a night of passion I will never forget. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

The Devil's visit. That night, in his words...

He is never too far away, my Angel. He knows when I speak of him, when I write about him. He can sense me, my fingers as they type each word referring to him, my thoughts as each one tunes to him, to those beautiful Blue eyes. He wrote to me again. He wrote the reason for that visit. The other part of what I can only describe as a dream. For my Angel, turned Devil, is always with me, even if never by my side. Here I leave you with his words.

I was an angel once. Not just an angel, but the holiest of all. A true servant who enjoyed all the splendor heaven had to offer. I have lain in the lush fields of heaven, walked its paths of gold and bathed in all its magnificent wonder. Never have I been content with sitting still and allowing life to go along without me, but there was no place for anything as long as I was just another of the help. Being at His right hand gave me unimaginable power and command over many others so similar to me.  After an eternity or two had passed, and a new and magnificent land had been created, I saw my opportunity to not just sit around and do someone else’s bidding, but to run things for myself. I led a band of my loyalist soldiers deep within the bowels of this place. There we could hide and soon I hashed new ways to manipulate it all to my liking, yet He still ruled it all.

Free will and control over this was given to His most prized creation, man. This was my chance, my one opportunity to become the master overall and I took it.  With fervor, I took it! One day while I was in the meadow, near the forbidden tree, I saw her. She was the most beautiful of all creations, this rib of man, and I had to have her. She strolled with such an elegant gait. Her long hair cascaded over her shoulders and down the magnificent lines of her back. I watched it move to and fro in the same manner of her hips. I looked down further at her legs as she walked by me. They were long, with so much definition and strength. With her by my side, not only could I rule the Earth, but I could have heaven within it.

She neared the tree and from it, I created the most appealing fruit imaginable. Just one taste of it would open her eyes to all that I could see. I snuck up behind her and whispered as she walked, “Look up, look up.” I watched her head tilt back, bearing her amazing neck and raising her firm breasts high. “It’s sweet, this creation, full of sweet juices and a texture that will melt in your mouth,” I said. “Take it. Take it and just have one bite.” I saw her tremble a little as she reached toward it. She looked around one last time just before it was in her grasp and backed away. “Go ahead, it’s for you. All of this is for you. This garden is all yours. Why should you have something and not have it all, I urged her.” Her whole body shook at my soothing voice and I could see her lips move in the slightest of smiles. Ecstasy had found its place in this field for the first time and she reached out to take it all. She pulled it toward her, close to her stomach and ever so slowly up her chest, feeling the plump fruit touch her skin. She traced it up her neck to her cheek and brushed her lips across it, feeling the texture. Her tongue reached out and ever so slightly touched the smooth skin.I watched, enthralled, and feelings stirred up inside of me that I had never known. This tree was the tree of knowledge, but I had no idea how much it would bring to me as well.

Her mouth parted and she took one bite. The miraculous juices poured into that perfect mouth and I could see her caught up in her own rapture as she savored every last drop of it. Her entire expression changed as she sat back on the grass and let the rush of these new and amazing feelings in.

For  those moments, we were one. She, with the taste of all I had given her and me, so satisfied with having shared this most sacred and secret part of myself.

Moments come and go. I found, loved and lost my Eve that day. She loved another and somewhere in that meadow, a light shown down on her and she was taken from my arms, but never out of my soul. For thousands of years, I have searched for a daughter of this woman I have held to me for so long, knowing that I would find her again. My thoughts have carried me far and wide and in the most unexpected places, I found her again.

I crept into her dreams. She lay there in her bed with her head tilted to the side wearing only a blanket draped across her stomach. I remembered those lips that had captivated me so long ago brushing against the fruit. Her hair was flowing to the side over her pillow and my gaze lowered down her neck to her breasts that were still as firm as I had seen in the meadow. Those long legs that had carried her through the grass that day were slightly spread and one was bent at the knee. My eyes moved down them and then back up to where they met. My Eve lay there peacefully and I leaned over brushing my lips across her cheek. She moved ever so slightly and I moved to smell her hair. I was reminded of the smell of the flowers her hands brushed across as she walked. I kissed her eyes and down to her mouth. Her lips parted and she responded to my touch. He eyes opened and she looked at me with a slight fear, but also a knowing that this was home for her, the place where it had all started. Her hands touched mine as she looked into my eyes, burning blue in the darkness. The hunger of all those years caught us both.

I explored all of her, savoring her tongue, her breast and down to her own soft fruit. I tasted her juices, touching her with my tongue again and again. Her body responded just as it had on the grass all those years before and her back arched to push herself against me.  My tongue explored deep inside her and she screamed, not with the screams of those imprisoned within my realm, but with a scream of intense pleasure and liberation. I entered her and thrust slowly and then faster and deeper for what seemed hours in human terms, but just a flash to me. She screamed louder with each move and I could feel her coming again and again. When she could take no more, I exploded within her and felt the ecstasy that I longed for during those millenniums and once again, if only for those moments was back in heaven and had my Eve by my side.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Devil came to visit me...

The devil came to visit me last night. It must have been him for no one else could be so seductive,  so destructive, and so wonderfully good at the same time.

He was the most beautiful, yet scary creature I had ever come across. With his dark unruly hair, his eagle nose, his rosy full lips, his diamond shaped face, and his eyes, those deep blue sea eyes. So tall and strong he reminded me of a..., of nothing, for I had never seen anything like him before.

There is one thing though that I recall as clear as day, his look, seductive, tempting, accompanied by that devilish smile. I say it must be the devil, for I believe that no angel could capable of his ways. Angels have pure souls and only someone with a dark soul could touch like that, make me his the way he did, rough, hard, exhaustingly, deliciously.

He came to me unannounced, and I let him in. I regret only one thing, that he had to leave. He approached me, slowly, never taking those blue yes, almost black, away from mine, I must have been frozen to the spot, I did not move. He wrapped his arms around me, strong arms, and I just stood there. He took me in and slowly, painfully slowly he bent down to kiss me. How delicious was his kiss, how warm and how being just a kiss I felt so turned on. He must be the devil, for an angel would never make me feel these things, sinful reactions, wonderfully sinful.

The kiss couldn't have lasted more than a minute, but it was enough, I had no choice but to respond, physically, for my mind seemed to have deserted me, only one thought remained there, him, with me, in me. He filled my senses and I wanted more, I wanted it all.

This devil, and I say devil, but maybe he was an angel, since the devil himself was one the most beautiful and trusted angels in heaven once. He was indeed heavenly. Never had I been made love to in such an intense way. He took his time with me, touching me all over, kissing me in every forbidden and tempting place. He unmade me over and over again, exhausted me body and soul and when I thought he was done with me, he had just begun.

This man, angel and devil all at the same time was insatiable,  and I in turn became the same. Hours passed and we kept on, just when I thought I was about to pass out from all the pleasure, he took me even higher than I thought possible. Minutes later my body gave in and all my senses faded into nothingness.

Morning came and he was gone, leaving me thinking it had all been a dream, had it not been for his scent and an unmistakable proof of him being there, a black rose on the pillow his head has rested . It was real, and he had been with me and I with him.

The devil came to visit me last night, he made mad love to me, I gave myself to him, and today I know what it is to have been loved by the most beautiful and dreadful angel of all.


He was is different than when I met him. He became distant, cold, withdrawn. I'm still trying to figure out why. I miss his smile though, the way his eyes used to shine when he laughed, the way his body seemed to always be relaxed and there was this energy around him all the time, this positive energy. There was something about him, so much actually, I couldn't help but feel happy when he was around.

But that changed. How? When? Why? I don't know. He doesn't smile anymore. His face is filled with hard lines and there is always concern, worry stretched in it. He looks sad, as if mourning for a death that never happened. I wish I could bring him back, but I can't. Even the way he walks changed. He used to walk tall all the time, with sure step, like he never took a false step, like he always knew where he was going. That is no more. His shoulders are slumped, his step is unsure, slow, as if a child scared to walk, scared he might fall. He keeps his hands in his pocket, and his head bent. What happened?

Life has gone out of him. The warmth he used to ooze has been replaced by an eternal coldness, and the happiness he used to share now is more like a dark cloud constantly hanging over his head. He smiles, but it never reached his eyes, a practiced smile. I wonder if he knows I know? I wonder if he knows I see, I sense? I wonder if he is aware of the people around him? Or has his misfortune blinded him so much that he doesn't notice anymore?

I hope not. I hope, against all hope, he is not so far gone. I hope that soon, the beauty of who he really is returns to him, that his soul awakens and life, for him, becomes beautiful once more. I hope, because I miss that, even if he never knew I saw it.


Him: Do you have any fears?

Her: everyone does.

Him: but I am not talking about everyone, I am asking if you have any fears.

Her: Of course I do.

Him: tell me one.

Her: why?

Him: because I want to know you better.

Her: being invisible.

Him: you fear people not seeing you?

Her: yes, in a way you could say that.

Him: what do you mean?

Her: I fear not being noticed, passing by and no one knowing I went through. I fear not being seen, not being acknowledged. It's like being in someone's life, even if for  a short time, and not making a difference, not making an impression.

Him: I notice you.

Her: you only noticed me when I reached out to you.

Him: I noticed you long before that, but you are...

Her: I am?

Him: difficult.

Her: how so?

Him: you don't give anyone access into your world, even though you have this ability to crawl into everyone else's. You say you fear not being noticed, but you have a way of tearing down walls, or sneaking in through every crack, into a persons life, those whom you deem worthy, and installing yourself there, almost making yourself at home.

Her: interesting concept you have of me.

Him: It's not a concept, it's a reality.

Her: I have never done anything like that.

Him: you did it with me. All it took was a look, a hi, and before I knew it, you were in.

Her: maybe you didn't build your walls high enough.

Him: no, I did, but you are incredible at climbing them.

Her: silence.

Him: you say you fear being invisible. There is no way you can ever not be noticed, and if there is a person in this world that is unable to see you, to see the light you shed, the warmth you spread, than that person must be dead.

Her: you give me too much credit.

Him: only the credit you deserve.