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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Arabian night

I never thought someone like him could exist, in one night he managed to cloud my senses and intoxicate my mind. I am still amazed at how he hypnotized me. Maybe it was the alcohol, though I know I did not drink at all. Maybe it was the smoke, the music, the night itself, or maybe I am just looking for an excuse not to say that it was him, only him. The moment I saw him everything else stopped existing. He had this mystery about him, almost as if one of those blown-over-the-top movie scenes, where everything turns to slow motion and when the person magically appears out of nowhere, there is smoke coming from behind and this weird wind blowing making his clothes sway, and a light shinning down on him making him appear angelical. Yes I know, but taking the special effects out, it felt just like that. Everything in the room blurred out, the music, loud as it was, faded away, and he was standing there in front of me. Tall, strong, tanned, dark eyes, black hair, eagle nose, square jaw and devilish smile. Sin personified, temptation itself asking  me to dance. How was I to say no to this Arabian-prince-look-alike. I thought to myself that maybe, in spite of all this sexiness that oozed out of him, something would come out that would take away his seeming perfection, maybe he couldn't dance; I should have known better, a person that has so much self confidence knows of these things, they know of seduction, and he knew. He moved to the rhythm of the music as if he had written it himself. He was a smooth dancer, one of a kind, his body and mine fitting to perfection and each movement made as one. His hands on my waist, on my hips as I danced with my back to him. His face on my neck, my head on his chest. It was not just dancing, or maybe I was confusing things, but it was so intimate, so different. I felt like he had me on some kind of spell, and I did not care. This person, creature or Greek god, had me all to himself. I don't know how long we danced, I don't remember the music ending nor turning around to face him. I remember however him taking my hand and kissing it, softly, then leaning over to me and whispering in my ear "until we meet again princess". And then, just like that, walking away, leaving me feeling as if I had experienced a night out of a story book, or maybe a romantic novel, not knowing if indeed, I would see my "prince" again.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

This Night, by My Fallen Angel

My dear Fallen Angel, you don't give yourself enough credit for the things you are able to create. I just read the letter of your thoughts and must say mmm (moan). You know that if I were to keep this to myself it would be very egotistical of me, so I hope you forgive me if I offend you by posting it here, but I don't think my readers should be deprived of such a writing.

PS: it made my heart race and my body react. Guess I am not the only one with the power to cause havoc on someone with simple words...

Thank you my dear Angel

This Night

This night, I am thinking only of you. Your sensual smile, your eyes that see right through me, those high cheekbones and your neck. Your voice sings to my soul and your words fill my head like wine. In my thoughts I see you sitting there, close to me. Not quite close enough to touch, but close enough feel your warmth within me.

My eyes linger on that space where your neck meets your shoulders and how sweet it would be to brush my lips across and let you feel my breath falling on your skin. My heart is racing and nerves have me shaking just a little at these thoughts. A little embarrassed I stare back at your eyes, but I can see that you have noticed the change in me. I lose my breath and stumble over my words and my gaze can help but fall on your mouth.
We talk and laugh more, rambling on about this and that and absolutely none of it making any sense to me. We have wine, but I am far too drunk on you to even feel the slightest hint of its effect. I look down to my glass and only think of how your lips would taste right after you take a sip, how your body would taste if I could only pour some on you and drink it off of your skin.

I look away as quickly as I can, but it’s too late. You’ve already caught my eyes following my thoughts across your body. I see you shift a little and I’m looking for any excuse to get closer to you. I reach over to pour you more wine and move close enough to you that I can feel your leg  touching mine. My body shakes with excitement and fear all at the same time. Not knowing how you will react if I reach out and touch you, or lean over to kiss you. God! I feel like one who is so lacking in experience and in such awe of the unknown that he is paralyzed by it.

We laugh and talk more and I can’t help it, “You have the most beautiful face, hair, and eyes that I’ve ever seen!” What the hell did I just say? “What kind of line was that?” I think to myself. Not only did I just say it, but I rambled the whole freaking sentence and just threw in whatever thought was in my head.
“Hey, what music to you have? Do you mind if I put something on?” I hurriedly ask.
“Sure. It’s all right over there,” you reply.

My mind is so far away, that the titles of every CD is lost in a haze. So I just turn the radio on and turn to sit back down. You’re half laying on the sofa, when I turn around and I search for a place to sit, but there is only the space just where your legs start to hang over the edge. I wriggle my way in and pull your legs to my lap to let you lay back.
I can’t help by touch your legs and slowly start to rub your ankle and then your foot while some the music plays. The fabric of your long dress lays softly across your legs and my mind races as I trace my eyes along them, up to where they meet your body. That incredible body! My hands move to your legs and just to where your dress touches your skin and with every light stroke of my hand, I can feel my fingers slipping under the cloth and further up your leg. Our laughing turns in to short burst of words combined with deep breaths. I can see your eyes closing and your tongue barely brushing across your lips. My trembling stops and I begin to truly feel you, as if my fingertips and your legs have become one.

You moan softly when I move my hand from across your thigh, just over your dress and then down again by your ankle and then again, daring myself to see how much higher and lighter I can touch you each time.
Your hand meets mine and just when I thought I have gone too far, you caress my fingers while I brush my hand up your thigh. I intertwine my fingers with yours and bush across your hand and then back to your thigh. You pull my hand higher and I pause just where I can just feel the seam of your panties below your dress on the outside of your leg. Our hands continue higher as if you are pulling me to you. I move my body closer to yours, half on you and half on the sofa. I can feel myself against your leg when I shift my body over yours.

I put my lips to yours, barely allowing them to touch like a feather brushing across. I softly taste them with my tongue and follow their outline while each touch becomes more passionate. My leg moves higher up yours while I kiss you and you start to unbutton my shirt and pull it off, leaving me in my undershirt. My lips move from your lips and to the very same spot on your neck that enchanted me so earlier.

……to be continued

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Old lovers

Him: I still remember

Her: I remember too.

Him: do you miss it? me?

Her: I do.

Him: do you still think of me?

Her: every day

Him: what happened to us?

Her: life happened.

Him: that is a vague answer.

Her: it is also the real one.

Him: I remember asking you to stay.

Her: I remember asking you for time.

Him: did I not give it to you?

Her: not the time I needed.

Him: am I to blame for us not being together?

Her: as much as I am.

Him: why didn't we stay in touch?

Her: it would have been to painful.

Him: is it less painful now?

Her: not really

Him: why do you endure it?

Her: because seeing you is less painful than not seeing you at all.

Him: even if for just one day?

Her: even if for just one moment.

Him: do you regret anything?

Her: not saying goodbye.

Him: is that what this is?

Her: yes

Him: how long do we have?

Her: just today.

Him: and then?

Her: we go back.

Him: to what?

Her: to them.

Him: what if I don't want to?

Her: you really don't have an option.

Him: and why is that?

Her: because you made a choice and so did I.

Him: to move on.

Her: yes.

Him: but I miss you.

Her: and I miss you too, but you know.

Him: I know. Would it have worked out, if we would have stayed together.

Her: maybe.

Him: but...

Her: we will never know now.

Him: I would like to.

Her: we can't

Him: why?

Her: you know why

Him: I do. Is he in town?

Her: no

Him: stay with me tonight.

Her: can you promise that nothing will happen?

Him: I can promise I will only do what you ask of me.

Her: I don't know if it will be enough.

Him: do you not trust yourself?

Her: not while I am with you.

Him: you have behaved so far.

Her: by sheer force of will.

Him: you can do this. Nothing will happen.

Her: I trust you.

Him: you play dirty.

Her: why do you say that?

Him: because by saying you trust me you force me to behave in a way that will not allow you to feel guilty about anything, meaning, I am forced to act like a real gentleman of old.

Her: do you not wish to? Is that not what I deserve?

Him: you deserve the world, but when near you I wish nothing more that to take you in my arms, strip
you down, make mad love to you and never let you go.

Her: you go too far.

Him: I am but honest.

Her: and knowing that you think I can consent to an entire day with you?

Him: yes.

Her: how is that?

Him: for two reasons, one, even though I know you want the same thing you will never admit to it, and
two I have already promised not to do anything you don't want me to, or at least anything you won't admit to.

Her: thank you.

Him: shall we go.

Her: where?

Him: wherever the wind takes us. At least for today.

A short Romance, a perfect time.

I wonder why is it that so many times a short lived romance instills itself in us, our souls more than a long lived one? could it be that its short days don't allow for their innocence to be consumed and maintain that sense of novelty? Maybe. But I don't think it's just that, as it doesn't happen very often nor with any person.

We have all had that one perfect love that refuses to be forgotten, attaching itself to us in a way impossible to get rid of. It starts as innocent as possible, growing intense and then too soon being over, but unfergettable.

The memory and feeling of this romance stays with us forever, our minds and hearts, hihglighting the good moments and erasing all negative memories. we mold it to perfection mainly because we may never experience someting so sublime ever again. Those one-day-moments, those simple yet unique situations that make our days blissful.

Can you remember? What then, if you were to one day encounter this person while walking down the street? Many years after, when you and this other person have already moved on, out of necessity, but never really letting go of all that passed between the two of you.

Would you risk all you have acomplished now, so you can spend at least one more night with them? Would you let go for one day, all the responsabilities and give into the feeling? Would you attempt to bring back the magic of days past? And if so, if you allowed yourself this one night, would you be able to let go the next day, knowing that you may never see each other again? Would you be able to go back to your life having been with that unforgettable person, no regrets, no looking back?

I think time is to blame for us inmortilizing short romances, idealizing the person it was shared with. But then again, time would be also the one to blame for allowing us to enjoy them, right?