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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Life is not fair

So definite life plays jokes on us. This  is not fair. I know I said I would not write about it, but it is like a vortex that continues to pull me in. Have you ever had to work with that one person that is just a royal pain in the behind? Well I had to, for a number of years. This girl (though not really so young in age) I worked with made it her number one priority to make everyone else's life a living hell, in every sense of the word. I know most of you know who this person is. She would use everything in her power to have things go her way, even if it meant screwing over her "most beloved" (not sure if she ever had a true "beloved" other than herself). I mean, she would blackmail, threat, make up things, put people against people (I think that this sometimes was just for her pleasure and nothing more).
She made it her job to make a lot of people miserable and somehow, no matter how many complaints were lodged against her, she would come out clean and on top (we think it was the latter that guaranteed her a safe spot in the company). It was just amazing the things she managed to get away with and then how the ones above her would do nothing. At a point we started making up stories on the reasons why she was so protected. In our many imaginative trips we came up with
1.She was doing one of the big ones and was extremely good at it hence why she would never be fired in spite of breaking so many rules
2.She had been involved in an orgy with all the big bosses and had in her possession embarrassing pictures of them with which she blackmailed them
3. She knew deep dark secrets (involving sexual preferences) of some big ones, and would use that as a weapon
4.She had some weird ability to do the spread-eagle while on her stomach and have two guys do her at the same time....
I know... I know, the last one is a bit far fetched, but again, the things she got away with were amazing and then for the period of time she managed to do it, and seeing how the big ones would praise her at every opportunity they got, I mean, she must have been something. Oh yeah, I think I failed to mention that she had no idea how to run her department, almost buried them to the ground, caused them a huge amount of money, caused the company some law suits, almost cost them the loss of a few projects, and of course she could not tell her head from her ass, business wise that is.
But that is not really the reason why I say that life is not fair. After having seen her reign of terror for so long, we all harbored the hope that one day a brave one would come (or they would just tire of her stupidity) that would throw her out like the (beep) she is, but that didn't happen. Instead she decided to leave on her own, leaving all of us with the desire of, well, justice (she really made each and everyone of us wish we were some sort of vigilante, just so we could take care of her in the most twisted way our minds could come up with). But the worst part (yes, there is something even worse) is that she went (this I have from a sure source) to the competition where they just took her in, knowing her entire story and behaviour. I am beyond amazed. Not only at her audacity, but also at the blind stupidity of this other company. This person is nothing but trouble, has no people skills (whatsoever) and is a huge liability wherever she goes (unless she is given a job as a... I'm thinking of a job that requires no contact with people, animals, plants, or any living being or thing that requires even a minimum amount of attention or love to progress...difficult). I think by now you can tell I really don't like this person.
But again. The biggest problem is that Karma didn't really do her Job this time. I wonder if I can send Murphy her way or have cupid shoot him an arrow so he could fall for her (they would make a perfect couple). Maybe we all just have to be patient and Karma just didn't want us to be tainted by her blood when the guillotine came down on her neck (too much poison?)
Well, anyways, I promise I will try to stay away (as long as I don't get mad, disappointed, sad, baffled, angry beyond recognition...etc)

Friday, October 26, 2012

What I've learned

In my short lived life I have learned a great deal of things.

I have learned that being proud doesn't mean doing everything on my own.

I have learned that having high self esteem is not the same as being arrogant.

I have learned that allowing others in and allowing them to help doesn't mean I am weak.

I have learned that smiling every day is not equal to being happy.

I have learned that the one that has made me laugh the most is not the one that loves me the most and that the one that has made me cry the most is not the one that has hurt me the deepest.

I have learned that is not patience that we lack most of the time, that it is tolerance what we truly need.

I have learned that the "smartest people" are the ones that fall in love in the stupidest possible way.

I have learned that it is not about broadcasting love, but showing it.

I have learned that there are things that don't matter if you have no one to share them with.

I have learned that having a house is not enough if at the end of the day you come to it and it is empty.

I have learned that silence and loneliness don't go together.

I have learned that being accompanied by someone you can still be alone.

I have learned that even a superwoman cries and hurts

I have learned that strengh is not measured by the size of your biceps, but by the capacity of your heart.

I have learned that ignorance is not a social condition but rather a state of mind that many refuse to overcome.

I have learned that those who claim to know more know nothing about what truly matters.

I have learned that if we try to please everyone we end up disappointing ourselves.

I have leaned that those who claim to want world peace only want to be "accepted" by everyone, not realizing that it is impossible and fail miserably at it. There is no life without hate, no right without wrong, no happiness without sadness, so there will be no peace without wars, even if only internal wars. We will always have the good and the bad and all we can do is try to find a balance between both.

I have learned that a man who boasts about his "achievements" lacks self esteem, self respect and above all, they lack spiritual beauty.

I have learned that the world is round, not square; that life has color and colors have shades, so in the end it is all about perspective.

I have learned that to love I don't have to lose myself. That jealousy and manipulation are not gestures of unconditional love.

I have learned that happiness is a decision we have the power to make; that the realization of our dreams depends on our ability to hope, our desire to see the impossible come true, but most of all, our continued effort to see it through. No dream can come alive if we give up on the way.

But the one of the lessons that I have come to value the most is that happiness truly lies in the simple things life has to offer, that the unexpected is usually magical, and that anyone is capable of greatness, especially those who don't believe it themselves.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Simple complications.

Her: things are not that simple.
Him: how is this any complicated?

Her: There is a lot you don't know.

Him: Isn't that the whole point, getting to know them.

Her: Is not that simple.

Him: You've already said that.

Her: And I mean it.

Him: what are you not telling me?

Her: a lot

Him: like...

Her: I am single, not free.

Him: what does that mean?

Her: It means THIS cannot happen.

Him: are you tied down somehow?

Her: that is a way of putting it.

Him: I need more.

Her: I can't give you anymore.

Him: You intrigue me.

Her: why won't you just give up.

Him: because I know you are worth the fight.

Her: this is not a contest you can win.

Him: why?

Her: because I am not some sort of prize.

Him: but you are. You are THE prize, one I am willing to take any chances and go through any ordeal to win over.

Her: you are so obtuse. Is not that simple.

Him: make it simple then.

Her: No!

Him: oh! I see!

Her: what?

Him: you don't want to make it simple.

Her: nothing is what it seems.

Him: are you not you?

Her: I am not who you think I am.

Him: all I want to do is find out.

Her: no!

Him: I wont give up.

Her: I wish you would.

Him: why?

Her: why do you ask so many questions?

Him: because I am trying to understand you.

Her: don't

Him: I will leave you alone.

Her: thank you.

Him: for now.

Her: sigh! This is not going to be good. Considered yourself warned.

Him: I am good with challenges.

Her: are you good with pain.

Him: are you the one inflicting it?

Her: This is not a game!

Him: I know. And as I said, I am willing to take my chances.

Her: have it your way then.

Him: oh, I have every intention to have it my way.

2 am and HE calls me...

I wonder why is it that some people feel the need to send you a message or call you at 2:00 am. Really, most of us are sleeping at that time, and I am sure it can wait.
2:00am, phone beeps, new message received.
Him: I want to confess something to you.
Her: looking at the screen with one eye open and the other half closed straining to make sense out of what she is reading and thinking, "can't this wait until tomorrow morning at a freaking decent hour, let's say, 10:00 am?"
Him: Are you awake?
Her: thinking "why is it that they always have to ask the same stupid question? is 2:00 am in the morning!", but she decides to answer and give him a piece of her mind. (typing) No, I was just trying to see how the inside of my eyes looked when I heard a familiar sound coming from my cell phone. Tell me, what can I do for you at this God forsaken hour where the regular people sleep and you decide to text...ME?
Him: Oh, good, you're awake.
Her: blank faced staring at the screen.
Him: can I call you?
Her: can't this wait until tomorrow?
Him: no, not really.
Her: (sighs) sure, call me.
Evanescence song "call me when you're sober" sounds as a ring tone.
Her: How appropriate. Hey, what is wrong, is someone dying, hurt, in a coma or dead?
Him: no, why?
Her: because even in those situations I would be able to do nothing and it would not justify you calling at this time.
Him: oh! you were sleeping.
Her: forget it, why are you calling me.
Him: I want you.
Her: you have been drinking.
Him: Nooooo!!
Her: it wasn't a question.
Him: Oh!, maybe a little. How did you know?
Her: because if you were half sober you would know better than to come with that at this time and you would also realize that you will still want me by sunrise and allow me to continue sleeping.
Him: I want you now.
Her: and I want my bed, but it seems none of us are going to get what we want.
Him: Open the door.
Her: You are at my place?!
Him: yes, I told you I wanted you.
Her: did you fall and hit your head while drinking? You know better than to show up. And I will not open the door, sleep on the welcome mat if you want to.
Him: Open or I will make a scandal.
Her: raise your voice an inch and I will start yelling thief, let the neighbors punch you until you're sober again and then tell them I mistook you for a thief because it was so dark.
Him: you can't be that mean.
Her: try me.
Him: Come on, open up.
Her: let me explain something. This may have seemed romantic and all in your retarded mind, but I work over 10 hours a day and then come to my house to do chores, I am exhausted, and you have spent the day partying, I want to sleep, which by the way you have made it almost impossible by upsetting me.
Him: Let me in.
Her: Go away.
Him: if you let me in I will do The Thing.
Her: what?
Him: the Thing...
Her: you mean... the thing.
Him: yes, I mean... The Thing.
Her: you're not drunk.
Him: nope
Her: and you will do.... The thing if I open the door?
Him: yep
Her: but, is there enough time, you know what that causes. Do you work tomorrow?
Him: nope, took the day off, and worked until late today for the same reason.
Her: then why did you not say this sooner and allowed me to get mad.
Him: because you get feistier when you're angry. It makes... The thing... more intense.
Her: you bastard.
Him: Open the damn door and let me in.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I will admit, but I will not say...

I'll confess I want you. I will admit it to the world, I will work up my courage and just be true to myself, I want you.

I want your lips on mine, I want to feel your hands all over my body. I want to taste every inch of your being and I want you to taste me. I want to hear you say my name and I want you to make me beg for more. I want everything, I want it all, I want you.

I want to ride you until I tire and then ride you a little more. I want you to do unmentionable things to me, use your imagination, take me to the limits of earth itself and then, take me to heaven.

I want a night to remember, with you.

I want all that, and I will confess to it. But I will never tell you. This will be my secret, even if acknowledged, but still a secret.

Until you figure it out.
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Monday, October 15, 2012

Halloween costumes... difficult choice for a girl now-a-days

Him: Ok, so really, what is so funny?

Her: huh? (trying to suppress a laugh and not looking at him in the eye)

Him: you, laughing, every time you see me.

Her: not every time.(still laughing)

Him: seriously?

Her: ok, ok...

Him: so?

Her: I'm just picturing you guys in your Halloween costume.

Him: oh! why would that be funny?

Her: seriously? do you not see it?

Him: what? it would be a classic costume.

Her: I'm sure it would. All you guys in tights! Are you all going to burst out signing the song and dancing to it? ♫we're men, we're men in tights♫

Him: Is that what you want to see?

Her: oh, i would love to see that?!

Him: ok, as long as you come dressed as cat woman.

Her: wait... what?

Him: you heard me.

Her: no way!

Him: too tight?

Her: amongst other things.

Him: well that is the price you have to pay.

Her: is there any room to bargain?

Him: what would you suggest?

Her: wearing a nun costume...

Him: that would be sinful, in oh so many ways...

Her: no comment. Let's see.. how about spongebob square pants.

Him: (just stares at her)

Her: ok... so...

Him: ok, let me give you some ideas of costumes that would look... good... on you...

Her: let's hear it.

Him: Poison Ivy.

Her: no

Him: Storm

Her: no

Him: Black Widow

Her: what is it with you and comic characters?

Him: they're sexy, I mean interesting.

Her: and the costumes are tight and leave very little to the imagination.

Him: au contraire mademoiselle, they leave A LOT to the imagination.

Her: mind coming back to the real world?

Him: ok.., so, what will it be?

Her: As much as I want to see you dancing can can, in green tights and a hat with a brown feather,
Him: fan of Robin Hood, are we?
Her:.. I am not sure I am willing to put on a slutty costume and pounce around for everyone to imagine lord knows what things.
Him: Just as an FYI, you can go wearing a sack for a dress and every man in the room will still imagine a lot of things.

Her: funny

Him: realistic, with that body and those face and that mouth..
Her: excuse me! I'm right here!
Him: I've noticed. Besides, have you noticed the lack of slutty Halloween costumes for women?
Her: yes, I have, which is the reason I was thinking of not going, until you said you would sing and dance.

Him: and drink tequila.

Her: oh God! Jose is going to be there?

Him: no, Patron.

Her: rats!
Him: tempted yet?
Her: very much.
Him: tempted enough to wear a cat woman suit.
Her: not that tempted.
Him: what if I add candy, chocolate?
Her: are you seducing me Mr. Robinson?
Him: what gave it away, the blinking eyes?
Her: no, for real now.
Him: who says I was joking?
Her: anyways..
Him: and here she goes ignoring me. Running suits you, maybe you should go as running man.
Her: not too fond of spandex.
Him: but WHY!!!
Her: I will figure something out.
Him: let me know if you need help. I will be more than glad to lend a helping hand and just sit there and watch while you try on costume after costume.
Her: you are sick!
Him: no, I just have a very vivid imagination.
Her: how is that any different than what I said?
Him: you would love a lot of the things I imagine.
Her: no comments.
Him: suit yourself.