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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Predator eyes

At what moment does a look become more that seductive? At what point it bothers us? I know the answer to those two questions, because it has happened to me.

There is a look that feels uncomfortable, morbid. There is a different kind of intensity in the eyes of that person that is more than the innocent desire felt by most. Is the type of look that you feel in your body, as if   the hand of an unwanted lover touching you, groping you; making you so sick in the stomach that you feel like throwing up until there is nothing left.

I know that look…I spend days avoiding that person in the hopes that the look, along with the memory of it and the sensation as well, will go away. It's disgusting. But is not only the look, is the eyes themselves. Is almost as if there was nothing good in them, nothing honest or sensible about those eyes. That look is worse than that of a stalker, a sexual predator.

There are a few words that come to mind when remembering that look: depravity, assault, wretchedness, unnatural…

How does a person become like that? How are they able to inflict such sensations? Such fear?

It is beyond me, but all I know is I want those eyes, that look to go away.

Please make it go away.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Him: What has been the hardest thing you've ever had to do?

Her: say "no" to you and walk away.

Him: What has been the one thing that has hurt the most?

Her: Loosing you and never knowing if I would ever get you back.

Him: How did you ever recover?

Her: Who says I ever did.

Him: How did you ever make it so far?

Her: By pretending I didn't care, pretending it didn't matter.

Him: and now?

Her: now what?

Him: Does it still hurt?

Her: Everyday.

Him: You talk about it as if you weren't talking about yourself.

Her: In a way, I am talking about someone completely different from me.

Him: Why didn't you ever tell me?

Her: What was the point? you never saw me the same way I saw you. We wanted different things.

Him: You should have told me.

Her: would it have mattered?

Him: we had something special

Her: what we had was great sex.

Him: is that why you ignored me all that time.

Her: I had to protect myself somehow.

Him: Why did you call me?

Her: Because of the memories, those damn memories.

Him: tell me what you want me to do.

Her: nothing. I want you to do nothing.

Him: You called me.

Her: and that was too much. I should have known better.

Him: let me see you one more time.

Her: no, I'm weak when it comes to you.

Him: you have obviously grown strong. You are saying no to me, again.

Her: I have been practicing.

Him: let me see you.

Her: I can't.

Him: You won't.

Her: Yes.

Him: so?

Her: so nothing.

Him: I have to go.

Her: good. Go.

Him: that easy?

Her: With you? Never.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

When a song is more than enough

Is that moment when time is somehow suspended and all that is left is you and me, and that song..

Why was that song playing, out of the million songs out there you had to choose that one, and at that precise moment, while looking at me with those eyes.

Still today it makes my heart skip a beat every time a remember. Why that song?
You were standing there in the doorway and at that precise moment you just mouthed the lyrics but it carried all the intensity of your request. Two simple words that broke me like never before "please stay"

Why was that song playing? Why that song?

I should have left, but something in your eyes prevented me from doing so. Or maybe it was that song. Who knows, all I remember is me, you, and the song. That wretched song.

That day was the last day I heard the song. Until today that is. How ironic life is, today, out of all days, the song plays. Today that you are not here anymore. Today on the anniversary of our..of my...of your....

Today... The days we said goodbye.

I miss you.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

How Will I know?

There is danger in finding you. I know this and yet I keep on looking. I should stop. Turn away. But if I did, then would you find me? Would the universe conspire against me and send you to me?

There is danger in going down this path. I know this. as if there is some kind of gravitational pull that forces me to keep on walking this way.

I don't know you, but you keep on coming to me through visions, dreams, and in those dreams life happens. You happen, I happen. Then I wake up and you're gone, but the feeling of you remains. What am I to make of all this? Why do you keep hunting me if we are not meant to know each other? Or is it that we're not meant to know each other, yet?

If the answer to that last question is yes, then what is God waiting for to unite us? What set of unfortunate events do we have to go through to earn the right to make these dreams a reality?

Or maybe, just maybe... nah, it can't be. Or...Maybe we have already met, maybe we have known each other forever and in my need to find you, I haven't recognized you. Are you the same as in my dreams? Or do you come to me in disguise? If so, then How Will I know?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Night, Tequila, Music...Frenzy

So young, so eager, so unaware of how cruel the world can be... and yet, so tempting, so mysterious...

"what on earth am I doing here" she kept on thinking as she walked into the nightclub. She knew he would be there. He, on the other hand, had no idea she was coming, she had promised nothing when he had asked her. She had spent two days denying the desire she had to be here, but the desire had been stronger in the end and here she was.

"If I turn around now, no one will notice" She had reached the entrance and was about to leave when he saw her. "too late"

He stood up and started walking directly towards her, his eyes first scanning her entire body and then locking on her eyes. she felt as if she had been stripped down by the way he had looked at her. There was hunger in his eyes, but there was also appreciation, for what he saw.

Instinctively she wraped her arms around her wait, as if to protect herself, and only realized what she had done when he reached her and asked in that mocking tone "cold?"

She looked down to her arms and saw, and felt, his hands brushing her shoulder and the length of her arm, until he reached her hands and undid her hold, only to keep one hand in his and without asking what she wanted to do, directed her towards the bar.

She followed him numbly, with his touch still lingering on her arms. Whether he had meant to or not, that simple touch had sent shivers down her spine and for a moment there, before they started walking, she almost lost her balance. She forgot why she wanted to leave and now could not find a reason not to stay.

When they reached the bar he came closer to her, and leaned so his mouth was close to her ear, too close, and in a bare whisper asked her what she wanted to drink. She could feel his breath on her ear and inmediately felt dizzy. "words, I have to speak; words" she kept on telling herself. He moved to look at her and with his gaze intently on hers, she forgot that she needed to talk, to say something. Her eyes moved to his mouth, that beautiful, pink, soft, delicious-looking mouth. Her lips parted just a tiny bit, as if waiting to receive him, as if wanting to have him. Her body kept on screaming what her mouth refused to say. He half smiled, satisfied with the effect he caused, noticeably.

He leaned even closer, barely an inch from her mouth, took in a breath. She closed her eyes, took in his smell, and as she felt his lips almost upon hers, she heard him say in a tantalizing voice: "drinks, what will you have?"

Abruptly she opened her eyes and took a step back. He was smiling openly. She then realized that he was teasing her and stuborn as she was she though "two can play this game", while putting herself together.

She managed to stabilize herself, stood to her entire height and said "tequila"

He looked surprised, though he already knew that was her favorite drink. He smiled once more and turned to the bar to order the drinks. He returned with two tequila shots in his hand, and the never forgotten companions, lime and salt.

Her eyes changed and he noticed. She had regained her composure, but there was more, she  now had a more sensous style, she even looked more seductive, if that was possible. She smiled at him and said "for us, for the unknown, and for what is yet to be seen". With that she took her shot and he took his.

The music that played, turned out to be a good ally to her and she would not waste such a good opportunity.

While moving to the dance floor she had already done a million calculations in her head, but she had forgotten that he too was a good player. A veteran at the game of seduction, so this would be a battle worth fighting. But who would win?

The rythym was slow, sexy, and she moved to the beat as if a mermaid dancing on water. Her hips moved from side to side, and with every movement all her God given curves were enhanced. He was almost in a hypnotic trance...almost. He took her by the arm and with her moved as if they were one. The dance became more than that. It was a silent seduction, where only hands and body were involved. They were close, very close, and the heat that emanated from them could almost be felt, but that was nothing compared to the sexual tension that they built.

The music kept on going, but they entered this semi-trance where there was nothing else, no one else, just them. Without knowing how or when, they left the club and ended up in his place. There was more music, there was more tequila and there was more dancing, only now there were less things in their way. Pieces of clothes stared coming off and slowly they moved towards the bedroom where they music took them to a frenzy that only found release when they did. Wild, hot and sweaty release...

The person within

I constantly feel like people miss understand me. I walk talk, so they say I'm a proud person. I am confident, they say I'm cocky. If I smile all the time, they say I'm flirting. If I don't smile, they say I'm mad.

I don't understand. The funny thing is that those are the only emotions they believe me to be capable of. What happens with sadness, concern, worry, melancholy, nostalgia, friendliness? What happens to just want to be reserved? Am I not capable of those? Am I partially human?

I don't even know why I bother. Or maybe I do. I hate being read wrong or being judged by those who don't know me, and won't take the time to.

I'm not proud, nor cocky. I'm cautious and sometimes I do get tongue tied. Yes, it does happen, my wit escapes me and my mouth becomes this numb thing incapable of uttering any proper words, these are the times I just say the wrong thing. Doesn't happen often, but it does happen.

I wish people would stop assuming I am something I'm not just because of how I look. Then again, I know I ask for the impossible, almost.
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Friday, August 10, 2012

Dreamt Cruelty, Forgotten Delight

There are few things I remember clearly. Maybe the heavens don't want me to know, or maybe they like taunting me and playing with my mind. But I remember something.

I remember soft, tanned skin, smelling of man and whiskey. I remember hair as dark as night, trimmed recently, wet. I remember eyes as blue as the sky, kind, playful, intrieguing. I remember lips, sweet taunting lips, always smiling. I remember a voice, as melodic as a symphony.

But what I remember the most is that tattoo. Right shoulder blade, black and white. I regret that I cannot remember the shape, but I remember it was there.

I remember stading up to leave and you holding my hand to stop me, turning me around and then...nothing. I remember nothing more. How cruel of the gods to give me a glimpse and make me forget.

What a cruel and evil joke. But not all is lost, not everything is despair, for I remember you, even if I have never met you.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Moments, its all about moments. Love, life, happiness, delight, all of it, it all happens in a moment, just one brief, short, second, and in that second, magic.

It was there. I felt it, I lived it, I enjoyed it. It was all I ever wanted and everything I never imagined. I know you felt it too. I could tell by the look in your eyes, you knew this only comes along once in a lifetime. We were lucky love, we had it.

I will always be grateful for that. For having had the chance to be with you. Even if only once. I'm grateful. I experienced what most spend years, even lives, looking for, without really finding it. Only settling for the illusion of it. And me! Of all people, you chose me, and I chose you. We knew without really knowing, and we just gave into it.

I know we will never be together again. I know it can't be. But I regret nothing. I will forever be yours, even if only in the memory of that moment; that moment that is eternal to us.

This is the part where I could say "I love you" but I know better. So all I'm going to say is "to us"
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Memories are the trickiest thing ever. At least that is what I think right now. Too often our hearts, or maybe it's our brains, immortalize a moment in which we felt amazing, and our mind disposes of any possible memory that may taint it, leaving only that wonderful feeling of pure delight in which we relish once we remember.
It happens to all of us, even the best. It takes us by surprise, the image of those few seconds, or maybe more, crawl into our heads and shake us to the core. We are caught helpless and unprepared and we are forced to remember, in detail sometimes, that moment. Sometimes we even have a physical reaction to it; a smile, a shiver, we close our eyes, we sigh, we hold ourselves, our eyes wonder, and at times, we may even shed a tear.
Memories are tricky, they never announce themselves (how rude of them). They never give us a hint, a sign, they just take over and...yes...exactly that. We space out. Time becomes irrelevant, so does noise, people. We sense, we feel, we give in, to that memory, or should I be more specific and say, to the memory of that person, of that moment.
I confess, right now I am sitting here, thinking of you, thinking of that time, of the way you felt, the way you touched me, the way you kissed me, and the way I responded. It was so many years ago, yet I still remember it, vividly. I remember what you wore, I remember what I wore, how you smelled, how you tasted, what you said and how you said it; I remember your moans, your whispers, your eyes. I remember that fire, the passion. I remember the way you said my name... I remember it all, still...always.
I wonder if you too remember?
Do you?

Thursday, August 2, 2012

A long Lost Letter...

This came from the desk of my dearest friend, Nadeshko. Hope you enjoy it.

My dearest Peter:

How have I deeply missed you, I can no longer seem to remember when you were last here or when I last saw you, it is all slowly turning in to a blur, could we next time maybe stay for little longer?, it all feels as if I am gradually forgetting the details of our many adventures together, there have been times when I could not even seem to remember the way back to the trees, I worry this would be a growing condition, I keep mixing up or confusing the names of the lost boys, I regularly get glimpses of a memory, a memory I cannot seem to remember but one I cannot seem to forget either, they often come to me as the shapes in a shadow, or a slight smell, an unknown flavor, a gentle breeze, or a peculiar tick on a clock, I no longer have the time to stop and gaze up at the stars and remind myself you are out there, on the second star to the right and straight on till morning, I am having a hard time enjoying all those things that I used to love, things like Imagining, Playing, Singing, Dancing, Acting, Creating, Painting, Writing, Reading... Flying; I seem to have ran out of happy thoughts and  faerie dust and I can fly no longer, it all makes me feel so profoundly sad that I cannot find my way back to you;
Peter I'm afraid, I'm afraid I'll never see you again, I do not want to forget you, I do not want to lose you, I do not want to wake up one day to find out that it has all been nothing but just a silly dream and that i will never again  feel the freedom and the beauty of Neverland; please Peter come for me, come for me soon, before it is all too late, before I completely forget; before I finally realize I have already grown up.

Sincerely and forever yours: