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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Dear Angel: Where have you gone?

My dear Angel.

How long has it been since last you wrote to me? Where are you my Angel?
I have missed you so, lately, your witty comments, you funny jokes, that sarcasm that seems to run through your blood. I have so much need for it at this moment, I feel so... tired all of a sudden. Tired of thinking, of fighting against disappointment.I am tired of looking into the faces of those I considered friends only to see how they turn and become the worst, or should I say, best foes.

I am tired of the hypocrisy, the fake smiles, the pretend would seem I am tired of society. I'm sad. Sad because I lost something I considered important to me, something I gave time and effort and something I stood for and believed in. How can I believe in anyone if they keep on turning just to gain some temporary and superficial gratification from someone who doesn't even bother to know them? How can I trust if in the end it is all just a show and everyone wants to be the star?

Ah!, look at me, complaining here about things I should not even pay mind to. I can almost hear you saying :"if they acted like that they were never true to you".

Ah! my Angel, if it were so easy, but the spirit is not meant to endure so much disappointment, so much sorrow. At some point we must rejoice and be able to trust without doubt. When will it all end? Do we really have to wait until we are rid of the flesh to be able to be free?

If only you could carry me in your wings far away from this wretched place we call home. It has become rotten, contaminated by greed, selfishness, dishonesty. How I wish I could just fly away. But my reality calls to me, yells at me that others depend on me to go on. It would be so easy to give up, to let everything around me fall. But then I think of you, how you never stop, and I think of her, how she needs me still.

My Angel, I know I must go on, but my heart is not the same, my belief in humanity (if there is till such a thing) wanes, my hope falters. Help me find a way again, please, help me find a way to ease and fight.

My Angel, where are you.

Girl talk. The guy who fucked up royally.

Her: I am so angry.

The Dentist: why, because of him?

Her: I thought he had more integrity, I thought he was on my side.

The Rocker: does it surprise you?

Her: a bit.

The Dentist: not me.

The Little one: I never trusted him, not since he tried to make a pass on me.

Her: I had forgotten about that.

The Dentist: Thank God you were careful around him.

Her: Still it bothers me. What does he gain by doing what he did, I mean, is not like anyone will find anything revealing in my writing, it's all just circumstantial and honestly, only for a good laugh.

The Rocker: maybe he thinks you know more than what you're letting out. Everybody always thought that.

The Little one: true, you always spoke as if you knew more.

Her: I know only what reaches my ears. And besides is not like anything I write about is a secret. Though there is one thing that just makes me curious.

The Dentist: what?

Her: Why look so intently into my writing, what is he hoping to find there, some hidden secret? Shouldn't they be more concerned with the facts, if indeed it was true, rather than a gossip column?

The Dentist: well, maybe they are trying to conceal it, though I don't see how.

Her: and why make such a big deal? and moreover, why take it to that person, and why on earth would that person take it to those limits, I mean, is just a writing, is  not like it factual.

The Rocker: or maybe they just assume that it is all about them...

Her: oh poor things, it reminds me of that Janet Jackson song "Son of a Gun"

The Rocker: I wasn't finished...

Her: sorry.

The Rocker: If indeed they believe it to be about them, they would hate to see themselves exposed.

The Dentist: don't they see, that if they do make it about them, then they would have to make everything else about them as well, and I don't think that would be smart, as she has written about some fucked up shit that has happened in that place.

The Little one: Can you imagine if "She" made it about her, all those things that "happened" would be true and then everyone would have ammunition against her.

Her: again, it is funny how he never made any fuss about this when he was one of the others. Is it because not he is "One of them" that he made such a deal?

The Rocker: Maybe. Or maybe he tried to do something good the wrong way.

The Dentist: the only good thing he tried to do here was cover his ass. Come on, what does he gain with all this. I mean not even the little girl ever attempted to do such a thing, in the end, the tittle girl knew better than him.

Her: Oh well, I am just sorry for him. If indeed he is trying to cover up the fact that he slept with... forget it, there is no use bringing that up. Besides, if he ever did, he has a right to sleep with whom he chooses, in the end, is his dick, no one else's.

The Dentist: you forget what happened to her. Maybe he doesn't want to be involved.

Her: why would he, since when sleeping with a person means knowing everything about them?

The Little one: it could be misinterpreted.

Her: It is bullshit.

The Rocker: like everything that happens in that place.

Her: I'm just sorry they are making the guy's life such an ordeal with this thing. If they focused that much energy in finding feasible solutions for the amount of crap that goes in there and doing things right, they would not have these situations.

The Dentist: that would require for them to think logically and employ common sense, and as we all know.

All: Common sense if not so common.

The reaction

I find it so funny, but I guess I should be grateful for the reaction my writing has caused. I am being given certain merits for things I really know nothing of and that according to some people are nothing but lies (hence why I don't understand the fuss)

Sometimes, some people forget that writings are just that, writings, and they may or may be not based on real facts. Also they forget that no matter how hard they try to conceal the truth, in the end, it all comes out.

But again, I must be grateful for without them making a huge ordeal out of nothing I wouldn't have so many readers. What amazes me though is that sometimes we make such a big effort to find someone to point fingers at when we should really be looking at ourselves, or at the ones that surround us (closest ones) ,and also we should remember what our place is, don't try to fill the shoes or become someone you're not, for someone else's benefit, in the end, is not rewarded. And in the event we are to become someone else, let it be for us.

I am humbled by the attention my writing has been given, even if not appreciated by some.

And before I forget, I just need to point something out, when something big happens and you need to uncover the truth, rather than worrying about external gossip (which will always be there) worry about internal stability. Just saying.

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Rumor has it. Unleashed

OH MY GOD! I mean, the things one has to hear.
Now I know it has been a while sine I wrote a "rumor has it" but honestly I was focused on better things (sex) and hadn't heard one as juicy as this one.
Things in Heaven are just wrong! There is no other way for me to put it. After, lord knows how, acquiring a new piece of land (that we shall call AT), and having had the Lords visit it, it os revealed that somehow, something from the Lords resting place was taken, no one knows how. But this is not the only thing.
It has been rumored that for a while now there have been a series of  things "borrowed" from Heaven (you must remember the biggest heist of all where it was rumored that the Opportunist was involved, or was the head of this, along with Golden Head that was casted out for the same reason), now there has been another one, and to one of the biggest Lords of all, The Puppet. Allegedly he was relieved of (not by his choice or knowledge) a sum close to 50. The question is, did this happen in Heaven, and How is it that this continues happening there, especially if now they changed the main Guardian Angel (again) and "improved" their oracles and sentinels to prevent such things?
I was corrected and advised that one of latest heists occurred at the resting place where the High Lords are  and that supposedly they "saw" one of the slaves with an item that might have belonged to them (remember, no two objects are the same, is not like things are mass produced). The biggest suspicion came after the slave chose to leave Heaven just like that. Coincidence?
Moving along, some of you must've heard about the casting away of one of Heavens second Land's high Lords. It was said that he was let go for being too friendly with the female slaves (without their consent). Some sources report that he was caught by one of the sentinels, capturing a girl's behind for his personal use (later and in the dark I presume, and with his loyal friend "manola").
Now for the final and juiciest touch of all. It has been reported that there are possibilities of the Opportunist (now called WBW) being put in temporary confinement due to all the drama and distress that she has brought down upon heaven (it would seem that she is the sum of the seven plagues altogether). You remember that as result of The Heist, Golden Boy was casted away, but he did not stay with arms closed. He sought to retaliate by hiring some (apparently) very greedy Justice Angel, who has managed to deliver a claim for Golden Boy against The Opportunist as well as Heaven. Now you must remember that this is not the only claim against the Opportunist. There was also one by one of the Slaves for verbal and physical abuse, and I believe there was one more.
If indeed the Opportunist is sent to solitary confinement and later on casted away from Heaven, just like when Megatron left (or maybe bigger) there will be reason for celebration in Heaven, there will be happiness (even if brief), and there will be hope (even if little).
I know that you should never rejoice for other's sufferings, but sometimes it is hard when they have done everything possible to be hated by all. And as someone close to me said, the day it happens we will honor the Gods by drinking, dancing and singing in their honor. I agree!!!!
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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Duality... body and mind

There is this duality in me i can't seem to come to terms with. I know that in order to rise above the mundane things of this world, we must learn to master ourselves, including the control of our impulses, all of our impulses. But such things are worthy of a pure soul and mind, and mine...well they're rotten with lust.

There is a current that runs through my body, that screams for passion, touch, sex, orgasms and such. It becomes almost uncontrollable at times, and through my eyes, the level of desire can be seen. The level of wanton can be noticed in the way I walk, and the calling for touch can be heard in my voice. The signs that are given by my body are subtle, but my body is not subtle at all.

My mind however, the desire to become pure, to rise above those mundane things, to control my body, to master myself; my mind, pulls me and throws me in a turmoil of confilcting emotions that sometimes, just sometimes makes me feel guilty. Guilty of all those wonderful sensations that come with letting go and enjoying such things as a mind blowing, over-the-top, just-too-much-to-control, lustful, pure and wonderful orgasms.

I try. But then I see those shapes that catch my attention, those hard, beautiful, tender, bittable, tasteful, shapes. And my body burns hot with desire, with raw lust.

It must be the moon...Or maybe, it is just me.

Is it?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Listen, the sound of pleasure

I have been sitting in front of my screen for the past 15 minutes, thinking about what to write and like always the first thought that comes to mind is sex. Then it evolved into writing about the formula for a guaranteed orgasm from your partner. And then my mind went blank. Many magazines, books, blogs, even songs talk about how to make your man/woman cum, and they swear that the many tricks they give will work because it is just infallible. But the truth of the matter is that only knowing your partner are you guaranteed of being able to provide an out of this world orgasm. Only knowing where to touch, how to taste, lick, nibble, caress, bite, stroke, suck, blow and kiss, will you be able to drive your partner to the limits of heaven and hell combined and bring them back safely.

Use what you know, and when you don't know ask, and if not, explore. Listen to the sounds of his/her throat, the gentle (though sometimes not so gentle) movements of his/her body, it:s response to each touch. Don't be shy when it comes to finding out what your significant other likes or wants, and if they tell you, pay attention, do not let their comment or request pass by you. In listening to what they ask for, you will be able to given them what they want, and that, is what will guarantee the total satisfaction of each other. Otherwise, all you will have is pent up sexual tension and we all know how uncomfortable that is.

Anyways, like I said, listen, to each moan, each sigh, each heart beat, each ahhh. Believe me, in there lies the secret of great sex and an even greater orgasm.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What it is about... really

One could say that it is about the tenderness, and one would be right. One could say that it is about the sharing, and again one would be right. One could say that it is about the wild passion, and of course one would be right. But what it is really about is the combination of all those things and then some other.

It is about the desire; about the chase; about the passion; the heat; the electricity that runs through you; about the torture of time never passing or passing too fast; it is about the other person; about you; it is about the touch; the feeling; the sensation; it is about the skin feeling so hot it feels as if it is almost burning; it is about your heart beating a thousand times per second; it is about that increasing energy inside of you, desperate to be released; abut all your muscles slowly tensing and reaching the point where you think they will just break; it is about your head filling up with that same energy, and not only that but your entire body; it is about slowly reaching that point where you believe you can't take it anymore but then more coming your way, and just at that point where you feel as if you're going to just die of pleasure, the release. A thousand stars break inside, the energy is let go of and runs everywhere; your body tenses for the tiniest moment and then becomes numb; you feel your spirit soar with pure delight; a scream escapes your mouth but it is barely audible to your ears, for you can only feel. In a moment the world becomes more beautiful, the colors brighter, the sounds die, and there is only you and that amazing energy. For a moment you exist in a place where nothing can nor will go wrong. And for that unbelievable, amazing, over-the-top moment, you exist in a fantastic reality where anything is possible.

Then, in just 7 to 10 seconds, 7 to 10 wonderful seconds, everything is over. what everything is about. The 7 seconds in heaven.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Simple minded... In all it's sense

So as you know I love to surf around the web and look for new things, or rather research for new blogs where I can read others opinions about life. Well it so happens that today I came across this one:

The name caught my attention as it sounds more like an elvish word than anything else, and then when I saw what it meant (Simple Logical thinking) it really peeked my interest. You know me and criticism for the lack of logical thinking these days.  That is until I actually read the first and only post.

This person or persons that post on this newly created blog, don't only come across as arrogant and petulant, but also as wanting to be the center of self conflicting and over analytically thoughts. Yes I know I sound harsh, but the reality is that if and once you read this post, you will understand where I come from.

This person/s states that in order for you to become a better person (note that he/she says better and does not choose any other adjective, such as more open minded, more logically oriented, more capable of accurately assessing others,more capable of blending and understanding the society in which we currently live) you should constantly step out of your comfort zone (which will in the end leave you unbalanced if following this advise)

However I must point out something, in the spirit of keeping things simple and logical, I must admit that the post was simple enough in it's entirety.

I wonder if the person is as simple minded as he made the post be.

Note: IF you do read this post, please don't hold back on the comments, here or there and please oh please, make me aware.

Truly yours, the always poisonous