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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Why we say Men don't listen

Men have for years, maybe centuries complained that we accuse them of never listening when we say something or always wanting things done our way. This regardless of how many times we prove that we are right in saying or asking what we ask for. To prove, once more, this point I bring you a true story of the reasoning behind this statement.
Early today when I arrive to my workplace I notice that one of my tires is low on air, being that I have no time to go to a gas station and fill it out I pray to the seven heavens that it will last until I leave. At lunch time I go and check my car and notice that the tire is now flat, so I check my spare, it's good. I have no time to change it there so I go back to my office and call one of the guys I trust and ask for help. I say "I noticed that I have a flat tire, do you think is possible that you can change it for me, please" he says that it is no problem and comes by the office to get my car keys. Before he leaves he asks me if the spare is functional, and I say yes (knowing that only some days after my mechanic made sure that my spare was in good condition). The guy leaves and two and a half hour later comes back and says this: "Your tire has air". I get confused (and so do my co-workers, yer all women, and yes they heard me when earlier I asked him to change the flat), so I ask "umm, do you mean the spare?", he becomes a bit agitated and says "no, the spare is there". You can now imagine my very confused face and I ask "so, you did not change the tire", to which he answers "no, I told you I put air on the flat, it should give you enough time to reach a gas station or one of the places where they fix the tires and have it fixed because it will run out of air again".
I just turn my head sideways and you can see the question in my eyes, but I refuse to ask the question. I just look at him. But about two minutes I can't help myself anymore and I say "but I asked you if you could CHANGE the tire". His answer "I was going to do the entire thing but..." and he walks away. And I am left with the wonder. Was I not specific enough in my request, was it hard to understand, was I not logical enough? I mean, I would have thought it to be a simple request, but either this person did not understand it, I wasn't clear enough when I asked him to please CHANGE the tire, he didn't really listen, or he was just too lazy to do it.
In any situation, the original statement stands, Men don't listen. And furhtermore continue to underestimate us when it comes to certain things such as cars. Now my dear opposite and so attractive (thank God some of you were given looks because when it comes to your brains or ability to comply to certain requests you just SUCK) sex, one: stop pretending you know everything, two: stop treating us like air headed bimbos, some of us actually use our brains and think logically about things, three: never underestimate a woman's ability to resolve a situation, and last, when we ask for something JUST DO IT (like the commercial says) because in the end, if you don't, it will only cause you more grief and we will end up saying those words you so hate "I WAS RIGHT".
In my unfortunate situation I know I will probably have to end up changing the tire myself (yes I can do that, I was just trying to avoid it as I have back issues), or pulling the damsel in distress act in the street and asking someone else to do it, which in turn will cause for me to be late for something else I have to do, which in turn will cause my entire evening to go haywire, because? ONE MAN WOULD NOT LISTEN TO WHAT I ASKED.
And then you wonder?

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Conversation from afar.

Him: I'm sorry.

Her: for what? For loving me so much nothing made sense but you and I? For showing me a life built out of hopes and dreams? For showing me that there is more to what we see in each of us? Or for making me see how better everything cam be if we just believe?

Him: for breaking your heart in a million and one pieces, for leaving you alone when the most you needed me, for not knowing how to truly love you, for not being the man I had to.

Her: oh! That! I barely remembered any of those things you said passed. My heart was restored the moment you came back, my loneliness was gone once you looked into my eyes, your soul knew more of me that your mind did, she knew the way to the center of me, and you are the man I called for, so long ago, the one I truly needed, the partner that shared my soul.

Him: there are so many things I never did and feel I owe you.

Her: there will be time for those, soon love, soon.

Him: time is feeble, and tricky and flies by too soon.

Her: time is but a matter of perspective and a friend to the fools.

Him: I was a fool for not seeing you for who you were.

Her: you were a fool to love me and you cared for me in so many ways.

Him: I miss your eyes, your warm embrace. Come back to me, be mine again.

Her: that I cannot do love. I can't go there again. Too many things have happened, too many things have changed.

Him: you promised me forever, and left me here to shed these tears. Tears of love, tears of pain, tears that I fear will never go away.

Her: the pain will ease, the tears will end, there will be smiles on your face again, and soon your heart will rejoice in the love you deserve, soon all this suffering will go away.

Him: no one will ever be like you, I will never love the same.

Her: I would never expect you to. But you must move on in the end.

Him: I will love you forever, in this life and the next.

Her: I'll be waiting for you, here in this ethereal place.

Him: goodbye my one true love, my one and only friend, the one who knew my soul, the one whom my heart kept. Goodbye I say today, and rest assured that together we'll be again. Goodbye my one true love, goodbye my one true friend.

Her: soon love, soon, we will meet again, and forever our souls will fly, to that never ending place. But for now I let you go, for I know she awaits, be kind to her love, she deserves your very best. Tell her I love her, and I will always be there. Tell her I'm sorry, leaving wasn't the plan. Know I will be watching down on you both, know I will always be there, caring for you, seeing that you are ok. I love you so, that even now I ache. But time is an illusion, and soon love, soon we will all be together again.

Until then.
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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Interview (seriously!!)

As you may have noticed there are certain things in this world that really upset me, as it is that of power abuse. That famous phrase "power was made to be used" really gets to me because only those who abuse of it are the ones that I have heard use it (with the exception of one person). I would say that power, without caution or respect for others will only pave your road to perdition and disgrace, because many people who abuse it often forget that the world is round and Karma 
is real, so to those people I like to say "what goes around
will come around" (and bite your hard in the ass.
So with that note I give you a conversation that a friend of mine was involved in while being interviewed for a job. I must clarify first that before going to the interview she did some research and was assured that this type of things are not only not happening but if the heads of the institution were to find out that such things are occurring, they would severely reprimand the ones doing them (this we were told by the same person who conducted the interview).
The Doctor: Good day.
Interviewer: Hello, please don't be nervous. We will just ask you a few questions, some general things, nothing to worry about, ok?
The Doctor: sure (here she is feeling confident, she believes the questions will be related to medicine itself, how naive)
Interviewer: So, I understand that you were referred to us by the teacher?
The Doctor: yes that is correct.
Interviewer: ok, so what is it that he does?
The Doctor: (a bit surprised at the first question and really not understanding the importance, but deciding to answer anyways) ummmm, he is a teacher as you just called him.
Interviewer: oh, ok. And where did he study?
The Doctor: ummm (getting a bit suspicious, but still deciding to go on) I really don't know. There is only so much you find out about the parent of your friends.
Interviewer: so you don't know. Hum, I see. Well let's move on to other things, shall we?
The Doctor: (thinking that finally the real questions are about to start) sure, shoot.
Interviewer: so, can you tell me the name of 5 dominican painters?
The Doctor: ummmm (how the hell is this relevant to the interview?) ummm (i studied medicine not arts, and there is a reason for it) I can give you probably two, the one with the birds and the one that paints the black girls. Oh yeah, there is the one with the bodegones.
Interviewer: oookkk. Can you give me the name of a book by Balaguer?
The Doctor: ummm, I don't remember having read one.
interviewer: ok, Can you tell me where Juan Bosch was born?
The Doctor: here in DR? (wtf?!)
Interviewer: Can you name one of his books?
The Doctor: La Mañosa (here she is really getting annoyed, this is supposed to be an interview for a general practice doctor, not a librarian!)
Interviewer: Can you name a book by Gabriel Garcia Marquez?
The Doctor: I am sorry, how is this relevant to the position/
Interviewer: It is relevant, just answer.
The Doctor: ummm, Cronica de una muerte anunciada (how ironic as that is exactly what this feels like)
Interviewer: ok, and where do you live?
The Doctor: Gazcue. And it is also on the application papers.
Interviewer: are you trying to be smart?
The Doctor: no sir. (did this guy take his pill this morning?)
Interviewer: ok, can you name 5 streets in your are/
The Doctor: ummm, I am really bad with streets but I can try. Dr. Delgado, Santiago street, Pedro Henriquez Urena, Cervantes street, and Bolivar street. (now we are moving on to geography, again, wtf?)
Interviewer: ok, delimit your living area. Give us the limitations north, eath, south and west.
The Doctor: uuuuhhhh. (her head is bent sideways and her eyes are narrowed, and she is really pissed off now) to the north there is Villa Juana, to the east there is ciudad nueva, to the south there is la cuidad universitaria and I have no ideas what there is to the west.
Interviewer: you don't know what is west to your living area. hum. So tell me something. How do you make a rissotto?
The Doctor: (what!!!!!!!!! cooking lessons, am I cooking brain tissue here?) uh, sir, I am sorry, but I am not a very good cook, so I would not be able to tell you.
Interviewer: ok, and what about a Sancocho, you must know that!
The Doctor: ummm, no sir. I'm sorry, I studied to be a doctor not a chef.
Interviewer: oh well, let's move on to a more medical question then. what is the anatomy of a uretres and can you give me the identifiers of a
nephritic colic? 
The Doctor: (blank face, slowly turning rage red) woa! sir, I am a general practitioner and I am interested in urology, but I am yet to learn all the details about it. I am sorry, but I am not yet prepared to give you that information.
Interviewer: and why did you even apply?
The Doctor: because the post
was  for a GP!! (dude! really?!)
Interviewer: well, we will be calling you.
The Doctor (dumb struck)
Interviewer: please tell the next person to come in.
So The Doctor makes her way out and leaves the door open, tells the next person to go in, a very beautiful girl with long hair and obvious lack of medical experience. So The Doctor, just stays there with her spirit broken, waiting and by mistake overhears the conversation.
Interviewer: so, you like to drink and dance?
Pretty girl: oh, very much!
Interviewer: where did you graduate from?
Pretty girl: oh, i haven't yet, my daddy told me to apply.
Interviewer: and who is your father?
Pretty girl: the boss here.
Interviewer: so, you are interested then in General Medicine.
Pretty girl: sure, why not?
Here The Doctor is just bewildered, and finally understands everything.
And then they wonder why one goes berserk and starts shooting those SOB's.

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