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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Looks like...

Best friend: was he really that good looking?

Her: I was almost drooling?

Best friend: seriously?

Her: seriously! He looked like a Ken Doll!

Best friend: Plain?

Her: no! I meant his features!

Best friend: girly?

Her: what? No!

Best friend: so what, stiff?

Her: wha...? No!!!! What is wrong with you?!

Best friend: nothing, but please choose another example.

Her: ok..ok.. Who could I compare him to?

Best friend: try a movie star.

Her: don't know anyone that looks like him.

Best friend: wow, he must be really something. Try a mesh-up then.

Her: ok, let's see. Liam Neeson's height, Bradley Cooper's mouth and nose, Ryan Goslin's complexion and build, Gerard Butler blue eyes and add to it a dirty blond spiky hair.

Best friend: dear god!

Her: I know!!

Best friend: what is wrong with him? Is he gay?

Her: worse!

Best friend: how can it be worse?

Her: he is married.

Best friend: I see.

Her: I mean, had he been gay, at least we could have been girlfriends and we could've had sleep overs.

Best friend: now that is sad.

Her: what? That he is gay or that there won't be sleep overs.

Best friend: that you already imagined yourself in bed with him

Her: not exactly, though I did see him naked in my imagination.

Best friend: and?

Her: dear god!

Best friend: that good?

Her: oh yeah!

Best friend: I would tell you to stay away but not until you are able to take a picture so I can see.

Her: jajajajaj, you are sick!!

Best friend: look who's talking.
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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Queen & The Soldier

Him: have you ever heard the song “the queen and the soldier”

Her: I don’t think I have. Why?

Him: it reminds me of you.

Her: In what way?

Him: because of what it says.

Her: and what exactly does it say?

Him: why don’t you look it up?

Her: because it is much more fun to have you say it.

Him: then it wouldn’t have the desired impact.

Her:  does it need to?

Him: not really, but the song is a description of you.

Her:  I don’t see how.

Him: did you read it?

Her: I did.

Him: how can you not see it?

Her: I don’t kill people, nor have them killed.

Him: not literally.

Her: the widow is my alias, not who I am.

Him: tell me when you get tired of fooling yourself.

Her: a name is just that, and nothing more.

Him: in your case it is who you are, and the “real” you is truly your alias.

Her: still, there is no resemblance.

Him: but it is your life’s story.

Her: how so?

Him: he loved her, he wanted to put his arms down and spend the remaining of his days with her, loving her, even if he did not understand her.

Her: yes?

Him: she loved him, and though she was humbled by his love and her hearth ached for him, she was also scared of those feelings and chose loneliness.

Her: I am not lonely.

Him: no, you are just alone.

Her: by choice.

Him: I know.

Her: it’s complicated.

Him: I am sure. Just not with me.

Her: you’re complicated on your own.

Him: entangled would be more accurate.

Her: true. So am really I supposed to be the queen in the song?

Him: I’ll be the soldier.

Her: I won’t have you killed.

Him: you don’t have to. You already have.

Her: I’m going to bed now.

Him: running from me?

Her: nah, just don’t know what to answer.

Him: you don’t have to say anything. I just wanted you to know about the song.

Her: I don’t think I will ever be able to forget it.

Him: good.

Her: goodnight my knight.

Her: goodnight my queen.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Dreams II

At what point does a dream stop being just a dream and becomes something more? Where is the turning point? Where does the imagination ends and the reality begins? Is a dream just a projection of our inner most desires, or could they be a message or a premonition of a possible future?

I worry sometimes that my dreams are not just a result of head playing make believe, but rather a glimpse into something yet to come. It has happened so many times before. I have "dreamt" so many things only to see them later play out just as I dreamt them. Days, months, years later I find that I have seen, heard or been places I had only seen, heard or been in one of my dreams.

What worries me most is not the possibility of them being or becoming true, but the possibility of you being real; of you being somewhere out there and me not knowing you yet or worse, not recognizing you.

If my dreams are more than just a movie my imagination plays, then there are so many things that will come, and in them, you.

Until then I will continue to wait, to hope, and best of all to dream of you.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Every bad date has an up side.

Best friend: so,prey tell. How did it go?

Her: do we really have to?

Best friend: oh! I really want to know and start from the beginning. All I have heard os rumors of what happened. I want the full story.

Her: you are unbelievable.

Best friend: I'm waiting.

Her: ok, ok. So you know he had been asking me out for a while and I had been avoiding him.

Best friend: yes...

Her: well I finally decide to give it a try, I mean, why not right?

Best friend: sure!

Her: well, you already know how much of a disaster that date was. I mean, first we meet at a fancy restaurant that requires reservations and obviously he had made none.

Best friend: ok, strike one.

Her: so he starts BS ing the girl at the door at how he knows the owner of the restaurant and how they were great friends and blah, blah, blah, the girl doesn't budge and then he tries to bribe her and the girl, offended asks us to leave.

Best friend: but you got in! How did that happen?

Her: turns out the owner is one of MY high school friends and at the rattle he came to the door and got us a table. He used to have a huge crush on me back then, so he did me a favor.

Best friend: you still went ahead with the date?

Her: I thought I should just see how far he would go.

Best friend: and then?

Her: well, when we are ordering I see that he starts mentioning dish after dish and quoting the prices on them. I ask him if he was concerned and he says that he hadn't expected the prices to be so steep.

Best friend: he what?!

Her: yeah! But there is more. I decide on a dish and so does he. He asks me if I want some wine and I go for red. He asks for the house wine, and the waiter brings it. We start talking and I am noticing that most of the conversation revolves around him and what he does, and his life and the guy just won't stop talking, but most upsetting he won't even look at me.

Best friend: what do you mean?

Her: he wouldn't look me in the eye. So I am bored out of my mind. But anyways. The food finally comes, and I am thanking the heavens for some quiet time. But then he starts again, talking about his family, how much money they have, like I care!, and how good looking he is.

Best friend: he what!

Her: yep! At this point all I can think of is Gaston from Beauty and the Beast.

Best friend: so what did you do?

Her: I start feigning a migraine of course!

Best friend: good one.

Her: so we ask for the check and when they give it to him, he starts arguing about the house wine.

Best friend: please explain.

Her: well starts complaining, why did they charge for it if it is the house wine.

Best friend: I thought you said he was smart.

Her: I said he seemed smart. I mean the guy is a freaking manager.

Best friend: and now we know that is not necessarily a good thing.

Her: well, anyways. The waiter has to spend a good 10 minutes explaining why they call it house wine and why they charge for it. Here all I want is to run. But I let it be.

Best friend: I would have been out of there long ago.

Her: I know. But anyhow. When the time come to pay the guy starts this charade that he left his wallet home, and at this point I have a blank expression and the migraine is starting for real.

Best friend: he is a jewel.

Her: and more. I get royally pissed and to avoid any further embarrassment I give the guy my cc. Only issue was that my friend saw the whole thing and had the waiter tell me the entire dinner was on the house, and returned my cc.

Best friend: well at least you didn't pay for dinner.

Her: yes but I was mortified. And then to top it all he gets a call from his friends inviting him to some bar and the guy has the balls to tell me to take a cab home since I have a migraine and we won't be doing much.

Best friend: say you're joking!

Her: I wish. He got up and left.

Best friend: well you got rid of him and didn't have to make up any excuse in case he wanted "more".

Her: well, not all was lost.

Best friend: meaning?

Her: turns out my friend outgrew his high school geekiness, is super hot, owns a restaurant, is single and best of all a true gentleman.

Best friend: I'm confused.

Her: well, I got home the next day because we spent the entire night talking over wine.

Best friend: talking?

Her: yep! And we are going out again today.

Best friend: what happened with the manager?

Her: oh! Well I sent him a text message telling him not to bother asking me out again.

Best friend: and he left you alone.

Her: oh no, he went to my job and tried to make a scene.

Best friend: what do you mean tried?

Her: well turns out one of the friends who had called me works with me. That night they got really drunk and the guy ended kissing another guy, and of course there were pictures. They made their way to me and I told him I would post them all over the known social networks and tag him and everyone else I know if he even tried to make a scene.

Best friend: wao! You are evil.

Her: well, he made me.

Best friend: right!
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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Ever again?

Best friend: did you ever talk to him again?

Her: who?

Best friend: him. The one who disappeared.

Her: oh! No.

Best friend: did you ever try?

Her: no.

Best friend: did you even want to.

Her: I did. But no.

Best friend: you confuse me.

Her: is simple really. I still don't know if it was my heart or mt ego he broke and until I figure it out, I will just stay away.

Best friend: will you ever try?

Her: doubtful.

Best friend: why?

Her: he is gone.

Best friend: what do you mean gone?

Her: gone, disappeared, nowhere to be found, kaput.

Best friend: where did he go.

Her: like I would know.

Best friend: like you would want to.

Her: I wouldn't mind.

Best friend: you confuse me.

Her: well I have finally learned to kept things separated, so one more... Time wouldn't hurt. It is true that he hurt me, but he was a sex god. The boy knows his moves, even if he was a hurt and fucked up soul.

Best friend: you are incorrigible.

Her: always. But come on, you can't deny your body certain treats.

Best friend: he is not chocolate.

Her: if it were up to me..

Best friend: stop!!!

Her: like you wouldn't do the same thing if you had the chance to have him at your will for 24 hours straight.

Best friend: oh wao!

Her: I can see them wheels turning.

Best friend: you are just!!!!!

Her: yep!
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So, today me and my coworkers were having a conversation about marriage and unfaithfulness and a question came up, would you give up all your years of marriage, the life that you and that person built and everything you acquired while in the marriage because he or she was unfaithful to you?

I spent a lot of time thinking about this, talking to many married people as well and the answers varied. Many said that they would because once done the trust would be broken and you can't live with a person you don't trust. Others said that they would not because they could not just give up on years of building a life next to that other person. Me, I came to the following conclusion.

Unfaithfulness is not justifiable, not right, but then again, what do we mean when we talk about being unfaithful. A person that flirts with a co worker occasionally, are they unfaithful? Or would you say that acting upon the lustfull thoughts, and only acting upon them, would be what is considered unfaithful. I guess we would have to also consider whether the one asking is a man or a woman. The subject becomes so complicated that is hard to separate on thing from the other and one can only conclude that taken everything into consideration every living soul is unfaithful every once in a while, just that in a different manner.

Some may be unfaithful when sleeping with someone other than their partner, others may be so when having lustful thoughts with someone else, heck you can even be unfaithful by having a "special" friend with whom you have never "done" anything but talk, but still, there is that something.

Considering all that, knowing that Everyone cheats one way or the other, would you really let go?

Now let's take it even further. These days finding a person that fits you, a person you can wake up next to everyday and fell safe with, a person who knows you, or the majority of you and whom you get to know, and most of all, a person you love, a person you can talk to about everything, a person whom is not only your best friend but also your lover, a person that fits you in every sense, if that person were ever unfaithful, for whatever the reason may be, would you leave?

I know it's more complicated than that and each situation is unique, but, isn't marriage supposed to be a sacred institution? Aren't we supposed to fight for it? For better or worse?

I guess the real question here is, how much would you endure, for the one you love? Now, what if it would be the other way around, what if it would be you the one cheating, what would you expect the other to endure?

Just think about it.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A short story from my head

She got tired of fighting with the zipper of her dress and decided to give in and ask for help. she had been reluctant to do so as she still remembered how she felt the first time he touched her, it hadn't been intentionally, yet, there had been a sensation, almost like an electric shock that had run all the way from her head, down her spine and to her feet. They had looked at each other, their eyes locking and she knew he too had felt it.

She shook her head to rid of the thoughts and started down his room. Two knocks on the door and she heard him say "come in" in that voice that could hypnotize even the wildest animals.

Inside it was dimly lit making the atmosphere intimate, too intimate. He had undone the buttons of his shirt and his chest and abdomen were showing, along with the many tattoos he had. She ran her eyes through his upper body and the breath escaped her lungs. Those perfect abs, that bare chest, it made her want to reach and touch, feel. He noticed she was staring and was enjoying seeing the reaction she was having to him. She was so transparent, you could almost see her thoughts written across her face, and he knew she wanted to touch him.
She noticed he had noticed her staring, and remembering the reason she had come here, she made an effort to speak, though when she managed to do so her voice came out barely as a whisper.

- I need your help.

He nodded his head inviting her to go on.
She moved closer to him and turned around while lifting her head from her back so he could see the zipper.

- I can't reach the zipper.

That sole movement, and the image of her, in front of him, holding her hair up, revealing her beautiful neck to him and asking him to help her with the zipper, it made his stomach turn, though he was able to maintain his calm. He moved closer to her, too close, almost brushing his body against her, it wasn't his intention, but he wanted to feel her warmth, smell her. She tensed just a little feeling him so close, and had to fight an incredible urge to just lean against his chest.

He went to lower the zipper and deliberately brushed her neck, making the moment more intimate. Slowly, he lowered the zipper and stopped right at the end of her back. He had one hand on the top of the zipper and the other at the bottom, unable to help himself he went onto caressing her neck, and allowing his hands to trail down the bare skin on her back. Without realizing what he was doing he bent down and kissed the back of her neck. She let out a breath and let her head drop back. He didn't need more invitation than that.

He kept on kissing her and ran his hand through the inside of her dress and grabbing her by the waist pulled her to him. She felt her skin burn with his touch. Her turned her around so he could capture her mouth. It was like a heavenly explosion. The moment their mouths met, sweet surrender. She lifted her hands to grab him by the hair and pull him to her, commanding more. A moan escaped her throat and he responded physically. She could feel his arousal. He bit her lower lip and she moaned louder. In an effort to take control of the situation she pulled herself from him and grabbed his face with both her hands to look at his eyes. She was lost. His eyes were dark with unmistakable desire, he was breathing in short breaths, there was hunger in the way he looked at her and she knew very well what was going through his body; she too was feeling it. He put his hands on top of hers and touched his forehead to hers. She lowered her hand to his chest and thought his heart would come out of how fast it was beating. Still foreheads together she looked at his mouth and not giving it one more thought started kissing him again, allowing her hands to run free through his body. She tore from him to enjoy undressing him. Looking at him, it was like a feast to her senses.
She started with his shirt, slowly running her fingers through his broad shoulders, taking it off, and letting it drop...