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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Promise me that if I were no more...

Her: what would happen if I were no more?

Him: why do you talk like that?

Her: is just a question.

Him: one I don't like.

Her: but one that speaks of an undeniable truth.

Him: and that is?

Her: that one day I will cease to exist.

Him: that day is not today, and hopefully not for many more years.

Her: you can't know that.

Him: you're right. But I hope.

Her: I want you to answer.

Him: I don't want to think about it. You're here now.

Her: you fail to see the point.

Him: and that is?

Her: that if God forbid you were to leave us soon, I know what would happen, how we would carry on without you, and you know it as well. You know that I would never allow for her to be away from any of them, I wouldn't allow for them to become a twice a year thing, but I am not sure it would be the same thing should I be the one to cease to exist.

Him: why the doubt.

Her: because she's too proud and you're too careless to even try.

Him: I am not careless, I just hate senseless arguments.

Her: you are careless when it comes to others.

Him: I am not careless about her.

Her: she's different. She's a part of you.

Him: are you saying I am selfish?

Her: yes. And without me here, you would be more selfish.

Him: that is not fair.

Her: what?

Him: you force me to think about something that is not a possibility right now...

Her: death is always a possibility no matter the time. And you know it.

Him: second, I can't possibly predict how certain events will turn out even if you were no longer with us. I can't predict her reaction, nor mine.

Her: would you allow them to fade away?

Him: I would certainly try not to.

Her: you're vague.

Him: I don't know, and I don't like this subject.

Her: are you so afraid of the possibility?

Him: yes! I am terrified of even thinking about it?

Her: because you would have to face it all on your own.

Him: because I would have to face it without you! I am not that strong! I am not as strong as you. Don't you remember?

Her: you underestimate yourself. And I remember. I remember you holding my hand, I remember you being there with me. I remember you holding me until I fell asleep. I remember you. I remember us.

Him: you can't leave me.

Her: is not up to me. But what little part is, has always been with you.

Him: I really hate this subject.

Her: but still you talked about it.

Him: are you psycho-analyzing me?

Her: you're too smart to allow it.

Him: and you're smarter to pull it off.

Her: I love you?

Him: the worst is, I believe you.

Her: jajajaj, because you know it's true.

Him: I know.

Her: promise me you won't let them fade away, you won't let her forget them.

Him: I promise.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Girl Talk, shapes and forms

Recently a friend of mine asked if he could join one of the many sessions me and my girlfriends hold so he could witness first hand the subjects that we so vigorously discuss. I must say I am actually considering allowing this as I would appreciate the male perspective he might bring.

On that note, we had a recent gathering where the main subject was of course the male….anatomy and it's many varieties (as in shapes, sizes, colors, smells and taste) To give you some insight on how it went let me make it into a conversation, it is actually easier.


Her: So, do you plan on ever telling us how it was?


The Doctor: It was… ok I guess.


Best friend: what do you mean you guess. Was it good, bad, emotional, sweet, rough.


The Doctor: It was not rough at all.


Her: wao, by your tone I would not be able to figure out how disappointed you are. Yes, I am being sarcastic.


The Doctor: no, let me explain.


Best Friend: please!


The Doctor: It was different than I expected. It was sweet, emotional; no it was not rough. He was considerate, and yes I came, once.


Her: Only?


Best Friend: not everyone is multi….


Her: What are you talking about, you have told me several times you are, both of you, so if she only came once means that either it was too fast, too short, not intense enough or he just didn't get to the right places.


The Doctor: We did not have enough time for any seconds or thirds.


Her: see?


Best Friend: Yeah, yeah… go on.


The Doctor: anyways, it was fine, the problem was at the end.


Her: how so?


The Doctor: I got scared.


Best Friend: why? The lights came on and you saw how ugly his…equipment was?


The Doctor: huh?


Her: She is frustrated because she had a run in with an architect with a hideous schlong.


Best friend: IT HAD SKIN ALL OVER!!! It's like it was hidden under a pile of wrinkled clothes!!! I mean, It was SOOOO UGLYYYY.


The Doctor: and here I thought that could never be ugly.


Best Friend: Oh Believe me, it can!!! But anyways, why did you get scared?


The Doctor: I don't know, I panicked, I felt anxious, and soooo insecure. I mean, what if he cheats, what if he takes me for granted, what if he gets bored, what if he just plays around?


Her: What if the sky were pink, what if pigs could fly, what if the architect could have a pretty schlong? Sorry had to mention that one.


Best Friend: thank you, I am glad ONE of us finds that amusing.


The Doctor: make that two.


Her: my point is, that you can't base anything on what if's, specially not this early on. You have to give it a chance and IF any of those things should happen, not that they will, all you have to do is get back up and move on, is not like you have not done it before, and not like you won't do it again IF it happens. But just stop and think for one second, what IF he IS the RIGHT ONE?


Best friend: She has a point, and besides, he does not have an ugly schlong.


The Doctor: Wao, you really are obsessed about it.


Best Friend: IT WAS UGLY!!!!! What would you have done if the racer had an ugly schlong?


The Doctor: Well, lucky for me he has  a beautiful schlong.


Best Friend: I hate you both.


Her: Hey, what did I do?


Best Friend: Well, you have stated many times that Pinocchio has the most beautiful schlong you have ever seen.


Her: Well, he does, I mean it is so nice and pinkish, and long, just the right size, and thick, and tasty and just delicious.


The Doctor: are we sure we are still talking about schlongs or food?


Best Friend: to her is the same thing.


Her: what can I say?


Both: Nothing.


Her: ok.. but again to my MAIN point. You have to give the driver a chance. And in the meantime, nothing prevents you from enjoying the pleasures he has to give, and for once try it rough, I mean you already broke one barrier…


Best Friend: what do you mean one barrier?


The Doctor: I could not come.


Best Friend: Oh poor child!!!


The Doctor: thank god for the foreigner.


Her: Yes, thanks to him she got to know the real pleasures of the flesh.


The Doctor: So give it a try.


Her: what do you have to lose?


The Doctor: my heart.


Best friend: you would need to have one first.


The Doctor: you are such a….


Best Friend: but you love me.

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Rumor has it. The new regime?

Sometimes I think certain work places such as heaven, work in a way similar to that of the government, by periods. I believe that every time a high commander is appointed by the gods above they are given a contract with 1. A set time frame and 2. A sheet of expectations with no set guides where they have to come up with an action plan to "fix" the issues. However like in many governments I doubt that they know what they are really getting into, and also believe that the previous party did everything possible to "set them up for failure". Either that or they are really appointing all the wrong people as high commander.

Recently I sat down to look back and analyze what could have possibly gone wrong with all these previous "commanders" (you really can't call them leaders as the last thing they have done is lead) and I realized a couple of things they all have had in common.

1. The people chosen all have a similar background.
2. They all come from the same place with the same customs.
3. They have no first hand knowledge of the culture they have been appointed to "command"
4. They have similar thinking patterns.
5. They believe in mistreating their employees and that by yelling at them they can communicate better (umm we can hear you just fine if you speak at a normal volume)
6. They "understand" what we are going through, yet they have never shown any real empathy.
7. Most of them don't bother in getting to know (really know) their staff and make incorrect assumptions as to what makes them tick.
8. And above all, they underestimate the knowledge, courage, intelligence, worth and capability of those they think of as slaves.

Recently there have been more changes in heaven in an attempt to "correct" what had been done wrong before or to do what had never been done (this sounds a lot like a current dominican political campaign, and like that campaign, I for one have the same expectations for both). We have seen the new implementations, the new entrance, the tight security, the almost strip search policy, and so on and so forth, but I doubt very much that these outside changes will really change the mess inside caused by the continuous instability created and maintained by all those previous parties and appointed high commanders. This, I believe, has been the real issue. When you have a place that changes commanders every 3-6 months in average, you never give anyone the chance to really do anything nor you give the employees the chance to get used to the "new policies" as they continue to change with whomever comes next. And then, when you have someone who stays long enough, the person acts like a real dictator, or worse a white slaving patron, and changes his mind more than his underwear (if he really wears any at all) and spoke to his employees as if they were nothing but a bother. What can you really achieve like that?

Now let's wait (like we have been for the past 2 years) and see what the next appointed commander does and if indeed he or she may become more than just another puppet and be a true leader.
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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Even the All mighty Megatron found it's final days as Optimus ripped him apart and sent him to hell!!!!

This just in, fresh from the oven. I am told that mighty megatron was sent back to the dark side of the moon as his wicked ways of enslaving our dear workers and his "upbeat" peptalks to our angels.

I wonder if the recent encounters he has had with KOS; the fact that his Angel of Counseling was out for 15 days due to over work and exhaustion; the fact that mama lion has had more encounters with his advisers than before; of the fact that he was not able to retain Dr. Doom had anything to do with him being "sent" away.

At least this time we weren't told that he fell sick. Not that we ALL did not wish for that for over a year, but I guess this way of things happening is much more gratifying.

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