Love Quotes

It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Monday, February 27, 2012

I remember

I remember now love, why I chose you. Why I accepted and loved you, I remember now why I made the choice to be yours, I remember why I listened to my heart and ignored all logic and all social rulings. I remember now why I didn't care about the if's or how's. About the don't's and can't's.

It was you. You made me believe in my dreams. You made all my hopes have a reason, all my feelings surfaced. You allowed me to see you for who you were, you gave me the chance to see past your mascarade. And without me knowing it or even realize how it happened, you saw past my charades. You climbed up my walls and tore them down from the inside.

Some may even say that this inexplicable thing between us exists because our souls recognized each other as their partners, long before our brains understood what was happening. It has taken us years to accept only the beginning, a insignificant percentage of all this and I know that it will take us many more to understand at least 50 percent of what this is.

But that's fine with me. I have patience.
Do you?
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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dear Fallen Angel

My dear Angel:

Where are you? Why have you forgotten me in such a way? What have I done to deserve such abandonment?

I have missed you all these days, especially this month. As silly as it may sound I was hoping to hear from you this past valentine's but you never said a word. What is going on in that lonely world of yours?

Its been too long since you last wrote to me and I fear you are retrieving into the dark corners of yourself, where no one can reach, not even me.

I miss our senseless conversations about nothing and everything at the same time, those innocent comments filled with sexual innuendos that only we understand, those little secrets we share with our eyes.

Why have you forsaken me so? My dear Angel, I miss you.

Yours truly, but never truly yours:

The widow.
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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Conversation with a friend

Her: Is it really that impossible?

Him: What?

Her: finding someone that would just make the effort.

Him: of loving you?

Her: Of at least trying.

Him: Not with that body.

Her: What do you mean?

Him: you're a distraction to most guys.

Her: So i have to make my self ugly for someone to see me?

Him: It would definitively make you less of a distraction but then you might be ignored.

Her: really? So there is no hope for me then?

Him: There is. But a guy would first want to fuck you and then if you gave him the chance and before you figured out how big of a jerk he is, he may make the effort.

Her: you're a pig you know?

Him: Realistic. And the reason you love me too. Why are you even bothering with this anyway. I love you.

Her: you don't count.

Him: why? because I am your only male friend.

Her: Exactly! and because you wouldn't look at me any other way.

Him: Don't be so sure. If I didn't value our friendship so much I'd fuck you in an instant.

Her: How charming. But I am sure I wouldn't like it, and afterwards wouldn't like you much either. I have seen you naked, remember?

Him: go on, is not like you hurt my ego or anything.

Her: You don't have an ego, so don't be so dramatic.

Him: not really, but seriously now...

Her: crap!

Him: Shut up! Seriously, you are beautiful and that makes you a distraction. Guys rarely go around saying "oh I want to know what that girl thinks and what she likes, I would really like to know her before I even touch her". The think "Damn she has a hot body and I would love to hit that" and may afterwards talk about anything but whatever they feel.

Her: wopee

Him: but...

Her: Oh God there's more....

Him: But... If you are patient enough one will come along that will want to talk to you and wake up next to you the next morning and not care whether you fuck or not. At least for that night, because no man in their right mind would not want to fuck you left and right, not with that ass.

Her: you are charming, and really know your way with women. I wonder what she thinks about all this.

Him: You can ask her yourself, let me know what the answer is.

Her: you two fighting again?

Him: Worse, we are talking.

Her: Why is that bad?

Him: because it becomes more personal, more intimate.

Her: remind me again why we are friends?

Him: Because we don't have any sexual tension between the two of us?

Her: sure that is the reason!

Him: Why haven't we fucked yet?

Her: because we value our friendship.

Him: oh!

Her: and even though you want to pretend otherwise, you actually respect and love me, as a friend.

Him: I hate it when you are right.

Her: bullshit, you love me like this and you wouldn't have me any other way.

Him: true and you will never know how much I love you.
Whispers: or in how many ways I want to have you.

Her: I heard that!

Him: heard what?

Her: You're a pig.

Him: but you love me.

Her: fuck you!

Him: I wish.

Her: In your dreams!

Him: most nights.

Her: so much for not having sexual tension.

Him: this is our own weird "When Harry met Sally"

Her: please don't tell me we end up married.

Him: we would kill each other.

Her: Can I keep your money?

Him: you can keep my dirty laundry, will that do it?

Her: you're such a pig!

Him: I know.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Post Valentines Day

So what now?

Yesterday was Valentine's day, that other day of the year where magic is supposed to happen and love is in the air, though for me that comes along every other day.

Millions spent a lot of money buying gifts, making promises, maybe proposing and professing their love to one another. So now that it is gone, will all that cease? Will those millions of people who spent all their time and energy in creating the perfect enviorment, just lay back until maybe the next Valentine's?
How boring.

To me, professing your love should be a daily thing. Make a game out of telling each other how much you love one another.

Leave a note in a different place every day with just a couple of words, that mean something to the two of you. He or she will go crazy looking for it.

Give her a goodbye kiss in a different part of the body every day, you will be surprised how many new spots you may find.

Make love in the entire house or apartment (make sure to have certain items to ease the knee burn or any burn in other parts of the body)

Be spontaneous. Surprise her with a sex toy one night. There are great online stores that provide a wide variety. Sit with her while you shop for them, that way it will peek her interest too.

Take showers together. Sex in the bathroom is just excellent, the shower gel is an excellent friend, not only making the skin soft, but also a bit slippery and fun.

Don't be lazy, girls love wild sex every once in a while. Push her against a wall and have her right there.

Girls, be creative, role playing (wear a wig, wear sultry lingerie, high boots, leather jacket and nothing underneath) makes for very fun changes.

Anyways, there are a million and one way for you to show each other how much you care for one another (even though most of the ideas I mentioned have to do with sex, understand is the one way we can demonstrate how we feel and not talk so much) be creative, talk to one another, find out what makes you tick and what makes you burn.

Believe me you will have fun!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

A typical argument

Her: and then you wonder I get so mad at you?

Him: why is it again?

Her: because I am tired of hearing the same bullshit excuses as always, the sorry, the maybe's, the if's, the perhaps and worse the wells.

Him: things can't always go the way you want them to.

Her: I don't want them to go my way, but I do want you to stop talking and start acting.

Him: I don things, only I do them at my own pace.

Her: and it takes you forever.

Him: first time I hear you complain about my pace.

Her: it bothers when it come to things that matter.

Him: what is it that you want from me?

Her: I want you to prove me right!

Him: don't you mean wrong.

Her: no, I don't. I know you are the person I believe you to be, if only you believed it yourself.

Him: you think too highly of me.

Her: and you think too poorly.

Him: I can't satisfy your needs or meet your expectations.

Her: then meet that of hers.

Him: she thinks I am superman.

Her: because to her you are, and to me you were, once.

Him: what happened.

Her: I discovered you were weak when it came to kryptonite.

Him: and what exactly is my kryptonite?

Her: me, because I can see through your bullshit.

Him: I don't bullshit you.

Her: no! Just the rest of the world! Look I don't want to argue anymore...

Him: I wasn't arguing, I thought we were just talking.

Her: you infuriate me.

Him: at least I still cause a reaction in you.

Her: argh!

Him: I love you too.
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