Love Quotes

It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Pre Valentine's conversation

Best Friend: I feel like shit.

Her: I know the feeling.

Best Friend: Is it always like this around this time of the year?

Her: not when we are not single.

Best Friend: No, when we are with someone we are usually picking a fight with them.

Her: we must be very much in touch with our male side.

Best Friend: or them with their female. I swear sometimes I think they get their periods.

Her: According to Pinocchio, they do.

Best Friend: according to him they also have the stupid gene embedded in them.

Her: Hey, he had his moments.

Best Friend: too bad they didn’t last longer.

Her: Tell me about it.

Best Friend: So, what are going to do this year, wallow in self pity.

Her: Never! We do not wallow, we just kind of skim around it.

Best Friend: Sure. I love your optimism.

Her: If you can call it that. I blame the moon.

Best Friend: I blame the date!

Her: when did Valentine’s start sucking for us?

Best Friend: Around the same time we realized we wanted more than what was out there. Or what we had at the moment.

Her: But it is not impossible. We had it before. Why is it so hard now?

Best Friend: Our expectations and standards are higher?

Her: not mine!

Best Friend: Mine either, who am I kidding?

Her: Someone told me once that the reason we did not have a couple was because we were too high maintenance and we put up walls.

Best Friend: (looking at her sideways) that is so not true!

Her: (sigh!) maybe we are just not open enough to it.

Best Friend: seriously, you are going to go all self analysis on me?

Her: Again, I blame the moon.

Best Friend: I blame the bastards who let us go!

Her: that too. They could’ve fought harder.

Best Friend: or at least try to understand us a bit more. Don’t they know that underneath all this rough and tough exterior we are truly damsels in distress. We need saving like everyone else.

Her: Maybe not saving, but at least a hand.

Best Friend: I blame romantic movies, they have made us set too high of a standard.

Her: Is not too high.

Best Friend: Oh God! There she comes.

Her: You know it was real, he was real and it happened to you too. We got to live the fairy tale.

Best Friend: does that mean that we are never to experience it again.

Her: No, it does not meant that, it just means that this Valentine’s we are not going to experience it.

Best Friend: Bah! I could always go like you and say that miracles do happen.

Her: Yeah, only that you are giving God and Destiny only 13 days to work with, and sweetie, we both know we would need a lifetime.

Best Friend: So much for believing. What happened to the hopeless romantic in you?

Her: She took a vacation down the road of self pity.

Best Friend: really doesn’t suit us.

Her: Neither does being overly hopeful.

Best Friend: What do you say we compromise.

Her: What do you have in mind?

Best Friend: Chocolates, wine and movies.

Her: Are you asking me on a date?

Best friend: No, I am saving you from a disaster.

Her: Chocolate sounds nice. Lots of it!!!!!

Best Friend: I hate Valentine’s!!!

Her: No you don’t! You just hate being alone in Valentines.

Best Friend: I wonder how much an escort would charge for one night.

Her: Oh God! We need to get you a boyfriend.

Best Friend: Get me Johnny and I am good.

Her: Black, Red, Blue, Green or white?

Best Friend: Can I have the rainbow.

Her: Your wish is my command.

Is that It? In honor of the horned ones.

Her: Hello?

Him: Hi

Her: Why are you calling?

Him: I miss you.

Her: Me or just parts of me?

Him: All of you.

Her: That is not what you showed me when we last were together.

Him: You know what I mean, and it has been too long. Why do I feel you have been avoiding me?

Her: Because I have.

Him: You must miss me because you picked up now.

Her: Don’t mistake kindness for affection.

Him: It is neither your kindness nor your affection what I want.

Her: You have made that very clear, but what you want is not on offer.

Him: Now?

Her: Ever.

Him: That is not what I felt the last time.

Her: The last time, was the last.

Him: I have heard that many times before.

Her: But no other time had you heard what I said the last time.

Him: Why do you have to bring that up again?

Her: Because that is part of whom I am, and if as you say you want all of me that part is also included.

Him: Can’t we just skip that part. It messes things up.

Her: And here I thought it made things better.

Him: I can’t say it back.

Her: That is obvious.

Him: You can’t hate me for not being able to correspond in that sense.

Her: But that is just the problem isn’t it? I do not hate you.

Him: I didn’t call to discuss this with you.

Her: I didn’t expect you to.

Him: I want to see you.

Her: No

Him: Why do you have to make things so difficult? I thought we were having a good time.

Her: And we were.

Him: What happened?

Her: I want more.

Him: This is all I can give you.

Her: I know, and it is not enough.

Him: You can’t do this to me.

Her: I am not doing anything to you.

Him: Ok.. You want me to say it? I love you.

Her: Oh! How I wish you meant those words, but the truth is you are only saying it because you fear I might 
not be yours again.

Him: Don’t deny me the pleasure of your body.

Her: I can’t give you what is not yours, the same you can’t give me what you don’t posses.

Him: I can’t give you what you ask for.

Her: You won’t give me what I need. Is different, but I get it. Now is your turn to understand.

Him: Understand that you are behaving like a child that has been taken her candy away and throws a 
tantrum just to get it back?

Her: Is that what you think this is? A Tantrum? I am sorry for you. I thought you didn’t want to give me your love, but the truth is you are incapable of loving anyone but yourself, even when I make it clear to you, you think this is about something that can be fixed by making false promises, saying empty words or offering material things. I am not one of your business transactions that you can fix.

Him: You know that is not what you are to me.

Her: No, I know. I am a body in which you satisfy your physical need, refusing to give more. I am your consolation prize when things go wrong; I am the shoulder you lean on when you need support. Yet, I am nothing more to you.

Him: What more is there?

Her: and if you have to ask me that question it proves that you have no clue of who I am, what I need of what I want.

Him: I will call you tomorrow; I don’t feel like arguing anymore.

Her: oh Sweetie, This is not an argument. And please don’t call tomorrow.

Him: So when can I call you.

Her: You still don’t get it? Don’t call. Ever.
(Hangs up phone)

Him: Did she really mean it? Could that be really it? What on earth did she mean by me not having a clue of what she needed or wanted, I thought she was satisfied?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Let's take it slow.

Let's take it slow for the night is young and my desire strong

Let's take it slow, for time is our ally and our bodies temples we can each adore

Let's take it slow so that moment of ultimate release can be prolonged.

Let's take it slow and explore centimeter by centimeter the entirety of our bodies, relish in its warmth, scent, taste, feel.

Let's take it slow and kiss me everywhere, remind me why I chose you, make me forget that outside of this room there is a world.

Let's take it slow, I have no hurry in loving you, and you should have no hurry in making me yours

Let's take it slow, stir up all those memories from long ago.

Take it slow, for you are mine, and I am yours, and tonight nothing else is of our concern.

There is only our bodies, only our hands, only our hearts, only us, and our bed.