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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The kiss

It is my new found obsession and who can blame me?
Just like Juliet once asked Romeo "what's in a name" well now I tweak it a little and ask "what's in a kiss?" This brings me to conduct a thorough investigation on the meaning of a kiss and was not amazed at the many and various results found regarding the subject. For many who have found this subject, and physical act, to be as intriguing as it was to me, the meaning and the end result is different. Viewed from a scientific point of view, the act of kissing stimulates the part of the brain that releases a chemical called oxitocin and gives an overall sensation of happiness and well being. It also provokes the release of adrenaline, increases the heart rate, blood pressure and glucose in the blood. Scientists also ensure that kissing is the best medicine for depression. But you all know I could care less about what scientists think or the chemical release in the body. What I do care about is the reaction the body has due to those chemical releases, and the emotions, feelings, sensations, among other things, kissing causes in a person. Looking at it from an anthropological point of view, kissing has been used since the beginning of time as a casual hello among friends (with a kiss on one or both cheeks), as a sign of respect to high class and noble women (with a kiss on a hand), as a sign of tenderness (with a kiss on the forehead), as a sign of caring (a mother's kiss), as a sign of love ( a kiss on the lips for a timed moment) and as a sign on lust and passion (an elongated and heated kiss on the lips). These last two are the ones that keep me up all night, whether be it due to a memory, or due to a longing desire. In my minds eye (and in my lips surface) the kiss is defined as such: A kiss is the sum of all the emotions two people have felt for each other at any given moment. A kiss is the beginning of something as well as the ending of everything. A kiss is the unspoken language of the heart. A kiss, given in the right part of the body, at just the precise moment, with the right intention, pressure, and done by the right person, can be majestic. A kiss filled with all the wrong intentions can be devastating. A kiss is the secret weapon of a seductress. The one used before giving the final blow. A kiss is just pure magic, in it simplest, most wonderful form. A kiss is so powerful that it can make you feel all the emotions of the world, in just a brief moment,and it remains engraved in your memory forever. I loved the description a friend of mine and I gave to that first and never forgotten kiss: "The first kiss is never given with the mouth, but with a look, followed by the shy touch of unsure hands and at last with the coming together of the lips" The kiss is so sublime that it has become an art, a way of saying what the body and the heart wants to. And a kiss, by the right person, is, heaven. The taste of their mouth, the sensation of the warmth, the excitement it brings when the tongues meet, the rush felt through the body, the inability to breath properly, the weakness on the knees, and then... Nothing but the loud screams of two bodies begging to come together. A kiss is the beginning of it all. How about you? What's in a kiss for you? What is a kiss to you?

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas time

It's christmas time and I must confess I miss you. I miss your smile, your eyes, your warmth, your touch, but most of all I miss your kisses. Your perfect and always different kisses.
I miss the tender kisses while watching TV.
I miss the passionate kisses while making me burn.
The morning kisses while looking at me.
The rushed kisses while running to work.
The timeless kisses while holding my hand.
The encouraging kisses while cheering me on.
The pleading kisses after a senseless argument.
I miss the unforgettable kiss of love.

What time does to us. It erases the painful memories of sour times and it immortalizes the great moment of life, making each detail shine as bright as the northern star.

I miss our time together, our life together. Why was it that we parted? I can't really remember. My mind seems to play with me and discharge memories that may hurt, or maybe she and my heart are in conspiracy and decided to forgive as well as forget.


Merry christmas.

Wherever you are
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Friday, December 9, 2011

Wao! That is all I can say.

I wonder what it is that makes a person act so.. How can I say this without insulting them.. Nah I can't, so stupid sometimes!

So obviously I am not like many people as I have features that set me aside from my native group, and here I say native as I could be quite ordinary in another country, but then again, I was born and raised in DR. And what makes this funny is that while growing up I wished to be so much like the pretty little blond-big-brested-no-ass-and-no-personality-or-glamour kind of girl. Thank god I grew out of that.

But the point to this post is to talk about something interesting that happened to me. This guy (not dominican) comes up and starts talking to me, things are fine, he smiles, I smile, nice conversation, and then a third person comes along and I am occupied with something else, until I notice that he is talking about me (but not to me) to this other person, and he makes the question I am so used to hearing, but more, like I said before, because of my facial features and my skin color: "she is not from here right"? Here I am thinking that it was for the same reason as always, and obviously I reply: "born, raised and proud. Why?" Big mistake. Here is where I believe he made a fool out of himself, his reply: "you are so... Tall!"
Silence... I can't find what to say and maybe he noticed because he hurried to add more, but just continued to dig his grave deeper.
"You are also so well spoken, and educated, and tall!"
Yes he said it a second time. So in my mind I think "are you trying to compliment me or are you trying to say that my country is incapable of producing tall (maybe we come from midgets) educated (I know our education level is not the best, but come on!) And well spoken people?"

Since I am fairly new at my job I decide to just smile and hold my tongue not without saying first (I could not help my self) "that has to be weird right?" And the worst is he didn't get it and says "yes!"

So once more, wao!!!! Mind you he is from one of our neighboring central american countries.

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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ramdom thought for you

People will never understand how we came about or why we even stayed together, they will even condemn us for beating the odds and sticking together through adversity. They will criticize our way of life and will never approve.

But it's enough that we know why. It's enough that we see, feel the magic between us, and it's enough knowing the truth, that you and I share something that runs deeper than mere words of love, play of trust and deceit of faithfulness. We are us, and we understand that concept and accept it for what it is. Real.

Thank you for giving me the most wonderful gifts of all.

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I'm sorry mom

Dear mom:

I miss you so much.

I know things between us were not the best when I left and I am sorry for the way we parted, for the way I left things. I should have explained better, I should have given you more time. I know you were hurt and I could hear you crying as I went away, but I couldn't go back, I could not bring myself to turn around and stay. I am so sorry mom.

Dad speaks to me all the time, he told me how sad you were and how much you both miss me. It makes me sad to know I was the cause of your pain. My sister also spoke to me, I sent you a message with her, I hope she gave it to you. I wish I could have spent time with her.Can you please remind her I love her so much.

Please mom, I don't want you to be sad. I have sent you several messages with friends, with aunt Nadeshko, with Dad even with Grams. My sister seems to be a fine healthy baby, I am so happy for that and I know you are happy too. I really wish we could have spent more time together, but I had to go.

I know it has been a while since we spoke, but I wanted to tell you about this place. It is so wonderful, so beautiful, you would love it. It is a little quiet sometimes, but it is ok.

Don't be sad mom, soon we will be together again, I know it. Time here is not as over there, an entire life passes by in a blink of an eye, and I patiently wait for you.

You and dad and my little sis still have a lot to do over there. Don't worry, I can wait. Please tell dad I love him, and kiss my sister goodnight. Tell my aunt I love her so much, and that I am grateful for her support and the way she and dad took care of you after I left. Don't be scared if my sister mentions me again, it is me sending messages of love.

There is one last thing I want you to know. You will never be alone and I will always be by your side.

I love you mom.


My dear Angel, where are you?

My dear Fallen Angel:

It's been a while since I wrote to you. Sometimes I feel I only write when despair takes over me and my soul cries out. But today this is not the case.

I have thought about you constantly this past couple of weeks. Reason why I keep reaching out for you. I keep thinking about the rare connection we share, not sure how or why it happened, or why or how it still remains, even when being so far away.

I wonder sometimes if maybe you were God's gift to me, to let me know I am not alone; or maybe it was the other way around, who knows. What I do know is that I am grateful to have found you.

I wish I could talk to you more often, and not only through these occasional but meaningful lines. I would have thought that because of the time of the year you would have more time to spare. But I am not sure if you are truly time constrained or maybe just preparing yourself to be the Grinch this year, hiding from the joys of the world. Knowing you is more the second one. How I wish I could get you into the whole Christmas spirit, get you to laugh, to enjoy the wonders of a time of miracles. But being able to do that would be a miracle itself.

I have to confess that I also wonder every once in a while what would have happened if you were 10 years younger and I was… well, not so tangled in my own webs. But life is the way it is and we are both caught up in the webs we weaved ourselves. Our current situation is a result of our past actions.

I am not sorry for what I’ve done tough, far from it, I am at peace with myself for the decisions I have made and what I have accomplished. But like I have said before, you have an understanding of my soul and that is what makes me wonder.

If only life was as simple as a wish…

Maybe in another life, another time, it will be different.

Please don’t be a stranger to me.

Yours truly, but never really yours.

The black widos.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Taurus parade 2

What is it about a Taurus? The male species of Taurus makes the darkest, most kinky, so naughty side of me come out. And I just love it!

The neighbor: you seem to be inspired today.

Her: I am!

The neighbor: and who brought about this... Inspiration?

Her: another one of us.

The neighbor: I see. Your posts are a bit... Heated.

Her: I know!

The neighbor: I did not know you had it in you.

Her: you forget we are one of a kind.

The neighbor: are you implying I am that sexual?

Her: I am saying you are.

The neighbor: I guess I just didn't know you were. You hide it pretty well.

Her: I am a lady after all, in public that is. But it runs in my blood.

The neighbor: as it does in mine. And how are you in private? Sorry. Are all Tauru's this naughty?

Her: afraid so? And to answer your question, well, maybe not.

The neighbor: I would have never known, not by looking at you, and I looked. I knew the time you woke up and went to bed, but I never understood how was it that someone who lives alone wears so many clothes to bed.

Her: I took them off after I turned off the lights because I knew you were looking.

The neighbor: not fair.

Her: that's life.

The neighbor: can we meet?

Her: no.

The neighbor: why?

Her: because you are hunting and I am not about to be your prey.

The neighbor: I would never hunt you. You are like me.

Her: meaning I know your game.

The neighbor: exactly, and I bet you lay it better than most of us.


The writer: you owe me a massage.

Her: I owe nothing. My debts are paid.

The writer: true, I am the one in debt.

Her: yes you are.

The writer: I am looking to pay, if you are looking to collect.


The biker: meet me tonight, I want you.

Her: can't.

The biker: I miss you.

Her: I was never yours.

The biker: you were mine in a way.

Her: in no way.

The biker: still, I want to see you.

(Her: dear god!)

Phone rings.

The ambassador: hi

Her: hello! (Finally the taurus I want)

The ambassador: now?

Her: yes!

The ambassador: where?

Her: you know where.

The ambassador: how?

Her: take your time. Slow, sweet, then gradually, burn. You know exactly how.

The ambassador: I think I remember. Open.

Her: you're here?

The ambassador: the bull in me is calling. I have to set it free. by the way, are you wearing red?

Her: you know it!


Going through my writings I found this long forgotten one. Hope you like.

Him: do you believe in redemption?

Her: as in forgiveness of all past sins through repentment?

Him: something like that.

Her: why do you ask?

Him: you haven't answered.

Her: I know, neither have you.

Him: I'm just curious I guess.

Her: well in the spirit of curiosity then, I would have to say that for a person to truly repent for all past erroneous actions and redemption to occur, true awareness of such actions and a change of ways must first be present.

Him: spoken like a missionary of the gods.

Her: who knows, maybe I have been given the gift of vision and speech.

Him: if that is so, what do you see in me?

Her: a battered soul looking for a second chance.

Him: a second chance? Not redemption?

Her: like I said before, a person seeking redemption is truly sorry for past actions that lead to wrong doing.

Him: you think I am not.

Her: are you?

Him: not really. Not of all my past actions or wrongdoings that is, for some I am very grateful.

Her: how so?

Him: through some of those wrong doings I found what I now value the most and never thought I truly deserved.

Her: and what would that be?

Him: an angel sent from the heavens to guard over me and teach me about life and another sent before to teach me about love.

Her: sounds like you too have been blessed by the gods.

Him: or maybe cursed.

Her: why do you say that?

Him: because it is only now I realize how idiotic of me it was to let that first angel get away and risk loosing the second one.. All over again.

Her: you must be in a lot of pain.

Him: I was, but like I said, I believe in redemption.

Her: second chances in your case.

Him: I don't know about second chances.

Her: why not?

Him: not sure of she will give me one.

Her: why don't you ask her?

Him: will you give me a second chance?

Her: like I said before, there has to be real change.

Him: I am willing to work hard to show you there has been.

Her: I am a patient person, but I need to ask you something.

Him: yes?

Her: why now? Its been almost two years.

Him: because it took me this long to realize I love you more than life itself and I want to be with you.

Her: with me?

Him: yes you. And before you say it, it. Is not because of her, it is because of you. I found you first and then she came along, a blessing from God. But it is you, it has been you all along. Even if now is both of you.

Her: then I guess time and patience are our best friends now.

Him: I hope they are. I am not letting you go a second time.

Her: I hope they are too.