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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

If only I could...

Best friend: are you going to tell him?

Her: I don't know.

Best friend: sweetie...

Her: is not fair.

Best friend: I know.

Her: why can't I choose him?

Best friend: (silence)

Her: he is the perfect guy, he is sweet, he is smart, he loves me so much it hurts, he is the perfect guy. Why can't I choose him!

Best friend: you know why

Her: is not fair!!!!!

Best friend: I know.

Her: (crying) he deserves happiness

Best friend: so do you

Her: I should be able to choose him.

Best friend: you can't.

Her: why not?

Best friend: you know why.

Her: yeah, I do. (Still crying) is not him.

Best friend: you wrote the ending to this story long ago.

Her: so is that it? Is time to move on, right?

Best friend: he has to let you go, and you have to set him free, of you.

Her: I know.

Best friend: so, will you tell him.

Her: I think he already knows.

Best friend: yeah.

Her: yeah.
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Monday, November 14, 2011

My Dear Fallen Angel. The two within me.

My dearest Angel..

Help me.

I am slowly falling apart and I feel you are the only one I can reach to, or at least the only one that will understand and help me. My dear Angel, I am at war with myself. I feel as if there are two completely different people living inside of me, fighting to come out at the same time. At one time I am the sweet, tender person who is smiling all the time, looking at the brigh side of life, being hopeful, waiting, no.. not waiting, knowing that there is so much more than just this. Tha life is about so much more, things that I am yet to discover. Sometimes I am the person you feel so many things for.

Then there is that other person who is too tired and scared to even want to try and believe again. The one who has lost all hope in anything new, different and exciting coming along. The one who drags my dreams down to the center of hell itself and makes home of those dark places, the one who refuses and even turns away from those wonderful things the world has to offer. That person who refuses and rejects love, just because she is too afraid to get burned again.

Two people live inside of me, fighting to win a silent war that only I know the toll it will take. How do I spread peace through myself, how do I reconcile those beings and help them find a middle ground where they can both coexist in balance?

My dear Angel. You have a wisdom that many envy, and an understanding of my soul that few get to acquire, very few.

Maybe I am finally going crazy. Or maybe this pressure I feel in my chest is more than simple tiredness, the lump in my throat is more than just a mild depression, the fast beating of my heart is more than fear, yet I myself don't understand the signs my body gives me, the silent yet strong messages it sends me, my brain is uncapable of decoding the language of life.

My deat Angel you are my only hope.

Please, please


Yours Forever, but never really belonging to you

The Widow.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lustful, painful, thoughts

It must be the moon... or maybe that is just the excuse I use every time I get like this. When the blood seems to burn in my veins and there is a knot in the pit of my stomach and a current running through my legs and ending in one very central place. All this combined can only mean one thing: How much I want you.

Images of the two of us start conjuring up in my head, making me light headed, making my heart race, and that very central of my being become moist.

I think of you coming into my house and just as I open the door, stepping in with a hungry look in your eyes and your body hard as a rock from wanting. I think of you picking me up right in the spot and me wrapping my legs around your waist while, because of the impatience, you throw me in the couch (the room is too far) the need is too strong, the only thing driving you, and me as well, is lust, clouding our judgement and only allowing us to see each other, to feel our bodies, to taste our mouths and to hear our moans of pleasure.

A moan from deep inside escapes me and dies in my throat, making you want me even more. Even though you can barely think, something in you says "slowly, enjoy her, you don't know when the chance will come again" so you pull back, just a bit, and just enough to allow your self, to slowly and with steady, strong hands, unbutton my shirt, one button at a time, driving me wild every time your fingers barely touch my skin. You take it off and just stare for a moment at my breasts, small in comparison to most women, but like always you find a way to make me feel perfect, "just perfect" you say, and as if impossible my heart beat increases and the hunger in your eyes as well, now is more like a burning fire. As if enchanted you slowly bring your head down to one of my breast and kiss it, the suck on it ever so gently and arousing at the same time, you take the nipple and nibble at it, sending shock waves trough my body, making me wet. You let go of that one but choose not to ignore the other one, repeating the process and a low moan comes out of my mouth, this time not suppressed.

You pull back and this time your eyes are dark, mine as well, I am gasping, but I want more, and it is evident by the visual pressure in your pants you do too. I take advantage of the situation and turn things around, taking control. I stand and put myself in front of you while changing our positions so that now you are the one lying with your back on the couch. Here a triumphant half smile curves my lips and I slowly start taking your shirt off, making sure I caress your chest, just lightly. When I finally do take it off I just delight in seeing you, and tasting you. I start at your mouth, then slowly go down to your neck, your chest, I fist run my fingers through it and then kiss it all. But I do not stop there. I stand up and you try to do the same, but I press a hand to your chest pining you down to the couch, and signal for you to just watch. I start unbuttoning my pants and let them fall to the floor and I stand in front of you with nothing but a red-lace boy short. I immediately see your reaction, and I smile, more broadly. I lean over to kiss you, it was supposed to be a light, playful kiss, but you pull me in, make me spread my legs on either side of you, so I can feel your erection, and my.. what an erection it is.

I can't help it and I start moving against it, against you. You moan and grab my ass to try and keep me controlled, or maybe you are trying to keep yourself controlled. It does not seem to be working. In a move more out of desperation than desire, you grab my ass, pull me up and turn me around in the air, so now I am the one lying in the couch. And then... you  of are making your way south my body. Kissing every part that leads to that moist, wet, sensitive center of me. You take my panties off and grab me by the waist to lift me up to the level of your mouth....

Ok, that was enough.. phew!! let's leave it at that for now. If you want more, just use your imagination and complete the scene.\

Until later,

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Confessions from the fallen one.

Her: So? How's heaven?

The fallen one: You know I've never been there... You're the closet to heaven that I've ever seen.....

Her: Isn't that a line from a song?

The fallen one: Yeah, But you can tell everybody that this is your song

Her: (blushes) That would make you an angel then. You haven't written to me in a while

The fallen one: a fallen one

Her: Still and angel. In essence.

The fallen one: I know..... I do miss you all the time, though

Her: You never truly say it

The fallen one: But I do

Her: I know

The fallen one: Being close to you is a soul-shaking experience and I don't want to add any complications to your life. I may already be a fallen angel, but every time I'm near you, I fall in so many other ways. I do read from time to time to at least find a little bit of you

Her: That really got to me

The fallen one: I do think about the end of the story you said I should write so long ago.'s been that long and you still get to me. Why is that?

Her: I don't know, I really don't.

The fallen one: So what were you going to tell me the other day?

Her: I was?

The fallen one: About being free

Her: I don't remember

The fallen one: So how is everything going?

Her: I went back to basics. Feels better somehow

The fallen one: But then I miss it

Her: It will eventually get to you.

The fallen one: Are you working?

Her: Unfortunately

The fallen one: How sad

Her: I know

The fallen one: That sucks

Her: Well that doesn't, but I know other things that do.

The fallen one: Hmmmm. Vacuum cleaners, for instance?

Her: That is exactly what I mean

The fallen one: I thought so. Tootsie pops

Her: Jajajajajajajjaajaj

The fallen one: Wish I had one

Her: A tootsie pops?

The fallen one: So I can see how many licks it takes to get to the center

Her: Oh wao. Its been a while since I heard that

The fallen one: Its been awhile since I've had one

Her: Are we still talking about a tootsie?

The fallen one: Sure

Her: For some reason I think there is some underlying meaning to some of the things you say. Especially
when it comes to sucking and licking and all those things

The fallen one: And you would be right. Somehow..

Her: we will leave it at that... For now.

The fallen one: agreed... For now...

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Friday, November 11, 2011

The way I... Love you...

I never thought it possible, never thought it real, but as it stands it is more real than life itself. The need that drives, the desire that controls us, blinds us, empties our minds and takes over our bodies. Lust, wanting, longing.

It creates in us that need to see, smell, touch, taste and enjoy, each part of that other person, from top to bottom. IT is the tortured enjoyment we get on taking things slowly. It is the twisted pleasure I get out of driving you crazy by taking my time.

But please don't blame me for it and don't condemn me either. You would do the same.

Slowly, starting at your clothes, taking piece by piece out to have each part of your body revealed, as to please my sight with the many shapes that build you. Those hard lines, those tight squares in your stomach, that straight.. humm well, you know.

Then, with the same patience taking my time to feel the outline of all those shapes. To run my fingers through each part of your face as if to memorize it, but secretly giving my hands a feast. Touching you, outlining your lips, caressing your neck, your chest, your arms, moving south to grasp and feel the texture of... Yes...

At last, after giving 4 of my senses the liberty to enjoy you, I give free reign to the one that I will enjoy the most, to taste you... To feel your lips on mine and savor the taste of them. To kiss your neck, your chest, to lick your fingers, and as I move down, taking in every part of your body, to finally be able to suck in that very sensitive, big, hard part of you that makes my mouth watery just thinking about it. To taste your essence. Sigh!

I love working my senses, especially where you are involved.

Until we meet.
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Monday, November 7, 2011

Unexpected things or shit happens

These are the feelings of a woman in love, who knows how hard is to love by her own....
After all these years, i must say that i love you......You already know this, don't you?
Have you ever felt so frustrated with life, specially the part that's called love????...........
I heard from your lips, the reason that you gave me came to me like cold water in the coldest of winters I could have ever imagined.....then I feel the need of running far away from you, so I can forget about you and everything that happened between us..........

How can you possibly understand what I´m talking about?? have you ever felt like this before??      
Now, after a few months, or maybe after so many years,  the only reason that was supposed to separate us it´s gone, long gone by now.................
I´m wondering if at that time your reason was just an excuse, the truth or you were just scared as hell about what I had told you...... 
The fact is that there's no reason anymore, and I´m somewhat confused now.......................
There are things that begin, things that must end, things that lasts forever and there are others are just temporary..........
I want you to understand that I love you, and right now i don't know what to do.............
I know  now that I don't have a chance with you, I tell that to myself everyday but, there's always a but in the middle when it comes to people, BUT there are times when I don't think about......

You like that, in the way i love you i mean,  and there other times that those feelings come back to me and possessed me, blowing my mind and driving me crazy..........
I never felt this way before about anyone, when I´m near to you I can feel how our energy explodes, the wildness in our kisses,  the chemistry of our bodies,  you take my very soul, the warm of our bodies is so exciting and the way you make me fly so high, It´s something that I cannot deny, not even what your eyes tell me when you look at me, what your arms
tell me when you hold me, i cannot describe how lovely it feels, its something uncontrollable and you know it, because i know that you feel it too............................
Is this the nightmare or fairy tales? this could be my fairy tale if you just want it or try it at least, cause it seems like you love me too, but when you realize that you are getting emotional you walk away, you hide and act like if nothings happened, I´m the one who understands that emotions are complicated, cause i am the one who mixed things between us,and that's why I can tell you for sure this is my nightmare...........................

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A possible farewell?

From Evernote:

Some random thouhts

It is said that when some thing are about to come to an end you are able to sense it and it is even noticeable in your demeanor, the way you talk, walk, look even the way you approach things, it all changes.

I believe this to be true. I saw it in his face right before he took the desicion that would finally give him that long desired peace. I saw it in the faces of all those who stood by my side watching that old friend wave goodbye on that final day. And now, whether by desire or by certanty, i feel it once more crawling inside, and i see the looks of others as i feel the walls closing in, and the door shutting slowly. Could it be my turn to leave? Is the final chapter  of this long and dramatic story really being written? Is it finally time to move on? To willingly defy gravity?

Oh i hope so, because this time i am ready to leap.