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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Selective amnesia?

Best friend: umm I am sorry but who is he again?

Her: he is one of the guys.

Best friend: which guys?

Her: mike's friends.

Best friend: ok...

Her: you know, he is one of the group. The engineer, mike, the lawyer, the singer, him.

Best friend: am I supposed to remember him?

Her: well, he was always some kind of ghost. Came in and out, was never really there all the time.

Best friend: maybe that is why. Is there anything special about him that I should remember?

Her: wao! That was so...

Best friend: so what?!

Her: so, now-a-days-teenager.

Best friend: are you calling me plastic?

Her: never!

Best friend: sarcasm?

Her: always!
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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

For my BW

From the desk of my beloved Fallen Angel, whom has proven to have a wonderful memory.

Him: So what was the deal with the nice eyes today? Don't worry, I noticed...
Her: So you did not like it?  I can always stop you know and just ignore you.....
Him: Of course I liked it.....
Her: but….
Him: but what? You are killing me with those legs. Of course you can always stop and just ignore me........
.......but what fun would that be?
Her: I'm hunting. Care to be the prey?
Him: If you think you can catch me. Just remember to be very careful that the hunter doesn't become the prey! I have a tendency to bite.
Her: not that I would mind!
Him: I'll even let you pick the spot.
Ever see something sitting around and it looks so delicious that you just want to eat it all right away...or at least nibble on it for a long time?

Yeah, me too. I'll show you sometime.

You know something? It's not easy standing out there talking to you and looking at your lips. I seem to lose my train of thought for a minute or two.

God I say way too much!

Her: Or maybe you don't say enough! And I know exactly what you mean. I seem to pass by you more often now. I really have to stop that!
Now you need to behave today, remember I am at work, wouldn't want to prevent me from focusing and ending up with unfinished tasks, right? Because then I would have to make up a pretty good excuse as to why I did not complete them. And I can't blame it on you.
Him: I am behaving! It's not my fault that you can't stay focused on your job because you are thinking so hard about how hard I was last night and jow much better it will be together.....That's not my fault at all.

Get your stuff done! I'll sit around and think of you in the meantime.

Her: You are so mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Him: I try...
A Day or Two Later
Him: I feel way too comfortable with you. You got a lot more from me last night than you bargained for, didn't you?

Let's catch up face to face, or in whatever positions we can think of, very soon.
Her: I did get more than I bargained for, and enjoyed every bit of it. at a point my mouth was watery.
I agree and in any and every position that pops
Him: I'm sure we can even come up with some positions that haven't even popped into our minds.
Her: Behave!
Him: here is some lady running around selling roses and all I can think about is you. I'm pretty screwed up, aren't I?

Love the skirt. Was planning all kinds of things with those slowly untying them with me teeth....
Her: First of all yes you are very screwed up but it's nice to know that roses remind you of me, they are my fav especially dark prince.

Second of all, today I was wondering what would be the piece of clothing that would drive you totally up the wall.

Any ideas..?
Him: The piece of clothing that would drive me totally up the wall? That's kind of a difficult question to answer. What you wore today had its effect, that's for sure...especially when you were sitting there in front of me, with just a hint of your thigh showing.
I'm not overly crazy about things that are supposed to appear too sexy, because if you have to try that hard to be sexy, than you're really not...although it may be fun for you to wear something just for the sake of getting to tear it off of you.
Her: I would love to wait for you and engage in another of those very hot and kinky conversations, but alas you have worn me out. Let's see each other tomorrow and hopefully steal a kiss at some point. I would love to see the effect that would have on you.
Him: and I would love to show you...let's sneak away and steal that kiss tomorrow...
The Day After
Him: How is your body feeling?
Her: Exhausted. The massage was great, but I am still beat!!!! Tempted to go down again.. to the house!!
Are you the one running now? I don't bite... hard...
Him: Like I said. Sometimes the hunter really does become the prey. But don't let that fool you, 'cause I'm tempted to go down again too.....again and again.... and I'm not talking about a house!!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Dear Widow

My dearest widow, allow me to borrow some words to express what I feel on this letter.

In a man's letters you know, Madam, his soul lies naked, his letters are only the mirror of his breast, whatever passes within him is shown undisguised in its natural process. Nothing is inverted, nothing distorted, you see systems in their elements, you discover actions in their motives. ~Samuel Johnson

...would love to write to you.

Yours truly

Your fallen angel
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Memories from the night before

It had been an excellent night and she was still enjoying the aftermath of the ectasy she had been in when she hears a "ping" (new chat message)

Mike: Hey, where can I send you something I want you to read right now?

Her: ummm, Good morning...

Mike: good morning again.

Her: it wasn't that early when you left.

Mike: I bed to differ. I came straight to work.

Her: That is because you have a screwed up schedule

Mike: it allows me to leave earlier and spend more time with you.

Her: Only that I get out later than you.

Mike: ok, then it gives me more time for OT. Anyways, I want to send you something.

Her: send it to my gmail. What is it?

Mike: You will see.

Two minutes later she hears"pong" and a message that says "new email message" she opens it up and starts reading. 

"Ahhhh, she moans...

I bite her neck again, this time strongly....


I can see her back, the shapely body, nice black, round apple shaped but.

I want to eat you alive, I say"

(her heart starts racing as she continues reading)

"She  turn around and smile at me

It is that a promise? 

I can't take it no more, my body is on fire from lust.

I kiss her, my lust must show in my face, because she is smilling.

We move, kissing to the bed.

Did you buy them?

Yes, I say....

I kiss her, this time, ending the kiss with a small bite to her lips."

(she starts getting nervous)


I kiss her breast, licking her niples.

I can feel her trembling

I love when you do that, she say.

I smile, knowing.

I want you to spread your legs.

She look at me, smiling and slowly, spread her legs.

You must understand, she have long legs, beautiful legs.

This is what you wanna me to do? She say, as her legs are fully spread. I can see her.

As I move down, I say, I will make you cum, hard...

As I start to lick, I hear her moan...

Aahhhhh.... she lick her lips, her hips start to move...

I hear her is that a promise?  

I lick and suck harder....AHHH....

I never responded."

Going back to the chat

Her: You know, you could have warned me

Mike: why?

Her: because!!!! Thank God I have dark skin!!

Mike: why?

Her: because if not I would have given myself away, not to mention that it was hard enough for me to keep a traight face!

Mike: was it that hard?

Her: I don't know, you tell me. Was it... hard?

Mike: you should see now.

Her: ok, time to stop, I have to work.

Mike: I am don't have you tied up...yet.

Her: Later!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Sexual harassment policy

Only in call centers

So we know that sexual harrasment is a policy in many work places. In some places there is a no sexual harrasment policy, and in others there is a "no sexual harrasment policy". Everyone that has worked in a call center knows that the second "policy" is the one that really applies, but there is really no confirmation of whether it happens on not. We see it, but it is "never there"

Now the highest percentage of harrasment is always from men to women, right? WRONG. and I know a story that poves this to be true. 

Boss Lady: (aproaching her "star" supervisor form the back and getting close enoguh to his neck that he can feel her breath) So I know you are mad..

Supervisor: (almost jumping out of his chair and thinkign to himself "WTF" while looking at her sideways)

Boss Lady: (looking at him with what she thinks is a flirtatious look but to him it is more as if she has a crazy eye) Listen, there are going to be a lot of changes here but I want you to be on my side. I NEED you to be on my side.

Supervisor: listen, you are the boss, you already expressed your point yesterday, and like you said this WILL affect my team, but mostly me.

Boss Lady: you are the best supervisor and the most realiable, I need you to stand behind me, to have my back. (whispering) or more than that if you want to.

Supervisor: I am sorry BOSS, but this is not really convenient for me (take the hint)

Boss Lady: (sexy tone) what can I do to make you happy.

Supervisor: Boss, I will comply with what you are asking from me, but with this pittiful payroll I am unable to make it.

This is where things really get interesting

Boss Lady: well, why don't we meet after work, you know in a place where we can be more confortable, maybe have a couple of drinks and discuss this in private. 

Supervisor: (wide eyes) 

Boss Lady: listen, I am going into my office right now, and there is no one else there, and they won;t be for another hour, if you want to continue talking in private fell free to come in and close the door behind you.

Supervisor: (still wide eyed and lookind sideways)

Boss Lady: (walking away)

Best friend: (approaching supervisor) You know all she wants to do in her office is feel you up, right?

Supervisor: How the hell did you know what she was talking about?

Best friend: she had the crazy eye.

Supervisor: Dude, she is crazy!

Best friend: no, she is horny and she wants you. Question is, what are you going to do?

Supervisor: Honestly, I am considering filing a sexual harrasment complaint.

Best friend: she is the boss lady, really?

Supervisor: (sigh)

Best friend: just, breathe.

Supervisor: and take her sexual insinuations?

Best friend: that, or find another job.

Supervisor: I already updated my resume...

Sunday, September 11, 2011


All it takes in one person, one word, one minute, and just like that, that one thing can shatter all your dreams and hopes.

Mom: I get the feeling you two are going to get back together

Her: Why?

Mom: because you have mentioned him more than three times.

Her: and that automatically means that we are together.

Mom: In your case, maybe.

Her: would that be so bad?

Mom: He is not for you.

Her: no one is ever for me.

Mom: I don't want to intrude.

Her: you already did.

Mom: people don't change.

Her: That is what I call vote of confidence.

Mom: He is a selfish person, he does not add anything to you, he is not the type of person you can carry an inteligent conversation with, with him you can't go to a gala with, you can't do things.

Her: you mean, I can't pose a society person.

Mom: you know that is not what I mean.

Her: I actually don't know what you mean.

Mom: he is not for you.

Her: and like I said before, no one will ever be.

Mom: you need to be with someone who is at your level

Her: and here I thought I needed to be with someone who made me happy and took care of me.

Mom: people don't change.

Her: I did.

Mom: honey...

Her: no, is ok. Let's just drop it.

Why is it so hard to please some people? When did being ok in society's eye overcome being happy? When did intelect (not wisdom) become the reason for two people to be together? And why do I feel like I am
constantly disapointing you?

Best friend: Did you tell her?

Her: what?

Best friend: how you felt.

Her: what for?

Best friend: so she can know!!!!

Her: and start a new battle? I am tired of fighting with her.

Best friend: so what, you are just going to let her get in your head and throw this opportunity away?

Her: I don't know what I am going to do, but I know I am going to try and continue enjoying it.

Best friend: did you tell him?

Her: no

Best friend: you have to.

Her: and again, what for? To make things between him and her so unconfortable that I will again feel as if I am forced to choose? no, I am tired, I don't have the strengh nor desire to start these battles. She will always be the person who is so afraid of everything that will say things in a way she may not mean but still comes across as such, she will always be the person who will find fault in everyone, she will always be the person who would preffer for me to be always single or become lesbian, she will always be the person who will try to fix what she considers mistakes and regrets through me. And I will always be the person who will do things wrong, even when I feel them right.

Best friend: and as long as you say nothing, you will always be the person who settled, but not for a guy, but for the opinion her mother held of the world. You will always be the person who is afraid of letting her down, but refuses to live up to her own expectations and desires.

Her: I can't do this anymore. I need to keep the strengh I have for those other battles I will have to fight in a future.

Best friend: you will let yourself wither and become bitter.

Her:  (silence)

Best friend: sweetie?

Her: Let it go...

Best friend: like always...