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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

The hunter being hunted...

 It was had been a long and exhausting day and the only good thing about the end of it was the promise of a good night. The beast in her was dying to come out, so show her true self that night, she was eager to hunt and be hunted, and she intended to do everything in her power for it to happen. Like usually when in that state, she dressed to kill. With her slim body, chocolaty skin (that she knew made men want to taste her), her dark eyes, he long dark hair, her long shaped legs, and a round ass that went perfectly with her body, she decided for a black, short fitted dress that outlined all her curves and showed enough skin to tease the guys. The completion of the outfit was the shoes, 4 inch golden stiletto heels and the makeup that would outline her eyes, always in the lookout for her next prey.
She felt sensual, like a cat, walking with all the majesty that her body would portray. She was in her element.

She went to the bar where she knew he would be, waiting for her. She went in with the hopes of seeing him, like always sitting at the bar, with a glass of scotch in his hand, but he was not there. Disappointed, though she would never admit it even to herself, she sat at the bar and ordered a drink, a shot, tequila. It was her favorite; she loved the way the liquid would burn as it went down her throat. After that first drink she scanned the place ready to select another victim, when she felt a warm breath on her neck and a low, manly voice say "hi there, sorry I am late" and then a kiss on that spot.

She smiled, not even bothering to turn around, as she knew. Only that now he turned things around and she was the prey, not him. Loving the game she decided to make it more interesting, what would happen if she tried to regain control? But he seemed to be one step ahead of her.

-You look...

He did not finish that sentence on purpose, but instead gave her a look that left no room for mis interpretations. But she wanted to play, like a kitty with mice.

-I look?

With a devilish smile on his face and his eyes dark as the night he got closer to ear.


She then turned around to face him and saw how his eyes wondered over her body, stopping and her legs while licking his tongue.

-You don't look bad yourself.

Actually he looked to die for; he had this bad boy look, which she loved so much. With a goatee and a recently shaved head, fitted jeans, but not tight (with all the right parts being outlined and all the right parts being loose) and a red shirt that made his tanned skin shine. Unknowingly she licked her lips as if savoring his mere presence and he noticed the move, picked up on it and then traced her lips with his finger. She wasn't sure anymore who was hunting who, but she was not going to let him take control over her so easily. No matter how tempting it was.

-You're not taking anything tonight?

-What I want is not on the menu.

She stood his gaze but was left speechless for a moment. How was it that he was able to play her game so well? She had to admit, he was as good a hunter as she was, but she had the upper hand in this game as she knew how to push his buttons and take him to the limit.

She slowly caressed his arm with the tip of her nails and leaning forward, almost just so he could feel her warmth.

-And what exactly is it that you want?

He took advantage of the position she was in and how close she was and grabbed her neck so that she would not be able to move and he could speak directly into her ear while smelling her hair and taking in her scent.

-You know very well what I want.

She stood up, slowly, getting so close to him their bodies were almost one, putting her hands on his chest and speaking so close to his mouth it was almost a kiss.

-So why don't you take it?

His eyes turned darker and she saw pure passion and desire reflected in them. He did not kiss her; he kept her there and put one hand on her lower back, making sure she felt him, all of him. The other hand buried in her hair, he stood her gaze for several seconds.

That moment was, to say the least, electric. The connection between them and the sparks they created was so intense that people started to notice and look at them. Words were not necessary, for they both knew that it was time for them to leave the bar and just give in into the lust, into that passion that consumed them. With her hearts beating to the point of almost leaving their chests, they silently walked to the car and as he closed her door she knew that tonight, she had fallen prey to his hunting. At least, for now...

Sunday, August 21, 2011


People often say that love drives us, love pushes us to do things, and to a certain point is true. But there is another four letter word that manages to own us and make us do all sort of impossible things, fear
Fear is what makes us say things we really don’t mean to the person we care about the most just because we don’t want them to leave us. The fear of being rejected makes us turn away from what could be the greatest thing ever. The fear of getting hurt, will never allow us to open up to the one that is giving their heart to us. The fear of being alone makes us choose the wrong person and stay with them because it is convenient. The fear of loosing the one we love makes us act in the most absurd way. Fear of life crawls under our skin and moves us in every direction. And it all starts with one expierence which marks us so that 
we measure every possible situation by the results of that first time.

I confess I am afraid. Afraid that I will never see you again. Afraid of getting hurt once more. Afraid of once again being invissible to someone. I am afraid that my head and my heart will never come together and make peace with each other. I am afraid that I may not be enough. But mostly I am afraid of me getting in the way of my own happiness just because I refuse to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I know you are afraid too. I know the reason you run and hide under the eternal silence or a non existent war is because you are afraid of being abandoned once more, and being hurt by the one you choose. You are afraid of being forgotten, so you choose to run first, to forget first, to turn your back first. I don’t blame you, and I don’t condemd you for it. I actually undertand you. I have been there, maybe I still am. But fear blinds us, and makes us forget that the reason we are here is to love and be loved, to enjoy life in a way that only caring for others will let us discover how wonderful this can be. If we close ourselves up because of fear, we will never experience true miracles, we will stop believing.

I never want to stop believing in magic, in miracles, I want to continue living it every day of my life. I want to continue experiencing the wonders this world, and maybe other, have to offer me.

So what do you say? Will you let go of your fears, and join me in this adventure?

If the answer is yes, you must know, it wont be easy, it wont be always wonderful, but I promise you, it will be worth it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Conversations with myself.

-Do you think I should do it?

-No, but you are not going to listen to me anyways.

-Will it hurt if I do.

-sigh! You know the answer to that question.

-I don’t want to do it.

-So why are you?

-Because it is not enough.

-Have you told him?

-My words seem to fall on deaf ears.

-How do you know? Has he answered?

-No, and that is the reason why.

-I still don’t think you should do it.

-It should not be this hard.

-and why do you think it is?

-Too much bagage.

-On his end?

-On both ends.

-Don’t do it.

-I want more. One day is not enough any more.

-than tell him.

-I have.


-He just doesn’t have time.

-For anything?

-For me.

-That is not true, he tells you how much he misses you.

-He does tell me…

-What are you not saying?

-Sometimes, we need more than words.

-You really have thought this through.

-Many times.

-What are you going to do?

-I don’t know.

-I thought you did.

-I really have nothing figured out, I just know it is not enough. It either is or is not. And right now, it’s 

-The answer will come to you.


-Just breath.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Dear Nadeshko

I find myself in this place again where I am my own worst enemy. I want to move on yet the fear takes over and I find that I am loosing the battle. The fear of pain is taking over. It's a known pain, I have felt it, I have lived it, and though I have survived it, everytime I have gone through it, it has taken a piece of me with it. I want to keep it, but i also want to run from it, never be open to it again, but the posibility of loneliness scares me even more.

What am I to do? How am I to fight off my biggest and strongest contender? How am I to stop myself from destrying what may be great?

I asked for their advised. You know what their answer was? Don't make any rushed choices, think before you act, and just hold one a little more, it will be fine. But I am so scared. I am scared of getting hurt, I am scared of  loosing it, I am scared of not being enoguh for it. But to be honest with you, I am more scared of keeping it. Of being seen for what I truly am, and then for being rejected for it, or worse, for being loved and accepted because of it.

I dweel in the shadows of uncertanty. How am I to survive this? How am I to survive me?

Girls can always have fun

It was late, she was working with her cousin, he was recording the segment for the TVshow he contributes to. She was dressed to kill, as she usually did for these type of things, allowing her never ending legs show, her hair loose, her lips painted the color of sin, her eyes outlined and heels that made her look even taller and more stylish. She felt sexy and she oozed confidence. She didn't notice him when he walked through the door, but he noticed her.

Him: Now look at that. Fancy seeing you here.

Her: (turning, surprised after recognizing the voice) I could say the same thing.

Him: (hugging her) it's been a while.

Her: Indeed it has. How have you been?

Him: Good, doing my thing.

Her: still doing music?

Him: you know that is what I love the most.

Her: that and women.

Him: Can you blame me? they are my muse. especially if they look like you do in that dress.

Her: I bet they are. And many other things as well.

Him: well well, you have developed a sharp tongue.

Her: (half smile) amongst other things.

Him: (laughs) what brings you here?

Her: boredom, the promise of alcohol and my cousin.

Him: I can help you with the first two. If your husband is not around that is.

Her: nice way of asking if I am married. And the answer is no.

Him: neither am I, never been. But that does not mean you are not with someone.

Her: not at the moment.

Him: so you are single.

Her: I never said that.

Him: I wonder what else you have developed, or what your holding back on.

Her: that is for me to know and for you to find out... if I let you.

Him: and why wouldn't you? We already know each other since some years back.

Her: and precisely becuase I know you since all those years back is why I say what I say. You are after all a male whore.

Him: such harsh words. Why not say better that I am a female lover.

Her: That is one way of putting it.

Him: I can put it many other ways.

Her: oh, you're good.!!!

Him: for someone to acknowledge that from that comment, they have to be as good as me.

Her: I don't know what you're implying.

Him: I think you do.

Her: (smiles and looks at him)

Him: when did you become so bad?

Her: when I realized I looked this good in dresses like this, that I was this smart and had more fun being this way. What about you?.

Him: When I realized women like you liked men like me.

Her: not all of use sweetie. So don't be so fast to blow your own horn.

Him: So can I blow something else then?

Her: (raises and eyebrow)

Him: besdes you have liked me for years.

Her: and yet I still haven't succumbed to your charms.

Him: you will.

Her: and what makes you so sure?

Him: the fact that you're still talking to me.

Her: you misunderstand darling. I am merely being polite to you because we have known each other for years. Besides I told you boredom brought me here.

Him: wao! you almost fooled me there. You have really worked hard to master the art.

Her: The art of what?

Him: of being a Bitch.

Her: well, you started me on this path.

Him: how am I to blame?

Her: you were my teacher, remember? and besides you were the one to give me the nickname by which you call me these days. I am just living up to your expectationss.

Him: I find it enticing.

Her: interesting. Only you would say that.

Him: Give me your number.

Her: what for? you are not going to call and if you do I am not going to pick up.

Him: Let me be the one to decide if I will call or not, and then you can decide to pick it up or not.

Her: Sure. Here it is. You love these games, don't you?

Him: They are what make all this fun.

Her: see you when, and if I do.

Him: Give me a hugh before you leave. But a real one.

Her: (getting closer to him, very close, so close that she could feel him, all of him) is this real enough for you?

Him: not at all (whispering in her ear) what would make it real, would be having you naked in my bed.

Her: (whispering back in his ear, almost a hiss) you can alwways dream darling. (kissing him on the neck, and just turning away, leaving him there, standing)

Him: (to himself) some dreams come true babe, and I will make sure this one does. Until then.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What have I become

When did I become so careful? When did I become so quiet? When did I become someone else, unknown even to me? When did I stop talking to those who mattered?

I know the answer to that one, when I felt they stopped listening and started asking myself, what is the point? I became quiet when I felt they wanted me to listen and not talk, when I felt I said too much of me, when I heard nothing but my own voice, when I was the one interested in knowing, but no one showed interest in me.

I stopped being me when I felt invisible to the world. When I felt used, and I allowed it.

And then, I became careful when pain became my best friend and tears my eternal companions. I have learned to guard myself very well.
Only problem is, I can't find my way back to trust.

can you help me? Please?
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Sunday, August 7, 2011

It all stays with Family

So once more I dwell in the complications of the male mind and am completely awed and shocked by what I find. This time another male acquaintance sheds his immense wisdom and experiences with us. Please don't judge him… much…

Her: So I have a question for you, where did you meet your wife?

The elder: the current one?

Her: (thinking for a second as she thought this wife was the only one he had) ummm, yes, the current one.

The elder: at school.

Her: oh, so you've known each other since school?

The elder: no, I met her when she was finishing school.

Her: oh, I understand, and how long ago was that.

The elder: two years ago.

Her: uhh (confused face) How old is your wife?

The elder: 19

Her: (mouth dropping) how old are you again?

The elder: 46, why?

Her: you could be her father.

The elder: but I am not, I am her husband.

Her: and how did you meet her?

The elder: through my step mom, we met when I used to date her.

Her: date who?

The elder: My step mom.

Her: uhhh, wait, you used to date your step mom?

The elder: yes!

Her: and she is now with your father?

The elder: yes.

Her: and how did you meet your step mom?

The elder: through her sister.

Her: uhhhh, and this was when…?

The elder: after I had ended things with my stepmom's sister, I started dating her, then we ended things, and she started dating my father and then she introduced me to my current wife.

Her: uh! I see. (with all the sarcasm in the world) so it all stays in the family?

The elder: yes!

Her: (to herself) if this was a graphic Condorito Novel, this is the part where I would go "Plop"

Friday, August 5, 2011

Girl talk part 3

Best friend: so, how does it feel to be the off limits girl?

The dentist: who is the off limits girl.

Her: (with a sigh and a dry tone) I am.

The doctor: according to whom?

Best friend: according to the geek.

The rocker: but aren't you with sexy back.

Her: I am.

The prude: so what does the geek have to do with all this?

Her: she was at his house and for some reason I can't understand they were talking about me.

Best friend: hey, he started it.

The dentist: why?

Best friend: we were talking about the time she met the geeks cousin.

The doctor: the one with the low voice and the huge... Heart?

Her: jajajajaj, yes, him.

The prude: wait, how did you know he had a huge... Heart?

Best friend: there are tales.

Her: the guy is a legend.

The doctor: I am single!

Her: he is married!

The dentist: so you never confirmed the theory?

Her: I was dating the geek!!!

The dentist: not even after you guys broke up? I mean, it has been how many years?

Best friend: 5, but who's counting?

Her: I was off limits, and apparently still am.

The prude: but how did you come to that conclusion.

Best friend: while I was at the geeks house, his cousin called and they started talking about her...

Her: (sarcastically) how nice!

Best friend: anyways, a comment was made.

The dentist: what comment?

Best friend: if the geek would be mad if he (the cousin) slept with her, at which the geek just went red in the face and said all sorts of curse words to his beloved cousin.

The rocker: for real?!

The doctor: and then they say they are not dogs.

The dentist: it has been 5 years, why would he care. Unless...

Best friend: my thoughts exactly!

Her: wao! And then they say I think like a guy?! And leave it at that!

Best friend: oh shut up, sexy back has turned you into a girl!

The dentist: that is not a bad thing.

The rocker: I agree with the dentist.

The prude: I agree also and am happy for her, not to mention that she is having sex left and right and looks happier. Are you swallowing by the way?

All: woaaaaaa

Her: listen to the prude!!!! Again, you are such a hypocrite, and no, I have not had the chance to swallow.

The dentist: poor baby, can't get him to come?

Her: not really, he comes at will, and I mean that. Sting and tantric sex? Nothing to envy.

The doctor: no wonder she goes on all nighters.

The rocker: wao, for real.

Her: oh yeah, Sting's wife, eat your heart out!

The prude: wao, if only.

The dentist: what are you talking about, you have broken 3 beds already.

Best friend: at least you can visit her and sit on her couch without thinking twice about it.

The doctor: says the one who's walls are tainted.

The rocker: says the one who's car you had to take to the car wash before driving.

Her: and that is said by the one who's house you have to call before showing up. Guess we all have our faults.

The dentist: faults? We are just fucking maniacs who love it too much to let one day go by without even a quickie or a blow job!

All: amen to that sister!
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