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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Trying new things: to the extreme

Many thanks to Mr Big for this view of trying new things.

Him: come on guys is that what you call a battle, you can do better than this, that troll is going to eat you alive!
(gathered at the Pinto's house at 2 am, playing D&D and rolling dices, phone rings)

The freak: (In a low sexy voice) what are you doing?

Him:(to the guys)  Roll, roll!!!!! (to her) Here, playing.

The freak: where are you?

Him: The pinto's. (To the guys) are you going to let them do that!!!?!!!!

The freak: I am coming over.

Him: aja!
(the guys look at him inquiring, his response, shrugs)

Ten minutes later the Intercom rings.

The freak: Open.

He goes over and leaves the door open for her to come in, while still concentrating on the game.
Two minutes later they hear this high pitched laughter from two girls that enter the house and go onto the room where you can still hear laughter but it dims out. For a minute there the guys all look up with inquiring looks in their faces. The freak walks in wearing a long coat, kisses him on the lips and goes onto the room where the other two girls were.

The pinto: ummmm (mouthing) what is that all about?

Him: (mouthing back) I have no idea.

They dismiss the girl's actions and continue playing. Five minutes later they all hear a "splat" and recognizing the sound they turn to see her standing in the hallway in a micro towel wrapped around he body (mind you she was a big girl with more curves than a racing track) with a huge red dildo in her hand looking at him.

The freak: so are you really going to continue rolling dices?

Al of a sudden whooshing sound is heard, hands rushing, a dice suspended in mid air, and a thump of someone hitting a knee while fleeing, and then a door closing. Silence. The pinto, Goldfish and him are standing still looking at the Freak. 

The freak: I need to talk to you, can you come into the room?

Him: (looks at the Pinto and Goldfish, rolls eyes and walks along, while getting close to the room he hears hard breathing and smooching sounds, when he enters he sees the two girls naked, making out with each other, they look at him and smile. He looks at the Freak and sees her taking off the towel and putting on a strap on)
Are you out of your freaking mind, No way!!!!!!!!!

He leaves the room, stops at the living room and looks at Goldfish and The Pinto, speechless and red in the face just shakes his head and leaves. A minute later the Freak comes out with the dildo in her hand and sits next to Goldfish.

The freak: so how about you, would you like to try new things?

Friday, July 29, 2011


To those who read this, please be aware that we are offering a vast reward to the person who is able to find and bring back Romance.

We lost him so many years ago to a cruel and senseless society, that has struggled to rationalize and commercialize every aspect of life, pushing and casting Romance away, substituting him with raw and meaningless Sex.

We miss him dearly and are willing to share part of our most valued treasure for him.

With him by our side we can be a bit more complete once more. With him we can dream again, we can fly so high our spirits will soar. With him by our side our love will have the company that most nurtures the soul. Like Cassanova in the times of Renaissance when Romance was king and Love was queen.

In days where the art of loving a woman through words, actions, flattery, looks, writings; of loving without a touch, we need Romance to rise from it's ashes and save us from these empty relationships we have become used to, we need him to remind us of the greatness and fullness of love.

To whomever finds Romance and brings him back to us, we offer a piece of our hearts in return, for no woman can ignore the rightful treatment she deserves.
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Thursday, July 28, 2011

4 am, part two

Her: are you for real?

Best friend: oh shut up and just listen.

Her: it is 4 in the morning, so at the risk of sounding repetitive, this better be good.

Best friend: he was here.

Her: ok, who are we talking about?

Best friend: what do you mean?!

Her: with you, I have to ask these days.

Best friend: you make it sound like I am some kind of slut and go sleeping around.

Her: not a slut, but you have been sexually active lately. Do you need me to remind you?

Best friend: whatever.

Her: so who was there?

Best friend: the architect.

Her: huh?

Best friend: I see that woke you up.

Her: speak!

Best friend: well, what do you want to know?

Her: well, I don't know, maybe if he likes to read romantic novels. What do you think I want to know?! I want all
the grose details, I mean, you did wake me up at 4 in the morning, so make it worth it.

Best friend: oh stop complaining, is not like you work tomorrow.

Her: no, but you are taking away my beauty sleep, so talk.

Best friend: so I was out with the guys from work and he called me and like always I am avoiding him.

Her: ok

Best friend: and he is insisting on getting together, so to get him off my back I agree, but never really give him a time to meet.

Her: ok...but I thought you found him annoying, and physically non appealing.

Best friend: I did, but after tonight I might reconsider.

Her: ok.. Please continue.

Best friend: so anyways. I go home, but don't call him, mind you is like 11 pm now. So about 10 minutes later he calls me and asks me if I am home already and if he can come by, I say "sure, why not".

Her: beautiful phrase. Where did you get that from?

Best friend: from a treacherous bitch whom I call best friend. But anyways. So he gets here, and I start picking up.

Her: you start avoiding him.

Best friend: as far as he knows, I was picking up. And he is there, just there talking crap. I am walking left and right picking up everything, thinking maybe he would get tired and leave.

Her: you were wrong.

Best friend: I was wrong!!!! So I go to the kitchen to make something to eat because I was hungry and when I come back to the living room he is not there. Since I did not hear the door I call out for him and it turns out he was in my room!!

Her: uuuuuuuhhhhh

Best friend: so I go to my room and there he is sitting in my bed, with my guitar in his hands. So you know me and my stuff, so before I snatch it off his hands I just sit next to him, take it from him and start playing.

Her: why didn't you just go outside?

Best friend: I did not want to be such a you. Plus playing has always soothed me.

Her: sigh, go on.

Best friend: so I finish playing and I see he reaches out, I am thinking he is reaching for the guitar until I see his face very close to mine and he kisses me.

Her: what?!

Best friend: he kissed me, and I let him. Some minutes after I returned the kiss in the same way.

Her: oh wao!

Best friend: well to be honest with you, for a moment there I thought I was kissing someone else, and when sense came back to me I tried pulling away, but he had a very good argument.

Her: which was?

Best friend: he is a great kisser. And after that things turned a bit hotter.

Her: how hot?

Best friend: first day of summer in the sahara dessert at noon, hot.

Her: wao!!!! What happened when he left?

Best friend: see that is where it all turned weird?

Her: that was when it turned weird?!!!!

Best friend: hey, besides the whole twilight zone kissing thing. But when he left, like 20 minutes ago, before he went outside I see him hesitant.

Her: why?
Best friend: well, I asked him and he said "he wouldn't happen to be around here, would he?"

Her: he as to the one whom you ran from and did not follow you?

Best friend: yeah.

Her: why would he ask that?

Best friend: well I asked him and his answer was that if he ever found out he would kill him. I wanted to ask more, but he had to leave and I was honestly tired.

Her: I can imagine. A lot of exercise after a long time of nothing will tire you.

Best friend: funny. But I am curious, why would he say that?

Her: why don't you find out?

Best friend: I guess I will.

Her: and then tell me so I can write all about it.

Best friend: I will start charging you.

Her: you already do! It's almost 5 am, so consider this and advanced payment.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Secret confession

Have I lost my opportunity? Did I lose my chance? It is the one thing I have always wanted. The one thing I have secretly wished for. The fairy tale. Every girl dreams of it. Even if she never speaks of it. Deep down, I am no different, I want it too. I want to live the dream. I want the happiness, the ritual, the dances, the faces, the whites, the dresses. Secretly, but not really so much, I too want it.

Is it too late for me? Do I still have a small chance of seeing it through? Can I still hope for it?

Mmmm, maybe, who knows? At least, I can still dream.
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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Slow motion sex

While watching a sex scene in an episode of Camelot.

Him: it's funny.

Her: what is?

Him: in all the years I have having sex...

Her: and they are a lot!

Him: (throws a warning look at her) what are you implying? That I'm old?

Her: no sweetie, I am merely stating a fact. You've been having sex for a number of years now, which make you a very experienced person. (Innocent looks)

Him: as I was saying. In the years I have been having sex, I don't ever remember it being in slow motion.

Her: really?

Him: are you going to tell me you have?

Her: of course!

Him: this should be interesting. How does sex become slow motion?

Her: simple. There is a type of sex where you experience a connection so deep and so strong, where the person arouses you with something as simple as a touch, a sex that is so undeniably good and the pleasure is so great that at a point everything seems to stop and go in slow motion. Everything turns... Sigh... Slow, kind of like high def. Add some music and alcohol to it and you get the whole 3d, surround sound, slow motion pack.

Him: ummm, really?

Her: oh yes!!!

Him: you need a moment?

Her: jajajaja

Him: you seem like you were reminiscing there.

Her: (silence and half smiling)

Him: out of curiosity, how many times has that happened to you?

Her: twice

Him: the first time?

Her: with the first guy I fell in love with.

Him: and the second time?

Her: you want a drink?
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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Why then?

Her: does she know?

Him: yes

Her: when are you leaving?

Him: in two weeks.

Her: is she going with you?

Him: (silence)

Her: sweetie?

Him: I don't know yet.

Her: what are you doing?

Him: what do you mean?

Her: what are you playing at?

Him: (looking down)

Her: you need to tell her.

Him: eventually.

Her: you're going to hurt her.

Him: I don't care.

Her: liar

Him: I am tired.

Her: of her?

Him: Of the whole thing.

Her: why are you still with her?

Him: its just until I leave.

Her: that is not fair to her.

Him: what do you care anyways.

Her: that could have been me.

Him: never.

Her: how can you assure me?

Him: because if it would have been you, you would have been coming with me.

Her: you need to talk to her.

Him: eventually.

Her: do you love her?

Him: yes

Her: (looking intently at him) are you in love with her?

Him: (silently) no.

Her: you owe it to her.

Him: we have drifted apart. We spend more time arguing with each other than actually enjoying each other. She doesn't know me. She doesn't make me smile, she doesn't make me dream. She lives in this eternal dark reality that doesn't allow her to even get a glimpse of what could be something wonderfully dreamt.

Her: I am sorry.

Him: yeah, me too.

Her: so, why then?

Him: because I don't want to be alone.

Her: sigh.
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Friday, July 22, 2011

Fw: Bullet prove heart

From the soul of one of my sisters. Hope you enjoy.

After all the heartbroken experience that I've been through, my heart is bullet prove, no one can hurt me anymore! Is it fear? All the bad things that happened to me that I don't know if I'm capable to trust anymore....what if I lose the chance? What if all the time love was in front of me and I couldn't notice and grab the oportunity that was given to me......what if is too late and I lose you....the time bomb is ticking.....toc tic...

Dra. Ferrer

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Would you change it?

Her: do you ever think of going back and doing it all over again?

Best friend: all the time

Her: would you do it differently?

Best friend: maybe.

Her: what would you change?

Best friend: everything I guess.

Her: but if that were the case you would be giving up so much.

Best friend: not necessarily.

Her: think about it. If you change everything, you probably would not have anything that you have right now.

Best friend: true, but that would mean not being alone either.

Her: but you are not alone.

Best friend: sorry. You are right, I am not alone, I am lonely. If I could go back and do it all over again, I would make sure I dared more; I would speak my mind more often; I would love more passionately; I would not hold back my impulses so much; I would tell him how much I love him.

Her: why not do all that now?

Best friend: huh?

Her: you say that you would do all that if you had a chance to do it all over again, but why not do it now that you realize you can.

Best friend: it is too late.

Her: to say what you feel?

Best friend: yeah, my moment passed. At this point it does not matter anymore, for the moment is gone. It’s no longer about how I feel, but what I want to preserve.

Her: and what would that be?

Best friend: the friendship and trust we worked so hard to build. That is priceless.

Her: so, if that is so, why would you want to change it?

Best friend: because, for not daring, I will always wonder, what if?

Her: do you think you will ever find the answer?

Best friend: maybe. Do you think about going back and doing it differently?

Her: not really. Not always.

Best friend: what would you change?

Her: if I could, if I had a guarantee that I could keep both of them, I would change the outcome. I would save her.

Best friend: but you couldn’t have. It was too late.

Her: maybe. But I keep on thinking, on wondering, “maybe if I had been faster” “if I had just reacted sooner” “if I had been ready” “if…”

Best friend: there was nothing you could have done.

Her: so why does it keep hunting me?

Best friend: because she was a part of you.

Her: I guess.

Best friend: guess we both have things we would like to change.

Her: but if we did, then we would not be where we are now.

Best friend: true. I like my now, most days.

Her: me too, most days.

Best friend: to us then!
Her: to now!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sad ending.

Him: I'm sorry.

Her: so am I.

Him: this is not the way I wanted it to end.

Her: me either (wiping a tear from her cheek)

Him: is there anything I can do?

Her: you already did enough?

Him: what now?

Her: (she looked at him. He was sitting next to her. He looked so handsome, she wanted to touch him so badly, but held back. She wasn't supposed to, but something stronger than her forced her to reach out)

Him: ( he was looking at her, not touching her was hurting him physically, he didn't really know how they had gotten through the last two hours. When she reached out for him he was not able to hold back and reach for her as well)

Her: I expected it to end another way. It was great, while it lasted. But really the ending to the movie should have been better.

Him: what do you say we stop lamenting ourselves over an obviously poor planned ending to what could have been the greatest movie of all times, had they just given more substance to the final arguments. Now let's go into what we really want to.
(He took her arm and pulled her to him while passing his other arm through her waist to get a better hold of her and slowly kissed her in the lips. First soft, just tasting her.)

Him: I have no idea how I was able to contain myself for the last two hours, you looked delicious. And I must admit, you taste even better.

Her: mmmm, you flatter me, but you taste like heaven as well.

Him: you want more?

Her: I want it all.

Him: tell me how bad you want it?

Her: let me show you.
(She sat on top of him, facing him. She took his hands and placed then on her ass and slowly started unbuttoning her shirt. One by one she took off the buttons, revealing her chest cupped in a black, satin, laced bra. He loved the way it looked on her, and she could feel his approval in his lower zone.
She then took his hands and directed them to her neck, going down to her breasts. The more he touched her, the harder he got and the more aroused she felt.)

Him: I must say, you have the most beautiful skin I have ever seen. I just love the way it shines, and smells, and it tastes. You are divine.

Her: what would you like me to do now?

Him: jejejej. Let me show you what I want.

To be continued...
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

When did it all change?

When did all this get so complicated love? How did we come to this crossroads? It was supposed to be simple, it was supposed to be easy. What happened?

I guess it is not so easy after all. We found each other at a moment where many roads have been taken, many mistakes have been made, and many sorrows have been lived. It was foolish to expect it to be easy.

Up until now I thought I was the only one that was afraid, terrified of feeling more than I wanted, of allowing more than I thought I needed to. I see I found my fair match.

I said I didn't want to feel, I didn't want to hurt, but I don't want to miss out on whatever it could be or whatever it could become. I don't want to miss out on you love. I said I hated you for exposing me, but truth is I love you for reminding me I am capable of caring, I am not made of stone, I care. I sing silly songs, I dance when no music is playing, I laugh at some random joke you may have made at some point, I sleep and I dream of you. How can I really hate you for that?

My only fear (well the only one I will admit to right now) was that you would not feel the same. I was wrong about that. You demonstrated you care, more than what you wish you would, and you also showed me how scared you are of this. As much as I am.

Why is this so complicated love? Can we make it any easier on us? Can we just... Be?
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Monday, July 11, 2011


It wasn't you leaving what hurt; it was making me feel like I didn't matter what broke me.
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The opportunist. Part 2 (does she have any limits?)

Sometimes some things just really amaze me. We all know that the opportunist will look for any possible opening in an occasion to do one of hers, but what none of us ever thought is that she would take it to the lengths of sucking up to the boss in such an open way. I am about to believe that we are still Indians after all and that foreigners can still fool us with their little mirrors in exchange for “gold”.

This time though, it would be unfair of me to say that she did not put anything into this because honestly she was the only one who put anything, he mouth, and not precisely in the way you may think.
So we are all sitting in a room, going about our usual stuff (by all I mean mini desepticon along with the ones from the dark side of the moon; Dr Doom, that long lost hero we all love; the rocker and her band; the other autobots; the mole; the senator; and much to our regret the two main characters, or the ones we really enjoy having in these gatherings, were missing, you know I am talking about the dentist and the snake) we were talking about all those boring subjects that usually come up, but I must admit that it was rather gratifying until the opportunist dared speak.
The mole: so you all understand, my main goal here is to help you all reach your maximum potential where you stand at this moment, and from there help you reach and master the next level.

(at this we are all actually appreciating the spokesman abilities that the mole has, as it came out rather presidential speech like. And then came darkness)
The opportunist: If you don’t mind me saying, I appreciate you taking the time to coach and develop each one of us, at least I can say it for myself, I mean, I know that this is a one in a lifetime opportunity and with a personal coach as yourself I know I will be able to exploit my potential, and I am sure all the others feel the same. For that we thank you.
Us: (blank face, staring at her, some of us with fighting with ourselves not to allow our bodies and mouths to betray us and just go “are in the run for a different position, because if you are you definitely winning for best suck ass” but to my pride, we behaved, somewhat.
The mole: thank you very much for that (here is where I think “are we in some kind of political meeting”)
The gathering goes on after that and we all just decide to “ignore” that comment and continue until the mole finished with it.
Now from this you must all imagine why we continue to call her the Opportunist, and why she continues to give me so much writing material. I guess I should be grateful, for without her this story would have not had much.
However I must say that the other character that continues to inspire my writings is that hero we hate and love so much: Dr Doom, who is so evil you just have to love him.

So the gathering ends, and Dr Doom approaches me and says
Dr Doom: can I expect to have some reading material tonight?
How can you expect me to say no to my boss?
So it is with all my heart I say “dear boss, this is for and because of you”
Until another time (which I am sure the opportunist will gladly provide)
Yours truly
The widow.

I remembered why

I remember now why I didn’t want to, why I never wanted to admit to it and why I kept it at bay. I remember now why I didn’t want it to become a reality, why the word was forbidden and why the feelings were not allowed to surface. I remember now why I kept it only to myself.

I remembered that while it was all contained, the pain could be prevented as well. While it was denied, nothing was real and everything could be dismissed. While it was forbidden, so where all those emotions that come with it. While we never said it, I could hide behind it.

Now, all that is gone. Now, by admitting it, it has become a tangible reality that also allowed all the carefully guarded emotions to come out. Now, all the hard work has been in vain because the moment I admitted it, I also admitting to caring, and to being vulnerable. The moment I acknowledged it to the world, was the moment I acknowledged that this was more than just a game. Now the pain has come back, the one thing I had managed to keep away from me until now. For that I hate you. For making me care, for making me have to admit that I am not as strong as I wanted to be, for making me see that if I am not a part of your world I feel left out. For that I hate you deeply.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Dear Nadeshko 2

I am hurt. Not physically, but emotionally broken.

People believe me to be strong because I go on smiling, saying I am ok, not allowing myself to show how badly hurt I am. And because of that no one stops and looks at me and asks. Honestly I don't want them to, I just want to be noticed.

It hurts the way it went down. Ironically a line from "what goes around, comes around" keeps on coming to mind "should've known better when you came around, should've known that you were gonna make me cry"

In the end I was right. It was not enough, whatever it was, it wasn't enough. And he will never follow either. I guess I was not enough.

They say all you need is three days for your world to adjust back to what it was, after in just a second it all comes crumbling down. I suppose I will be fine in three days, right?

I think it was true when I said my time has passed. God has given me everything I needed and now it is time to accept that and move one. Alone. Besides I will always have what it was.

Anyways. I am sorry for burdening you with my sorrow, but it seems that you are the only one that listens. And before I start crying like a mary magdalene due to my constant misfortune (even though I refuse to shed even one tear) I would much rather write to you.

Thank you for paying attention.

The widow.
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Friday, July 8, 2011

Fade away.

How long can you go with a smile on your face before someone realizes you are broken, and when they do, would you admit it?

At times when you feel as if you are looking at the world through a window, as if the lives of those around you is like a movie playing out in front of you, and every day is a happy ending for the characters that play in it; do you let anyone see you?

Everything seems so surreal now. I feel like an spectator, an outsider. And yet I keep hoping someone would see that my smile fades from time to time, that my eyes don't shine the same anymore, that I am going through the motions and not feeling the passion. I hope that someone would break the walls, that someone would just say "I am here, I see you, I know you, you can let go now"

Will that person ever come, and if they do, will they stay?
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Dear Nadeshko

Dear sister

I miss our conversations at midnight while looking at the moon and thinking about far away world, while sipping on a cup of wine.

I feel once more as I did then, as if I don't belong. As if I was taken from somewhere else and brought here. I feel as if my life is waiting somewhere for me and this is just a passing moment. I feel as if I am waiting to start living.

I don't know why, or where, but it's almost as if I have become this person because I needed to fit in this reality, rather than be the true me, the one I feel I left behind, somewhere unknown and this other person is screaming to come out but really doesn't know how.

I feel I am unable to find the one that fits, the one that feels 'right'. Or maybe I just didn't realize I had it when I did. But still, where is the me I sense I am but can't really be?

I make no sense I know. But when have feelings made any sense to anyone.

Who knows? Maybe it's all in my imagination, or maybe not.

I miss you.

The widow.
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Him: I want to see you, it's been too long.

Her: I am right were you left me.

Him: I can't go.

Her: then you really don't want to see me.

Him: don't say that. I am just tired today.

Her: and every other day as well.

Him: are you mad at me?

Her: why would I be?

Him: I don't know, maybe because we have not seen each other in a while?

Her: oh, that!, noooo. I mean you have not been with me, yet you have been With all your friends, so why would I be mad at you?

Him: are you being sarcastic now?

Her: (blank expression) you think?

Him: listen, I am sorry, it's just that you have been acting weird too.

Her: in what sense, by telling you I want to be with you?

Him: no, by playing hot and cold. You are really loving one time and then you look like the road runner the next. And I can't follow you. Not like that.

Her: (caught by surprise) look who's talking. If I shoot hot and cold you are the sun mixed with pluto. You misunderstand my messages and disappear, whether to teach me a lesson or just to play interesting. And honestly it is upsetting, because like you say I can't follow, not like that.

Him: you misunderstand me, I do it to protect you.

Her: why thank you, I was not under the impression I was emotionally fragile. But thank you so much sire for keeping my safety above all your interests.

Him: there goes the sarcasm again.

Her: no, it's just the way I show gratitude.

Him: what can I do to make it up to you.

Her: (awed) buy me a puppy.

Him: sarcasm?

Her: (throws a warning look at him)

Him: you are really angry!

Her: no, I am just practicing to get more lines on my face. Of course I am angry!!!! You act like a girl most days and dare say I am the complicated one. Don't you understand that this should not be so difficult.

Him: I do understand.

Her: so why do you make it so hard.

Him: I guess I am out of shape.

Her: well. So am I. But we will never work this out if you keep on playing important and doing a Houdini on me.

Him: nor if you keep on running out of some false sense of fear.

Her: I know. Neither of us is free of sin.

Him: so what do you suggest.

Her: stop avoiding me.

Him: stop being afraid.

Her: its a work in progress.

Him: I know.
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The dentist: so, we are planning the snake's birthday, all you need to do is put in $150.00, you in?

Her: sure! Who else is contributing?

The dentist: the rocker, Dr Doom, some of the decepticons and some of your lost children, as well as part of the rockers team.

Her: cool. What about the ones on the other side of the border?

The dentist: you mean The Opportunist?

Her: yes?

The dentist: you know she never puts anything.

Her: yet she always takes.

The dentist: we'll see.

20 minutes later, in the common room, they call The Snake for his little surprise. They are having a good time, all (of the ones that contributed for the goods) of them eating and drinking, when all of a sudden a strange but familiar hand reaches for the goods and drinks. Being "smart" she does thins in front of The Boss when she knows no one will make a scene. So no one does... Openly.

Her: are you serious?! (Looking at the dentist, referring to the opportunist)

The dentist: you know how I am. I am a little rat who never contributed for anything, yet want to be involved in everything.

Her: you have no right to. You are nothing but an opportunist.

Dr. Doom: who are you talking about.

The dentist: we all know. Even the opportunist!

The opportunist: (looks up and with her mouth full and crumbs falling out her mouth) who are you talking about.

Her: blank face (looks at the dentist)

The dentist: blank face, mouth open.

The rocker: really?

Dr. Doom: (at the opportunist) don't you have work to do?

The opportunist: I am eating!

Dr. Doom: swallow, I am sure you are good at that, at least, and go back in.

The opportunist: you are such a...

Her: he is your boss.

The dentist: so if I were you I would think twice before completing that phrase.

The opportunist: (looking at mini desepticon)

Mini desepticon: don't look at me, they were the ones who set this up and he is your boss.

The opportunist: but you are his.

Mini desepticon: and will back him up in every decision he makes.

Dr. Doom: do I have to say it again?

The opportunist: no sir.

Dr. Doom: and by the way, next time make sure you actually contribute to these activities, as you seem to enjoy them so much.

Her: (to the dentist) and then you wonder why I love him so much.

The dentist: I don't wonder. I know. So speaking of all things, is sexy back talking to you again.

Her: nope. I think I am going to have to kidnap him this time to get my point across.

The dentist: make sure you do so with sexy lingerie on. It will make a bigger impact.

Her: noted master.
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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Can we still do it?

We always wait and they never come, it does not matter how much we love them or how much they love us, because we live by the minimum effort law. They will never follow, we will never see them trying, searching, looking.

We sit for hours, we send the signals, we say the words loud and clear, yet, they don't see us, they don't feel us, they don't hear us, and worst, if we leave, they don't follow.

They stopped trying so long ago, and we lost hope, we lost faith in them, and then, they lost it in themselves.

I wish it was not like this, I wish it was different. But day by day I prove my point. And I am afraid, that because of this I will stop talking, stop sending the signals, stop giving the hints, stop saying the words, and in the end, we will just fade away because of the "minimum effort law"

I wish with all my might what you say is true. I wish you were different for I no longer possess as much hope, faith, nor do I believe like I used to. And honestly, can you blame me?

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Girl Talk 2

Her: I hate sex!

Best friend: (with surprised face) WTF?!!

Her: I hate sex!

Best friend: are you sick or something?

The doctor: what is going on?

Best friend: she is sick

The doctor: She seems to be fine.

Best friend: she just said she hates sex.
The doctor: What?! Are you dying?

Her: No!!! I just hate it.

Best friend: I think I know what is going on. When was the last time you saw sexy back?

The doctor: Oh! but wait, didn't you guys go on you accustomed Marathon on Friday?

Her: yes, but it was not enough and I want more.

Best friend: she is going on sex maniac mode now.

The doctor: when has she stopped?

Best friend: I guess it becomes worse for her when she has someone to fuck but is unable to.

The doctor: why can't you fuck sexy back again?

Her: He is working and he is going away tomorrow to see his mom.

Best friend: oh!

The doctor: get a dildo.

Her: not the real thing.

Best friend: it will do for the moment.

Her: not the real thing! I want to sweat, I want to feel it pulsating, I want to feel it get big and hot, and I want to be bitten, and, and, and, and all sorts of nasty things!

The doctor: Oh God, she is turning into sex hulk.

The dentist: Did someone say sex.

Her: (giving her a nasty look)

The dentist: what dick did she miss out on?

The doctor and Best friend: Sexy back.

The dentist: oh! Would it make you feel better if we went out shopping for underwear and took pictures of you in it so you can send it to him and torture him for a while.

Her: (turning around with a glint in her eyes) mmmm....

The doctor: Amazing, she gets bitter for not having sex and the idea of torturing him makes her happy.

Best friend: She was called at a time the Devil's concubine.

The Prude: I think they got confused, she was not his concubine, it was the other way around. She was the devil.

Her: How mean of you, I am just a misunderstood soul. Besides, look who is talking. Need I remind you of your younger, rebellious years?

The doctor: Oh prey tell.

The Prude: do you now have any respect for me at all?

The rocker: should we? Prude!!!!

The Prude: the one that was missing?

The dentist: how did it go last night?

The rocker: we had a lot of fun. And speaking of fun, my dear Best friend, how did it go with that guy?

The doctor: are you still dating the internet guy?

Her: No, another one, this one also sent her a picture to her phone.

Best friend: (frustrated look) I was deceived.

All: Uh?

Best friend: take a look.
(showing the picture to all, they go, wao!)

Best friend: yeah, no! See I am almost certain this was photoshoped.

Her: Oh God! for real! what happened?

Best friend: so obviously, I see this picture and I get all excited, I mean, by the looks of it you fo like "Oh My God, this will be a nice ride, to say the least" Oh how mistaken was I. Turns out the guy did not want to do it with the lights on, which was fine by me, but it should have given me a hint. Me being stubborn as always I do the whole thing, I take off his clothes, and when I go to feel for it, it seems as if something was not "completely" right. So I think, he needs a little enthusiasm. So I prepare myself for a nice feast and it turns out that when I get to finally taste what i had seen in the picture, I end up having to close my mouth almost completely.

All: (mouth open)

Her: pencil style?

Best friend: More like, mini pencil style.

All: Oh!!! Jjajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajjajajaja

Her: (rolling on the floor)

The doctor: (laughing so hard she was crying)

The prude: (shocked face)

The dentist: (gasping for air)

The rocker: (grabbing her stomach laughing)

Best friend: I am happy my misery serves for your amusement.

Her: (wiping the tears from her eyes) oh honey! Don’t be mad at us.

Best friend: You should not be one to talk; need I remind you of chubby guy? And you doctor, should I remind you of the cheater?

The doctor: Hey, no need to get defensive and that is why after the cheater I had the American, My god! That is what I call a sex God!.

Her: right next to The Ambassador and Sexy back. Best ever!

The dentist: I stick to my baseball player; he is just the right size in all the sense of the word.

The Prude: I stick to my chubby one; there is nothing wrong with some extra meat.

Her: as long as it does not interfere with their size. I mean, it is so depressing when their belly does not let their dicks progress to their full size.

The Rocker: You are mean.

The doctor: we said it earlier: The Devil's concubine.

Her: in my defense, the one who gave me that nickname was Fuckface. And the only reason he did that was because he kept on saying I was just evil when I was dating him.

All: you were.

Her: (with noticed sarcasm) Your words hurt.

The doctor: I bet not as much as The Best Friends pride after that episode.

The dentist: so what did you do?

Best Friend: I had to go on.

The Rocker: you are a trooper.

The Prude: she was not going to just leave him there!

The dentist: I would have.

The Doctor/Best Friend/Her: I have.

All: Jajajajajajajajajajajajaj

Best friend: In his defense, he had a pretty good mouth, and knew how to use that tongue.

The Prude: are you going to see him again?

The dentist: Are you going senile. I mean, is chubby not giving you enough sex? Or is it that you are not taking advantage of his protein shakes, you should consider swallowing more often.

The prude: My God!!!!

Best friend: jajjjajaja, to answer your question, No I am not going to see him again, As good as he can be with his mouth, I need more, well, a better equipped guy.

Her: for the sake of some fun, how may inches did he have.

Best friend: 4, at his best.

All: Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaj

Her: Oh Honey, let's reconsider the online thing. We might have to go another way to find guys with more "feeling" jajajajajajaja.

Best friend: You are evil.

Her: Nah! I am just misunderstood....

Friday, July 1, 2011

On your marks, get set, stop!

Best friend: so, did you answer?

Her: answer what?

Best friend: the message.

Her: oh, yes I did.

Best friend: and what dis you say?

Her: what I felt.

Best friend: (blank eye) aja!

Her: (exasperated sigh) I told him I felt the same way.

Best friend: (silence) (looking at her intently)

Her: what?!

Best friend: I know that look.

Her: what look!

Best friend: you're thinking about running!

Her: (silence)

Best friend: what is wrong with you?! This is a good thing. He took the step, he said he thought about you every day, he wants to be with you, next to you. Why do you want to run?

Her: have we not been through this before? I told you many times, I am scared shitless. It is true he said it, or he wrote it, or whatever, but it is also true. He disappears every once in a while. Just gone. Not a message, no sign, nothing. So, he says one thing and does another, so I am utterly confused. And yes I am thinking about running. What if it is the same?

Best friend: and what if it is not?! And you should not be one to talk about disappearing. Besides, have you stopped to think that maybe he feels the same way? That maybe he is also scared? From what I've heard your stories are similar, minus the baby part. But still, can't you at least give him the benefit of the doubt, or maybe enjoy it while it is here for you?

Her: sigh! I wish it was simpler than that.

Best friend: you are the one making it complicated. Let go of that stupid fear, and just enjoy him.

Her: I answered.

Best friend: it was not enough. You need to give more, otherwise, how are you going to experience anything?

Her: I am tired.

Best friend: let him be your strength.

Her: what if it's not enough?

Best friend: him?

Her: me.

Best friend: oh honey, do you think he would still be here if it wasn't enough, or if he didn't care?

Her: maybe he just likes the sex.

Best friend: and maybe you were dropped on your head when you were born. Did he not tell you he never stays just because of the sex?

Her: (silence)

Best friend: whether the universe, God, or the dark angel himself decided to give you a second chance, you need to grab it and take advantage of it. Besides, you never know if he is your knight in broken armor.

Her: or me his feminist in distress.

Best friend: more like his hypocrite writer.

Her: hey!

Best friend: what? You write about love, yet you run from it when it hits you in the face. I just hope he is smart enough not to let you go.

Her: I just hope I can survive myself. And I was so comfortable running.

Best friend: sure you are not getting tired.

Her: who am I trying to fool here. I am. I am.

Best friend: and she finally admits it. Now give him a chance.

Her: I will. Besides, its marathon night. Perfect timing. Lol.
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