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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Detailed instructions

So have you ever wonder what it would be like to have sex with a guy that never stops talking. I work in a place where we have to talk, constantly, and there is one person in specific I believe, takes this way too seriously. He is also very technical and gives out a lot of instructions, we can say he is very desciptive, so it just came to mind, what would it be like?

Him: So what I do is I take your clothes off, one by one. Then I proceed to kiss you, and with my hands feel the softness of your skin.

Her: (WTF)

Him: After that, what I like to do it kiss you, on the lips.

Her: (is he by any chance narrating this whole thing?)

Him: You know what you could do now? You could start helping me take my clothes off so we can enjoy each others bodies. Why don't you go ahead and try that and tell me how it feels?

Her: ummmm ok...

Him: Now what I suggest you do is go down and give me a nice blow job. Oh yes, that feels good, go on, don't be shy, I know you can do better..

Her: (what the hell is wrong with this guy?)

Him: Yes, yes, you can stop now, I mean you have great control of your mouth and your movements are very good, but what I would like to do now is penetrate you, why don't we proceed to that? Come here, go on all fours so I can penetrate you while pulling your hair.

Her: ok, you know what? that is enough, I mean, yes you look kind of good and you have a fairly good... whatever, why can't you just shut up?!

Him: Oh, I see, I am sorry, I just like to be detailed. You know, what we could do now...

Her: Oh dear God!!!! (putting on her clothes and leaving)

Him: Was it something I said?

So, yes.... You think!!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011


Best friend: so sexy back.

Her: what about him?

Best friend: he seems to be back in the picture.

Her: seems to be.

Best friend: why are you doing that?

Her: what am I doing?

Best friend: pretending you don't care.

Her: sigh. What do you want?

Best friend: for you to be happy for more than just two months.

Her: yeah well. I do care. For the record.

Best friend: then why don't you start acting like it?

Her: I asked the question.

Best friend: and?

Her: and still no answer.

Best friend: maybe he needs time to process it.

Her: maybe.

Best friend: don't give up.

Her: why is this so important to you?

Best friend: because you two are my hope. If you can make this work, anyone can and I still have hope.

Her: nothing was established.

Best friend: I am sure that is not an issue.

Her: what do you mean?

Best friend: if he really cares, he will follow along, he will answer, and no rules will need to be set.

Her: I sure hope you are right. I sure hope I am wrong.

Best friend: patience sweetie, patience. Don't chase after him, but don't give up on him either. Just wait.

Her: what if he does not answer?

Best friend: then cherish the good times you had and move on. But have a little faith.

Her: you sound like I used to.

Best friend: you are rubbing off on me.

Her: (laughs) ok, patiences then. Why not?

Best friend: why not?
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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bothered detachment

Him: How come I have not met any of your friends?

Her: what do you mean?

Him: How come it is always just you and me, so closed up. As if there is no one else in your life.

Her: you know my best friend.

Him: yeah, but she is not the only person in your life, is she?

Her: I don’t know any of your friends either, I just hear about them.

Him: I am just playing your game here.

Her: we have never established any rules to this relationship. It was all implied.

Him: I never implied anything. Like I said, I am just following your lead.

Her: are you saying you want to meet my friends?

Him: I am just asking you. You seem to want to be with me, but there is so much you keep from me. Your real life for example. We meet every week, and we talk almost every day, however, when we see each other we rarely just have a conversation and when we talk we end up talking about sex.

Her: I thought you were happy because you had what every man “wishes for”. No attachments. No effort.

Him: I think I have said many times I am not like most men. And besides, no man really wants just that.

Her: oh please explain.

Him: men want to be needed. Men want to feel that the person they are with cares, gives a damn. We don’t really want someone that will give us just sex; we need the challenge, otherwise we get bored, move on. And you…

Her: Me?

Him: you have so much to offer, yet you choose to keep it to yourself, and hide under this detachment mask I hate so much.

Her: as possibly accurate as that statement may be, I feel the need to emphasize, we never set any ground rules when this started, nor when it continued. To me this was all about sex. I never thought my lack of attachment, or that the little interest I showed in playing the part f the damsel in distress would bother you.

Him: is not that it bothers me, is just that at this point, were we have been doing each other for over 6 months, things could move a little to the next level. Besides, we are compatible with each other, we laugh a lot, we feel confortable when in company of the other one, why not give it a shot.

Her: well… Maybe.

Him: wao, whomever he was,, he did major damage.

Her: (silence)

Him: that’s ok, some come to this earth to cause pain, other are sent to bring the broken pieces together.

Her: which one are you?

Him: I am the one that will not go away, and who will always try to make you smile. Now let’s go home.

Her: you mean to my place.

Him: yes, your place. Is that not what I said?

Her: No sweetie, you said home.

Him: Oh well…

Hope and perseverance.

Her: what are you doing here?

Him: you wouldn't answer my calls?

Her: that should've given you a hint.

Him: it did, that is why I am here.

Her: it gave you the wrong hint.

Him: can I come in?

Her: no.

Him: (pushing the door open) I am not leaving.

Her: so you say, yet you disappeared for two weeks, without one word.

Him: you did not let me explain

Her: correction, you had time to explain. And actually I did not need an explanation, just to know you were ok.

Him: I am ok.

Her: let me ask you, was it something I did. Was I so bad that you felt like vanishing without so much as a "I will be gone, don't worry, talk in two weeks"

Him: I am sorry.

Her: yeah.

Him: and besides, why do I get the feeling you are just using this as an excuse to put your guard up again and run, is not like it was a year.

Her: have you been talking to my best friend?

Him: no, why?

Her: sigh! Forget it. Will you leave now?

Him: nope. (Leaning back in the couch)

Her: I thought men didn't try so hard.

Him: I am not like most. When I find something truly valuable I tend to hang on to it.

Her: as long as that "something" is willing to stand your Houdini acts of disappearance.

Him: again, I am not going any where.

Her: what do I have to do to get rid of you?

Him: kill me maybe.

Her: that can be arranged.

Him: but you would miss me terribly (standing up, and getting closer to her)

Her: I will survive

Him: just like gloria gaynor. (Putting a hand on her cheek and kissing her, softly)

Her: I must be the most stupid person on the face of the earth.

Him: or you must love me a lot.

Her: and you take advantage of that.

Him: if that were true, I would not even try for you to forgive me.

Her: who says I forgive you.

Him: its a work in progress, I know, but I will do whatever it takes to earn your trust again.

Her: how about you start by not ignoring me any more.

Him: done.

Her: will you go now, I have chores to do.

Him: and again, not a chance in hell. Consider me your maid for the day. You have a mini and a duster I could use, I have great legs and know how to reach high places.

Her: that can be arranged.
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Friday, May 27, 2011

4 am

(phone rings)*Baila! Baila morena, bajo esta luna llena, under the moonlight*

Her: You better have a good excuse for calling me at this time in the morning, it is 4 am, so make it a really good one.

Best friend: we slept together.

Her: ok, I am awake. What?!

Best friend: I just got home.

Her: ok, tell me what happened, and do not leave anything out.

Best friend: it is a long story.

Her: so let me help you here, was it good.

Best friend: the little I got was great.

Her: what do you mean the little?

Best friend: I had to come home. So we never got to complete it.

Her: what?

Best friend: I had to leave him.

Her: and he was ok with that?

Best friend: he asked me to stay.

Her: He what!

Best friend: yes

Her: and you left anyways?

Best friend: I had to!

Her: Are you insane?!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best friend: My mom was calling me

Her: and you couldn’t tell her you were sleeping over? He asked you to stay.

Best friend: oh God! Did I screw it up.

Her: kind of. You left.

Best friend: I tried calling him before I called you.

Her: and?

Best friend: he won’t pick up.

Her: maybe he fell asleep.

Best friend: Maybe.

Her: why don’t you try going back.

Best friend: I can’t.

Her: why?

Best friend: I can’t.

Her: I guess I am not the only one that runs away.

Best friend: just for the record, I am perfectly comfortable running.

Her: yeah, but just for the record, I think this time, you should have stayed.

Best friend: go back to sleep.

Her: this is not over yet.

Best friend: bye.

Her: bye.

The night it happened

Him: what are you up to?

Her: nothing much, why?

Him: got any plans for tonight?

Her: Not really, you?

Him: not really. Come over.

Her: Sure.

Him: I’ll be waiting.

They had always had a “friendly” relationship. But there was more to it. They had that type of relationship where there was more unsaid than said, the kind were silences speak louder than words, were a look expresses more than a hand, where a touch is more intimate than sex itself, and were sex, even though never there, would just mean the consummation of it all. It had been like that for years, but that night something changed. It’s almost as if the stars aligned and the universe conspired, so that their hearts beat as one and their tongues were loosened enough by the little alcohol they had and decided to act on their own and just say what in other times they would only express to each other through songs.

Her: do you know that I have always had a sort of a crush on you?
Him: (silence)

Her: are you going to say anything?

Him: why now?

Her: why now what?

Him: why do you tell me now?

Her: (frowning) what difference does it make? it is in the past.

Him: so why even mention it if it is in the past?

Her: I am just saying. What does it matter?

Him: it matters to me

Her: why?

Him: forget it. Let’s go, it is getting late.

Her: (confused) sure.

She drove all the way to his house and as usual stopped the car in the entrance. She leaned over to say goodbye and give him, like always, a kiss on the cheek, when he stopped her mid way placing a hand on her cheek and looking her directly in the eyes. There was something different this time, he had never looked at her that intensely before. Slowly he pulled her closer and softly, gently kissed her. A wave of pure electricity ran down her spine. When they detached from each other he turned the car off an took the keys, then stepped out of the car and went over to her door to open it for her. She was still frozen there. He opened her door, took her hand and led her into the house, into his room. Once there he locked the door and started kissing her again, taking her clothes off, taking his clothes off, and slowly, making love to her. It was sweet, teasing, fun, hot, different, and exceptional.

Phone rings. She ignores it. Phone rings again. She ignores it. Phone rings a third time and she picks up.

Mother: where are you?

Her: at his house

Mother: it is 3 am in the morning, what time are you coming home?

Her: soon.

Mother: now.

Her: soon.
Hangs up the phone. He is standing there, looking at her with such want in his eyes.

Her: I have to go.

Him: no

Her: I do, I am sorry

Him: we are not done

Her: I really have to go.
She stands up to leave and starts getting dressed.

Her: have you seen my bra? I had one when I came in.

Him: (standing in the doorway, naked) stay.

Her: I can’t (in a bit of a rush, looking for her bra) I really have to go.

Him: it would seem as if you are running from me.

Her: I will call you later on.

Him: stay, please.

Her: (giving him a kiss) I will talk to you later. (Heads for the door and shuts it behind her. He is left there standing in the middle of his room, naked, not only physically)

Him: so, is this it? After so long? You should have stayed. You should have.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Desire to loose control

In my life I have met many people. People who have made me want to be more responsible; people who have made want to be more aggressive; people who have made me want to be more cheerful, proactive, decisive, imperative, spontaneous, reliable, any ways; I have met people who have made me want to be a lot of things, but the one thing no one has ever made me want to do is loose control. Give in completely, no holding back, just let go of everything I am and give in into the dark side. I have never met that person, or allow me to say, I had never met that person. I don’t know if it is his eyes, or maybe the way he looks; I don’t know if it has to do with the shape of his lips, or just the way he talks; maybe is none of that, and just the way he is; but tonight I felt like closing my eyes and just letting darkness take over and control my mind. The scary part is not that I wanted it, is that I wanted it now, with you. This is not right.

I want to let go of all self restraint, I want to know how it feels to have you touch me all over, to have those hands, those lips, that tongue all over my body; tasting, touching, feeling, exploring. 

Just thinking about it makes a current rung though my body, causing me to sweat and causing certain parts of my body to become moist, wet.

The effect you have on me is too powerful. I wish it was not like that… then again, who am I trying to fool? What I do wish is that none of this was in my mind, and all of it was real; That you were here with me, doing all that you do in my imagination.

but if only…. Oh if only

First time for

Sitting in her house, in front of her computer. New message window appears.

Him: Hey!

Her: (just staring at the screen, blank face)

Him: Are you there?

Her: (should I even bother?)

Him: I see you are either not there or ignoring me, this cannot be a good sign.

Her: hi

Him: For a moment there I thought you were ignoring me.

Her: (I was) I was not in front of the screen, how can I help you?

Him: you sound cold.

Her: well, I don’t really know what to say.

Him: you can start by asking me how I am.

Her: ok, how are you?

Him: better.

Her: Better than what?

Him: I have been through some difficult things.

Her: (nothing)

Him: did you leave me?

Her: we were never together, so I cannot leave you.

Him: ouch, were you filing your nails?

Her: no, I was sharpening my knife.

Him: are you mad at me for some reason?

Her: why would I be, you just disappeared for almost two weeks right after my b-day.

Him: I am soo sorry. Like I said, I have been going through some stuff.

Her: aja. I called you.

Him: my phone was dead

Her: I wrote to you.

Him: I was without internet for a couple of days.

Her: I went by your house

Him: I have not been here.

Her: so let me get this, you did not have a phone, no access to internet and were not at home.

Him: yes.

Her: back to my original question, how can I be of help to you today?

Him: I want to see you.

Her: (raised eyebrows and skin burning, she was mad) you want to see me?

Him: yes

Her: I have two words for you; none of them involve us seeing each other.

Him: well I guess I deserve that.

Her: you think!!! You disappeared! You left me alone on my b-day, we were supposed to get together, you ignored me and ditched me, and now you expect me to go running.

Him: you are too much

Her: what is that supposed to mean?

Him: I am sorry. Let me make it up to you.

Her: what is done, cannot be undone.

Him: I wish I could explain.

Her: You could.

Him: I can’t

Her: You don’t want to.

Him: what can I do to make it up?

Her: Nothing.

Him: I can try at least.

Her: I am not interested.
Closes chat and browser.


Best friend: what are you up to?

Her: He just messaged me.

Best friend: and?

Her: Nothing.

Best friend: you are really not even going to give him a chance?

Her: He disappeared on me.

Best friend: I think you are just using this as an excuse to be able to run

Her: You too?

Best friend: Hey, I am on your side, remember?

Her: sure!

Best friend: Listen, I love you but I will also tell you the truth, even if you hate me after.

Her: whatever, I have to go to bed now, so talk to you later.

Best friend: ciao.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sharing is Caring!

Best friend: So for real there is no more Sexy Back?

Her: sigh! I have no idea, but that was not what we were talking about.

Best Friend: it is impossible to get you off a subject when you put your stubborn head to it.

Her: You know it, so spill.

Best Friend: what do you want to know?

Her: well for starters, I want to know if he fucks as well as he used to.

Best Friend: Well that I would not be able to answer that as I never fucked him in the first place, that was you, remember?

Her: But wait, wasn’t there a time when.. oh! No, wait, you didn’t, true. However, is he an ok, good, great or mind blowing fuck now?

Best Friend: well.. meh!

Her: (mouth open) really? Is it that bad?

Best Friend: well not really, but I’ve had better. Way better…

Her: so what made you fuck him the first place?

Best Friend: I was bored, I needed some, he was there. And you said it was ok.

Her: I did. You know if other people ever heard us talking , they would say we are truly sick.

Best Friend: that is because we are. Besides he is your…

Her: yes I know, but that was over 6 years ago, and I honestly don’t give a flying rats ass. I am just sorry he is not even the shadow of what he used to be, cause truth be told he used to be fucking great.

Best Friend: meh, just my luck.

Her: well there is still one good thing about him, right?

Best Friend: Oh no! that is still as good as ever, so nice and cute and big, pretty, it makes you want to give it a kiss. And to his defense, the problem is not the actual moment, it’s just that it ends to fast.

Her: Oh God! Are you kidding me?

Best Friend: No! a rooster lasts longer than he did!!!!

Her: (face down)

Best Friend: Yeah, I know.

Her: are you planning on doing him again.

Best Friend: probably not, unless I am bored, and in need of some, and there is no one else to do.

Her: wao! You are evil.

Best Friend: Hey, I am not evil, I just learn fast.

Her: what are you implying?

Best Friend: nothing master.

Her: Bitch!

Best Friend: I love you too.

Her: whatever! Don’t’ you have someone to screw?

Best Friend: maybe, unless you have another option for me. Is there another option?

Her: Maybe, but I am the one dating ugly guys!!! Jajajajaja

Best Friend: You are just too much..

Her: but you love me regardless.