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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Trying new things.

Him: what the hell are you doing?!!! (jumping and getting off the bed, taking the scarf off his eyes)

Her: (with a much practiced innocent face, that still failed) You said you wanted to try something new.

Him: I did not mean on me! One way only!!

Her: You never specified (shrugs) and may other men would disagree.

Him: I am pretty sure I did. Besides that is not what I mean by it either.

Her: well you were insisting so much on it that I thought maybe it was some sort of repressed desire.

Him: since when are you Freud, and take this off me.

Her: I lost the key

Him: are you fucking me?

Her: I never got to do it, but if you want to I still have more toys.

Him: what the fuck?!

Her: ok. Ok. I get it, you don’t want to continue playing, how boring.

Him: (silence, just looking at her as if trying to see thorough her façade)

Her: (with a disappointed face)

Him: you were trying to prove a point weren’t you?

Her: (very sarcastic) Me?!!! Never!

Him: Ok, I get it. You don’t want to.

Her: don’t want to what? Play?

Him: you don’t want me to stick it back there, I get it.

Her: Well, if you say so. (Going to him and kissing him, and then going to the living room)

Him: where are you going?

Her: to get the keys. Just sit there while I come back, I am pretty sure I left them in the living room somewhere. (She makes to leave but stays behind the door spying on him with her BB in her hand, waiting for the perfect moment. Two minutes after he starts looking at the toys and get close to a vibrator when he hears the “click”)

Him: did you just take a picture?

Her: no, that was the sound of an incoming call.

Him: what do you plan on doing with it?

Her: you honestly thought I was going to go through all this and not take advantage of it. This is what I call payback. (She clicks a couple of buttons and sends it to her best friend, one second after receipt *pling*)

Best friend: WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!!!!!!

Her: payback

Best friend: OMG jajajajajajaj, LOL, ROTFL, LMAO

Her: I know

Best friend: what do you want me to do with it?

Her: save it. Since I am sure he will wipe my cell phone memory after I take the handcuffs off.

Best fried: you know, you are evil.

Her: I told you he should have known better.

Best friend: does he know I have it?

Her: I told him I was posting it.

Best friend: Should I go over and rescue you from murder.

Her: Nah, I am about to go on a one on one with him and let him fuck the brains out of me while I give him 
the mother of all blow jobs.

Best friend: poor soul, he has no idea what he got himself into.

Her: maybe not, but he enjoys it as much as I do. TTYL

Best friend: bye. (Conversation ends)

Him: (sitting in the bed just looking at her as if he was about to kill her) Are you going to take these off now?

Her: depends on what you want me to take off. (Starts taking her clothes off and kneels in front of him) let’s see if by the time I am done you are still that angry.

Him: (with his heart racing, and other things increasing as well) Maybe, but I will get my payback before the night is over.

Her: Oh, I am counting on that.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Heated discrepancies (proving a point)

Guys, this is the reason why you might want to think twice before trying to convince your partner to try something new. It might come back and bite you in the ass. Literally.

Her:: do you really think I am going to let you in.. there?!
Him: I’ll be gentle

Her:: did you fall and hit your head?

Him: but what is the problem?

Her:: have you seen the size of that!?

Him: I promise it won’t hurt (smirk and tried innocent face)

Her:: (rolling eyes) you did fall and hurt your head.

Him: at least a little bit.

Her:: not even the tip

Him: come on, it’s not like it would be the end of the world

Her:: one way only

Him: you are so archaic

Her:: scoff!

Him: What if I use something to help ease the way?

Her:: (eyes wide open and jaw dropped)

Him: is that a maybe?

Her:: NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Him: ok…ok I get it. You can’t blame a guy for trying. (Shrugs and smirks)

Her:: are you teasing me?

Him: (let me give her: that at least) sure!

Her:: Liar!

Him: well. Maybe just a little bit.

Her:: why is it that guys are obsessed with it anyways?

Him: I could give you a million and one reason, but you would probably not like any of them.

Her:: try me.

Him: (thinking… hard)

Her:: I am waiting.

Him: (imagining all sorts of things and fighting with himself so other: things don’t get out of control)

Her:: and…

Him: (I guess I have to say something)

Her:: sigh! Forget it.

Him: (this is my chance to just run) well…. (What is my mouth doing?) I can say… (Shut up! Shut up!) to be honest with you, in that position your ass would look just fabulous and I can guarantee that I would… well finish in a split second. It’s the sensation it creates (dude you just fucked it up)

Her:: (eyes wide open) (silence)

Him: honey?...

Her:: (about to say something) (*pling*)

Best friend: so… what are you up to?

Her:: trying to understand the male reasoning for wanting to stick it up your…

Best friend: (confused face) (:S)

Her:: yeah I know!

Best friend: don’t you guys talk about politics or religion or sports. Anything like a normal couple would do.

Her:: if that were the case we would not be together:. When have you known me to be “normal” or have a “normal” boyfriend?

Best friend: good point (lol)

Her:: and you would not be my best friend for that matter

Best friend: touché! So what have you gotten from the whole conversation, and am I interrupting anything?

Her:: no you don’t interrupt anything. I was about to throw my cell phone at him if you had not messaged me.

Best friend: I see

Her:: you know what, let me release some of this anger, let me stick something up his and see if he enjoys it as much.

Best friend: Holly Shit!

Her:: well he asked for it. He should know better.

Best friend: yeah he should. TTYL.

Her:: Bye. (conversation ends) Oh honey… I thought about it better and you may have a point…Want to play cops again?

The stubborn me and the stupid you, the perfect couple.

Him: are you always this impossible?

Her: only when in front of you. Are you always this stupid?

Him: only when reasoning with you. (he smirked at her, but his anger was not subsided)

Her: what is it that you want?

Him: I told you, I want you.

Her: you mean my body

Him: I mean you, all of you; is that so hard to understand?

Her: it is when you have made it a personal goal to emphasize on sex with no attachments.

Him: things change

Her: you don’t.

Him: I can

Her: scoff

Him: what do I have to do to make you understand this is true.

Her: sweetie, you told me many times that you loved the way I made you feel, the way my body felt 
underneath yours, and you also told me that I could always have your body, but you would never give me your heart. What the hell has changed now?

Him: the fear of loosing you.

Her: what makes you think you ever had me?

Him: I know I did

Her: you are one pretentious bastard

Him: and you are one stubborn woman. I guess that makes us perfect for each other.

Her: you are assuming.

Him: and you are avoiding

Her: that is my nature

Him: I can work with that

Her: I am not giving in.

Him: I am not asking you to, besides that would be so boring

Her: I am not going to make it any easier for you.

Him: I never asked you to

Her: Why the hell won’t you go away?

Him: Because I like to make you angry

Her: Why?!

Him: Because that way I know I can make you feel.

Her: and you gain what exactly out of it?

Him: the knowledge that I can get under your skin.

Her: again, you assume.

Him: and again, you avoid. Do you think we can ever stop this vicious cycle?

Her: Will you ever stop being this stupid?

Him: only if you ever stop being so stubborn

Her: then I guess we will always be in this “cycle”

Him: (laughs)

Her: what is so funny?

Him: that is for me to know and for you to find out.

Her: that is never going to happen.

Him: We will see…

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is that it? Part 6

So recently I found myself participating in an all male conversation. Being that I grew up surrounded by men I felt right at home. However I must say that there was a moment when I was actually surprised. I knew they had the ability to do such things, I just did not know some men were capable of faking it with as much ease and effectiveness as a woman. So for all of those, who like me, thought at some point that men were not able to weave their webs of deceit and manipulate the occasions as well as we did, how wrong were we…this is the story of one of those men who have made it his lifetime resolution to learn the ways of women.
They had once been a pseudo-couple (being they had only called each other whenever they wanted to satisfy certain physical needs and after each had gone their separate ways). At that time she had been a svelte woman, she had curves and a body to die for.

With full, perky, beautiful breasts, and an ass men would drool over, she was considered a knockout. Since then she had lost some weight, but he wanted her so badly (probably it had more to do with the memory he had of her, than with the reality of what he was actually seeing), he used all his cards and pulled all his tricks until he got her to agree to go to his place with him and have one night together, for old times' sake. The surprise came, when with all his blood rushing to only one place on his entire body, she took her clothes off and revealed what her body had become since last they had been together.

Him: (what the heavens happened to the curvaceous goddess I used to know)

Her: Like what you see?

Him: (smiling) you know I do

Her: you want me?

Him: can't you tell how much (truth is that at this moment the blood had decided to start flowing back to his brain, much to his dislike, and that other part of his body was rapidly deflating)

Her: I want you to touch me, I want to feel your hands on my body

Him: (you mean more on your skeleton) (but he was a gentleman, so he would never let her see the disappointment)
He started, slowly touching her and feeling her body, and while she was enjoying each second of it and visibly getting more excited (he was, after all, a very good lover) he, on the other hand, felt as if he was touching a live skeleton, like the ones they used to have at science class in school so you would learn the name of the bones). Noticing that he was not as happy to see her as he had been at other times, she decided to kiss him and taste that part of his body.

A huge shock of disappointment came his way, when for some reason; she had lost all of her ability to use her mouth properly. Not being able to take it anymore he decided to use his learning's to his advantage and grabbing her by the shoulders pulled her up.

Her: are you not enjoying it?

Him: (if only you knew) is not that sweetie, is that I am distracted by what happened to my car, and I am beginning to get a migraine. (his previous lovers had taught him right)

Her: (attempting to continue with the fiasco) I can help you with that headache.

Him: I don't want to put you through that. I am really sorry but I don't think I will be able to continue.

Her: can we at least cuddle?

Him: (she really wants to stay?! What is wrong with her?) I would really rather go straight to sleep. I really don't want the pain to get any worse.

Her: oh! I understand. Do you think you can take me home?

Him: (this is where I know I am going to sound like an ass, but I just want to be able to be alone so I can call the one I should have called to start with). I don't think I can drive like this. Do you mind if I call a cab?

Her: no, that is ok, I understand. I will call you tomorrow to see how you are doing, yes?

Him: thank you so much, you are a true angel. And thank you for understanding.
She gets dressed and finally leaves. (*pling* new bb message)

The one that should have been: what are you up to sweet chocolate?

Him: waiting for you to text me.

The one that should have been: want to get together?

Him: you know where I am.

The one that should have been: be there in 20.

Him: be here waiting.

So what have we learned from this one? And yes, this is a true story, but for the protection of the one that leads this tale, anonymity is kept. Girls learn from it, guys, well, congratulations on learning the true art of deceit and manipulation, some of you could actually go on a one on one with a woman. But be careful, both, should you find one like you, you can either be the player or the one being played, or maybe both, and that is when it would become interesting.

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Monday, April 18, 2011

Lovers duality, caught in between.

Him: I love my wife, I really do!

Her: so why did you do it?
She had found him in his house, on his bed with another woman, a mutual friend of theirs who was also married. As soon as she had seen them, the mutual friend had left crying. They were not sitting one in front of the other and he seemed desperate to explain the reason why he did it. If he only knew.

Him: I don’t know. I feel so alone. I mean, its been a month since my heart attack and in that time you’ve spent more time with me than my own wife.

Her: are you trying to justify yourself?

Him: no!, that is not what I am doing here, but I need you to understand.

She felt horrible seeing him so confused. That was not her friend. The man she had befriend for over 10 years was a strong, decided, hard working, always standing strong and very sure of himself kind of man, she knew why his wife hadn’t been with him during that time, she also knew where and with who she was with. But still she was not about to tell him for two reasons; one, his doctor had told her that he could not go through any type of stress, and two she wanted little miss nothing to be the one to tell him, she would make sure she did.

Her: I understand, but I don’t approve. You are so much better and stronger than that. And the person you chose! If her husband ever found out!

Him: he won’t.

Her: oh, sweetie! Guilt is a treacherous feeing, and guilt is what I saw in that woman.

Him: You think she will tell him.

Her: I don’t know, but I will talk to her. If she fell on your bed something must be going on.

Him: try nothing.

Her: really?! For how long?

Him: According to her, they have not had sex in about 6 months. He won’t even touch her anymore, and she says that the other night she was looking for something in the car and in the drawer in front of the passenger seat she found a pair of black, lace thongs that did not belong to her.

Her: oh God! She thinks he is having an affair.
(that was a statement more than a question. She very well knew that their friend’s husband was indeed having an affair, and she also knew with whom; that person had been absent during her husbands recovery from a heart attack)


Best friend: they’re here again.

Her: what are they doing?

Best friend: knitting a sweater for their spouses. What do you think they are doing? They look like newlyweds.

Her: can the sarcasm. I just found their respective others in bed, together.

Best friend: What!!! This is starting to get interesting.

Her: yeah, well, I hate being in the middle of all this.

Best friend: well, maybe you can get something out of it. Since it is starting to look like one of your twisted novels, why don’t you write about it?

Her: You have a twisted and dark sense of humor. Take pictures, and bye.

Best friend: Once more, already one step ahead of you. Already have them. I feel like a paparazzi. Ciao bella!

Him: Everything ok?

Her: you want the honest true or you want me to lie?

Him: I want to hear you talk like our president and pretend you live in neverland where kids can fly by using a magic dust and thinking happy thoughts. What do you think I want to hear?

Her: what is it with people and sarcasm today?!

Him: we learn from the best. Now really, what is going on?

Her: Another friend of mine is being unfaithful to her husband.

Him: do I know her?

Her: Yes.

Him: Do I want to know who it is?

Her: Not now. Just let it go.

Him: As long as it does not affect me.

Her: (if only you knew, but I will spare you, for now) I have to go.

Him: Are you going to leave me alone?

Her: Afraid the big-bad-wolf might come and eat you? Oh no, that already happened, only it was not a wolf, it was a she wolf.

Him: don’t need the sarcasm.

Her: don’t like it so much when it is directed at you.

Him: (scoff) but really do you have to go.

Her: I guess I could stay a little longer. But you will have to feed me.

Him: I should have known there was a catch.

Her: you still love me.

Him: who couldn’t?

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is that it? Part 4

Him: So this is the place I was talking to you about.

Her: It is really nice! (she had to admit that in spite of her hesitation at first to go out with him, the night seemed to be promising, at least the place was nice and the music was great)

Him: so, i come here often. To be able to get in on a Friday night you have to have a reservation, but being that my uncle is the manager of the place I have perks.

(It would have probable gone unnoticed if he had not been trying so hard, but she noticed right away how much he wanted to impress her; but unfortunately he did not know, that to her, none of that mattered and it actually bored her, as many other women who were able to notice how hard men were trying. But she was not about to tell him and ruin his moment)

Him: so, do you like the place?

Her: I do, it is lovely.
(he went to the waitress and asked to locate a table for them to seat, when they reached the table, the real fun began, he pulled the menu and thus the magic of the night begins)

Him: so, here are the drinks they offer here.

Her: Remember I can't drink.

Him: well, but still, look. The wine here is good, and the price is not bad either, check it out, red 2010 $290 a cup. I usually have a glass of whiskey for $250.

Her: (is he mentioning the prices of the drinks, hummm, this does not sound too good, sounds like he does  not have a lot of money and even though he was the one who invited me here in the first place... could he be thinking about separate tabs? what the hell is his perception of a date?)

Him: They also have Tapas.

Her: Well again, remember I can't drink, and everything I see to eat in the menu sound like it will give me an upset stomach, but by all means, don't hold back, if you want to drink, go ahead.

Him: well, a glass of wine wont hurt you. Waiter.

Waiter: Yes?

Him: Is there any house wine?

Waiter: Yes there is, would you like a glass?

Him: two please.
(So the waiter leaves, but she is a bit confused, you see he asked for the house wine, but did he mean wine on the house? when we all know that when the house offers a wine is because that is the one that they are promoting at that time, but it will never be on the house. But once more, giving him the benefit of the doubt they go on with the date, the waiter brings the two glasses of wine and she ventures and orders some cheese)

The conversation is good, the music is great, he is being a darling, but past a couple of hours she is not feeling too well and her stomach decides to do one of its own, so she asks him if they could leave. Here is the cherry on the icing.

Him: So let me ask you, am I paying for the cheese or are you?

Her: (Did he really just ask that? with a smile on her face, and using all her acting techniques so the disapointment and amazement would not show) I don't have a problem paying for it.

He orders the tab and when the waiter bring it, ta da! the glasses of wine are being charged.

Him: Are they really charging us for the glasses of wine?

Her: (please say you're joking)

Him: Waiter.

Waiter: sir?

Him: Did I not ask if the wine was on the house?

Waiter: Sir but the wine is never on the house, we served the wine that the house offers.

Him: I have come here other times and have had wine on the house.

Waiter: (blank face) Sir, I am sorry, but the wine is not on the house.

Her: (exhasperated and surprised that he actually had the ... to argue about this with the waiter puts a hand on his shoulder, smiles at the waiter and says thank you, dismissing the waiter and smiling at him says that it was not a problem. So the total of the tab was about $800 (dominican  pesos) She pulls a $500 from her pocket and puts it in with the tab; he reaches for his wallet and takes out the whatever remaining amount and puts it with the tab)

Her: Are we waiting for something?

Him: For the change.

Her: (seriously?!)
(the waiter returns with the change and he tries to give her the loose change which she declines and then he puts it in his pockets. Now she is really dumbstruck)

Him: (getting close to her) So, is it really hurting that much, or is there a chance to extend the night?

Her: (confused. Did he just ask that?) I am sorry but my stomach is really hurting and I ran out of the medication so I have to really run to get some before I end up in the ER again.

Him: I am sorry. When will I see you again?

Her: I will send you a message.
(She gets in her car, relieved that the date was over *pling!)

Best Friend: So, how is it going?

Her: Well, the word Fiasco, does not describe it, It is over already.

Best Friend: Really?! Wao, I think this one holds the record.

Her: Again: I really have to start dating ugly guys.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Letter to a feeling

Dear hope:

On days like this is when I wish you would not exist. On days when the longing is so big I can almost feel the hole it leaves inside of me. I struggle finding things to fill it with, and I call in vain for those who can't hear me. On days like this I wish you would have never come to my door knocking, asking me to be patient and wait, for that which I wish for and which I deserve will soon be mine. Empty words you speak and false promises you make. It has been years since you said that, and I still wait.

Dear hope, on days like this I wish you would fade away, for all this would be easier to bear.

Sincerely yours:

The heart
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Is that it? Part 5

Her: tell me again why I am here.

Best friend: you said you wanted to date an ugly guy.

Her: and you had to listen to me because...

Best friend: at least we are making it a double date.

Her: you have issues.

Best friend: look who's talking.

Her: so how ugly are these guys?

Best friend: are? Who says mu date is ugly?

Her: (wide mouthed and about to flip out) what!!!! You set me up with an ugly guy and come on a double date with an adonis? What is wrong with you?

Best friend: chill out miss drama! There they are, judge for yourself.

While they looked at the two Apollo looking men that where approaching them, she almost drooled, but stopped herself from allowing her emotions to go any further as she's had enough bad experience with great looking guys.

Best friend: (whispering) you honestly thought I would so such a thing to you as to let you go out with an ugly guy?

Her: I know you. You would have done it just to prove me wrong.

Apollo 1: good evening girls. (To the best friend, while taking her had and kissing it) good evening.

Apollo 2: (to her) I take it you are my date for tonight (taking her hand and giving it a soft, gentle kiss that sent goose bumps down her spine)

Her: (bahhh, almost unable to utter a word) yes.

Best friend (containing herself from bursting out laughing) shall we go inside?

Apollo 1:( smiling broadly) gladly.

Apollo 2 (grabbing her by the waist and leading her inside, while whispering in her ear) by the way, and in case I forget, you are gorgeous.

Her: (giggling) thank you.

That first double date was great, and the ones that followed were even better. 5 dates after and many drinks as well they were finally about to... Well you know by now. And with the experience she had she was hoping this time it would be different. And it was...

Her: (gasp)

Apollo 2: is there something wrong?

Her: is that it!!!

Apollo: too small?

Her; are you kidding me? It did not feel like that!

Apollo 2: jajajajja. Are you going to run from me now?

Her: I ain't going nowhere sir. Now can I have some of that?

Apollo 2: come and feats yourself.

Her: now you know it won't... Well,.. (*pling*) (wtf!, looking at her cell phone rather frustrating)

Best friend: so, do I need to have an emergency?

Her: lol, no, you are actually interrupting a very "big" event, huge actually.

Best friend: for real?!

Her: yes!!! Ttyl

Best friend: enjoy!!b

Her: ( guess I don't have to date ugly guys to get what I am looking for. Wink! Tell you more later, I will have other things occupying my hands now, ciao)

To be continued...

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The Lie in Believe

There are some women who exist in this life to compliment men, to be their right hand, to help them thrive and through love achieve greatness. There are other women, who, on the other hand, exist in this life to make men lives a living hell, to suck he life out of them and to help them reach the highest level of failure by deceiving, lying, cheating and being selfish beyond belief.

Her: So how is the madam?
Husband: Don’t call her that, she is fine.

Her: How do you want me to call her? Or better, how is the miss?

Husband: spare the sarcasm

Her: spare the blindness.

Husband: she loves me

Her: she loves your money

Husband: each to its own

Her: and you to yours.

Husband: is that why you came to see me?

Her: no, of course not. I wanted to see how you were doing, it was a heart attack you had after all.

Husband: I am better, just need to rest.

Her: and where is the misses by the way? How come she is not playing the devoted wife role?

Husband: seriously, spare the sarcasm

Her: sorry, it comes with me.

Husband: she is out.

Her: just that?

Husband: she said she had to run some errands, and visit a sick friend.

Her: while you’re here in bed? Couldn’t those errands wait/

Husband: she also had to buy some things, says the house needs some renewal.

Her: didn’t you paint it like two months ago?

Husband: you know she runs the household

Her: and some other things too.

Husband: really!

Her: sorry!

Husband: you don’t mean it

Her: of course I don’t. How can you be so blind?

Husband: so we really have to go over this again.

Her: I guess not.  (*Pling*, new bb message)

Friend: where are you at?

Her: I’m at Charles, why?

Friend: she is not there, is she?

Her: no, why?

Friend: because I am seeing her right now?

Her: and where are you?

Friend: I would rather not say.

Her: who are you with?

Friend: I would rather not say. But I will say this, this is a place where people come to satisfy their needs. I asked my companion to stop the car so I could take a better look since I know that Charles had a heart attack and is home resting, I did not want to believe that his devoted honey would be in this place with that person.

Her: please take a picture.

Friend: already did.

Her: send it to me

Friend: you will not show it to him now.

Her: no, but I will soon find out what to do with it, he will not believe me, but the mask has to fall at some point.

Friend: sent.

Her: thanks. (closes chat)

Husband: everything ok? You look pale.

Her: nah! Just someone who’s time is running out.

Husband: (phone rings)

Wife: hey honey how are you feeling?

Husband: I am good. Emma is here.

Wife: and how is the little witch doing?

Husband: spare the bitterness

Wife: anyways, I am running a bit late. Can the witch stay with you for a little longer? I a afraid I got caught up in some things.

Husband: she will stay. Come back soon.

Wife: I will.

Husband: and don’t spend too much, we really need to save now that I am in bed rest for a little while.

Wife: I know. And I also know you will be back at work in no time, is not like it was a huge thing.

Husband: talk to you later. (closing call)

Her: the misses?

Husband: please, spare the sarcasm

Her: just for this time.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

An act of love?

This would be my 100th post, and i chose to make it a conversation as it comes easier to me. however this one holds a dear place in my heart. I dedicate this one, to those whom have loved one person while being with another, those whom have not been able to let their hearts run the course of their lives, those whom have not been able to decipher what their bodies tell them, those whom have not had the courage to make a choice and be content with it, to those whom have had to let go of what they truly want. I dedicate this one to you.

Him: I want to see you

 Her:  no

Him: why not?

Her: because I don’t want to be alone after.

Him: I have heard that before

Her: it is different this time

Him: how so?

Her: because this time I will not go to you.

 Him: Last time you said the same thing and still you came, and we had a great time, didn’t we?

Her: we did, but after I still felt alone. You see, in the end you will go back to her, and I will go back to nothing.

Him: sweetie…

Her: no, in the end I will still hurt. Please leave me alone. I am trying not to hurt anymore, my heart cannot bear any more pain, and I deserve better.

Him: I want to see you because you make me feel like no one else does, your body makes me experience sensations that no other woman has ever been able to make me experience. You are a true goddess. But I will do as you wish. I will not be the one to cause you pain, I will not be the one to hurt your precious heart.

Her: I love you, you know that. But I need to stay away from you.

Him: I love you too, and I know.

Her: go to her, stay with her.

Him: she does not make me feel like you do.

Her: yet it is she who you are with and not me.

Him: it is complicated

Her: it is actually simple, but you choose to make it complicated

Him: can I convince you of one last time?

Her: what for?

Him: I’m sorry.

Her: no you’re not

Him: no I am not.

Her: bye.

Is that it? Part 3

 Her: (you have got to be kidding) (blank face)

Him: are you ready?

Her: (still blank face) (for what, I can’t even see it underneath all that)

Him: Come over to me.

Her: (rooted next to the door)

Him: are you ok

Her: no, I have a huge migraine

Him: you were fine a minute ago

Her: (yes, before I saw that!) I am soo sorry.

Him: you want me to get you something for the pain

Her: I can only take on specific pill, I am allergic.

Him: what is it that you take, maybe I have it here, I am a doctor after all.

Her: (taking her hand to her forehead, this guy must be royally…) that is ok, I have at home.

Him: are you sure you can drive like that, let me take you home.

Her: NO!!!! (is was enough that she had to endure this) I will be fine, don’t worry.

Him: at least call me when you get home to make sure you are fine.

Her: sure.

Him: (standing up and walking towards her about to kiss her)

Her: (reaching for the door before he got to her) I will call you. (closing door)


Best friend: so, how is it going?

Her: is not!

Best friend: why not?

Her: he was a bit too natural for me.

Best friend: are you kidding me! But he is so hot!

Her: until he takes off his clothes. It’s like king kong human version,

Best friend: oh god! How did you get away.

Her: Migraines…

Best friend: Jajajajajaja, well then, up for dancing.

Her: of course. By the way, please remind me to start dating ugly guys, maybe it will work out/

 Best friend: yeah right! But I will hold you to your word. Jajajaja

Her: please don’t. See you in a bit.