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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why won't you let me?

Him: are we still on for tonight?

Her: no. Sigh!

Him: why not?

Her: silence

Him: sweetie please talk to me.

Her: you're dangerous

Him: that is not true.

Her: but it is.

Him: what are you afraid of?

Her: you

Him: I don't bite. Well not hard that is.

Her: not unless asked, right?

Him: so?

Her: no

Him: you're running from me

Her: I am

Him: why

Her: because I am afraid of falling for you

Him: would that be so bad?

Her: yes

Him: why?

Her: because you would not fall for me

Him: how do you know that?

Her: I don't. But I can't take that chance.

Him: so you dismiss me just like that?

Her: I'm sorry

Him: no you're not, you're a coward

Her: call me what you like.

Him: take a chance with me

Her: silence

Him: look at me. Please my angel, just look at me.

Her: I'm damaged goods

Him: never liked fresh food

Her: I am crazy

Him: then again, who's not?

Her: I'm temperamental

Him: I am not easily dissuaded

Her: I am stubborn

Him: I will let you be

Her: I can't be your girlfriend

Him: then be my companion

Her: why do you insist with me

Him: because I already lost my heart to you.

To be continued...
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