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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Unexpected encounter.

Him: Where have you been?
Her: I’ve been here
Him:  How come I have not seen you?
Her: Maybe because you have not wanted to.
Him: I’ve been looking for you.
Her: Where?
Him: Everywhere. In every person, in every corner, in all the places I was told I could find you.
Her: How come it took you so long to find me?
Him: I think I was never able to really recognize you before.
Her: what did you do different this time?
Him: I followed my instincts.
Her: I am glad you did.
Him: I have to admit though I am bit scared.
Her: (smiling at him) you have no reason to be.
Him: (looking at her eyes) Do you think it will last this time?
Her: (holding his hands) Why do you worry about that?
Him: Because I don’t want to loose you.
Her: But you have never lost me, I have always been here, waiting, wishing, hoping that you would finally recognize me. I have been in your every moment, you have been in my every thought, I have been in your short and long term relationships, you have been here in all my  experiences.
Him: Have I been so blind?
Her: You have not trusted yourself.
Him: So will you stay this time.
Her: Nothing lasts forever, but we can make the time worth the wait.
Him: (sad face) I don’t want you to go.
Her: Just enjoy the moment, however long it lasts.
Him: I need to hear you say it.
Her: I’m yours
Him: Say the other part.
Her: We belong to each other.
Him: Are you staying tonight?
Her: I would not leave you for the world.
Him: Come to bed
Her: Only if you promise to hold me tight.
Him: I promise.  

Is that it?

This one is a bit different than the others, but please do not think for a moment it is based on true facts, remember most of my writings come from a figment of my imagination. Hope you enjoy this one and find it as funny as I did... At a moment.

After months of him courting her, and her, flirting with him, several unfinished dates, many failed attempts and one too many cold showers, they had finally consummated their relationship, taking it to that highly expected moment where their bodies and mind gave into desire and went for the ultimate satisfaction of all, that of reaching heaven through physical motion. This is the conversation that takes place after.

Her: is that it?

Him: (breathless)

Her: (pushing him aside and frowning)

Him: did you enjoy it as much as I did?

Her: (silence)

Him: sweetie?

Her: is that it?

Him: (blank face)

Her: I have to go.

Him: we just got here

Her: I know

Him: is there a problem?

Her: you want me to be honest?

Him: please!

Her: at what time did we get here?

Him: 10:45 pm I believe, at least that was the time when I closed the door.

Her: what time is it now?

Him: 10:55 (confused face)

Her: (expectant face)

Him: I don't get it.

Her: 10 minutes

Him: did you not enjoy it? I mean I think you came at least once.

Her: (sarcastic tone) oh yes I did, all 7 Minutes of it! You were great!

Him: thank you, I told you, you would not regret it.

Her: (blank face)

Him: come back to bed.

Her: (even more sarcastic) I am sorry sweetie, I forgot I have something very important to do.

Him: when will we go out again?

Her: (evasive). I will call you.

Him: kiss?

Her: I would not want my makeup to get spoiled. Bye.

(Door closes)

Him: she is so great!

Her: oh God!

To be continued...
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why won't you let me?

Him: are we still on for tonight?

Her: no. Sigh!

Him: why not?

Her: silence

Him: sweetie please talk to me.

Her: you're dangerous

Him: that is not true.

Her: but it is.

Him: what are you afraid of?

Her: you

Him: I don't bite. Well not hard that is.

Her: not unless asked, right?

Him: so?

Her: no

Him: you're running from me

Her: I am

Him: why

Her: because I am afraid of falling for you

Him: would that be so bad?

Her: yes

Him: why?

Her: because you would not fall for me

Him: how do you know that?

Her: I don't. But I can't take that chance.

Him: so you dismiss me just like that?

Her: I'm sorry

Him: no you're not, you're a coward

Her: call me what you like.

Him: take a chance with me

Her: silence

Him: look at me. Please my angel, just look at me.

Her: I'm damaged goods

Him: never liked fresh food

Her: I am crazy

Him: then again, who's not?

Her: I'm temperamental

Him: I am not easily dissuaded

Her: I am stubborn

Him: I will let you be

Her: I can't be your girlfriend

Him: then be my companion

Her: why do you insist with me

Him: because I already lost my heart to you.

To be continued...
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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Foolish believes of time.

Time is the avenger of every lie and every betrayal. Is the avenger of hurt feelings, and is the hero of lives redeemed. They say that time heals everything, forgetting that the only true cure for everything is no memory, for the memories do not fade and its bitter taste is only diminished by the passing of the years, sometimes. 

Time is everyone's friend and enemy at a time, is what makes a day memorable, or what makes a minute hell. Time measures the lives of individuals, segments and separates the moments in them. 

What is a second  worth for those who want to see once again a lost loved one? 

What is a minute worth for a young lover who feels the heat from the lips of her lover for the first time?

What is an hour worth, to a grandmother whom in the middle of games and stories sees her inminent death draw nearer?

What is a day worth to that person who lost everything in just a moment? 

Time is a wonderful thing for those who enjoy a moment of bliss, and is the greatest curse to those who suffer in silence. They face the reality of a time they ever thought would come to them.

For me, time is what keeps us occupied while our inevitable destiny is cast in the corners of our neglect and takes full control of what we believe, in vain, we have control of... our lives.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Midnight Sun\ Daytime moon.

Her‎: So, where you ever able to catch the sun? Because I have been trying to do the same with the moon.  She keeps eluding me.

Him: Don't stop being yourself and the moon could be yours

Her:  But she is mine.  She crawls in my window at night, just to share her secrets with me. But she is not to be tamed or captured. Guess she and I are of the same nature. She is just meant to be enjoyed, while she lasts.

Him: That is the motion of the night; slowly you can dry a tear, or call a whisper by touching the wind.

Her‎: Is that yours?

Him: You know me…

Her: But I don’t.  I see you, but only parts of you. You hide under that mysterious gaze, you keep to yourself. So in reality only those, whom you allow to read you, know you.
Him: Just read me for a couple of days and you tell me if I'm mysterious, I can give all I am in just a second. And you’re kind of familiar with my kisses, but that is a whole other story.
Her:  Few have managed to leave me speechless and even fewer have managed to keep me like that. Me knowing your kisses would imply having felt them at some point. I just wonder how real your dreams were.
Him: And that point is the turn key to meet the moon and the sun, or just stay in the middle and enjoy the trip

Her:  But if you stay in the middle you will never know the true reality of either, the moon is cold, yet shines beautifully when full. The sun is hot, yet gives light and allows us to see what beauties the earth brings.

Him:  And me knowing your breath and having it so close makes me wonder how deep a dream could get in a second, having you here with me.

Her‎: How deep a dream could get in a second, would depend of how real you can make it be, and how hard your heart beats once you awake

Him: And the trip from the moon to the sun throughout the graveyard is what gives us reasons to be one in a single touch. Now if you are the dream, should I wake up and live the moment behind it?

Her‎: if I am the dream, enjoy me while I last, shall you awaken, and wouldn’t it mean that it’s over? Lie still, for dreams are never meant to be over. Once you awake the fantasy behind is lost. Unless the reality is far better than the dream, lie still, for dreams are eternal while they last.

Him:  The reality is powerless when the dreams are walking on the dimension where you can take a step yet you can fly and be where you want, come back, and seal it with a kiss. And that is when I should wake up.

Her:  Am I talking to a poet, a writer, a musician, or am I talking to a mortal so in tune with his feelings that he is able to make out of words a touch and reach to people’s souls? Who are you?

Him:  I'm the night that could make you dance on a whisper, yet to kiss u is the goal that makes me reach the sun on a thought.

Her:  Fly away my Icarus, but careful so your wings don't burn, come back and allow yourself to feel the moon’s cool touch and cool down your heated heart. Still my dreaming Icarus, Who are you really? When no one else is listening to the music your soul makes, who are you then?

Him:  The music is the sound of the voice that I'm willing to hear when my words become your storm, yet the rain falling makes you think that every second counts between our fingers. I'm the rhythm that crawls through your skin, the beat my lips dance to when touching your skin, when making you feel like you are the only one.  Let it shine and put no limits to love.

Her:  So your secret is out, my daytime wolf, you sing with the rays of the sun, yet dance to moon's night glow, you sleep under the warmth of the day yet howl at the beauty of the night. You dance to the rhythm of your heart’s desire and with your fingers you kiss the soft skin of your parchment, the softness of the skin.

Him: You forget the kiss that makes the words be the voice of my heart, beating out loud when the soul is part of reason.

Her: But I don't forget the kiss. For that is the way your heart expresses what your soul shouts out into the night; soft, simple; yet warm, passionate. The kiss is you pen and my skin is your parchment. That is how you make the words feel so real.

Him: Your skin is my paper where I can match each star with a touch and express what the mind is incapable of.

Her:  Your words are strong.

Him:  Welcome to my World.

Her‎: Who says I don't already belong:

Him: I’ve been waiting.

Her: So wait no more, my burning wolf. I am here to be the moon that shines in your nights and hears you call when you howl. Wait no more my lonely star, I am here… to stay.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Once Upon a Time -Chapter Two

-So how long are you guys going to be staying here?

Amanda was going through the check in process and was grateful of the questions she had to ask, being that she had a personal interest in knowing certain things.

-Two full weeks. 

Amanda tried to ignore the emphasis he had put into the word full and continued with the questionnaire, far more interested in the next questions.

-Will you be sharing the room with anyone?

She then lifted her head to see his expression.


Amanda’s heart sank. He was not alone. When John saw her eyes widened and she went pale, he hurried to add

-I will be sharing with Tim and Jake.

He half smiled. He found it interesting that Amanda cared who he spent the nights with and secretly wondered if God would give him the chance to spend at least one with her.

-oh! Ok. So Tim.. and Jake you said, and they would be?

-Tim is the blonde one in the back with a California guy look and Jake would be the one that is almost eating Lucia with his eyes.

The guy Lucia had engaged a conversation with seemed to be very interested not only in the conversation they were holding but also in the many curves Lucia’s body had. Amanda smiled and thought to herself that if this guy were smart at all he would run the other way. Lucia had a reputation for being a heart breaker. Then again, Jake didn’t know her, so Lucia would probably have some fun.

-So are you going to ask me whether I sleep in my underwear or naked, or can we get our rooms now?
Amanda went red in the face. Not because she thought she was holding him back there, but because the thought had actually crossed her mind.

-I am sorry, I have to ask all these questions before I book the rooms. You will be at the enchanted sea building.

-Enchanted sea?

-Hey, I don’t come up with the names.

They both laughed.  John then left to guide the group of guys to their rooms but not before inviting Amanda to a drink after her shift, which she had to turn down since she was pulling a double that night, but would try to see him the next day, she said.

Around 10:30 Amanda was at the lobby wishing for midnight so her shift would end, when John showed up with two glasses of soda.

-I know you can’t drink alcohol while working so I brought you some soda to share with me. That way I can say I had a drink with you.

Amanda smiled and accepted the drink. He looked super handsome that night. He was wearing fitted jeans and a blue shirt with the sleeves pulled to his elbows.

-So where is the infamous Lucia?

John had known Amanda since she had been born as their parents were friends and had also known Lucia, and her stories and adventures, as soon as she had come into Amanda’s life.

-Her shift ended a couple of hours ago, and if I am not mistaken, and I bet I am not, she should be in the club right now, dancing until her knees hurt. Probably flirting with Jake as well. How come you are not with the wolf pack?

John smiled and threw her one his many devastating flirtatious looks and Amanda’s heart skipped a beat.

-Because I wanted to see you and I did not want to wait until tomorrow.


Amanda was looking at him with that “right-and-then-I-woke-up-from-this-dream” look.

-You don’t believe me.

This was a statement and not a question.

-Well, let’s just say that you have never found me more interesting that everything else.

-oh! That hurt!

John took a hand to his heart and made a face. Amanda just smiled. She was trying not to make anything of all of this, but he was making it hard, being there, joking around with her, looking so good. Her brain and hormones were running a million per second. John leaned over the counter so he could be closer to her.

-So at what time does your shift end?


-Will your carriage turn into a pumpkin then?

-No, jajajaja, why do you ask?

-Because I was wondering if after your shift you would take a walk with me along the beach shore.

Amanda could barely believe her ears, and her face must have shown her surprise.

-Is it that hard for you to believe that I want to take a walk with you?

-No, but I was under the impression you had come here to spend time with your friends.

-Well, that was the plan, but I did not know you were going to be here.

-And now that you know, what?

-Well, now that I know I have options, don’t I?

Amanda was starting to feel hot. He was there and wanted to spend time with her, he was ditching his friends for her; she felt as if she was in the clouds.

-I would love to take a walk by the beach with you..

-Excellent then see you at midnight.

Typical of him to jump to conclusions before letting her finish the phrase.

-I am not done. I can’t John.

His face showed disappointment, but it did not seem as if he was going to give up so easily.

-Why not?

-Because I have an early shift tomorrow and this is my second day at work. So as much as I would like to spend some time with you, I also want to keep my job for the summer.
John just stared at her for a minute of two. She was beautiful and smart too. He had always admired her dedication, which she had shown to have at a very early age; so to him it was no surprise that she would turn down his invitation if she thought it would interfere with her job, but he was not about to give up. He finally had her outside of her extremely protective family circle and he was going to take advantage of the situation. He had liked her for a long time now, and was not about to let her go.

-I understand. When are you off?

-The weekends. Why?


He did not say anything else but leaned over to give her a kiss on the cheek. However when he was pulling back he stopped and looked at her in the eyes. It was electrifying. Amanda’s heart was racing and she felt she was running out of breath. He leaned ever so slowly and kissed her in the lips. It was a soft, sweet kiss, but sent all of Amanda’s senses flying. He pulled back and waited for Amanda to open her eyes, which she seemed incapable of doing. Still looking at her he said

-See you on Saturday. You and me lunch, the Italian restaurant.

Then he kissed her again and left.

Amanda was rooted there. She felt her heart was almost coming out of her chest of how fast it was beating. 
All she could do was catch her breath and watch John as he walked away.

-Until Saturday.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Once Upon a Time - The begining

-So you have really never been kissed? That is what I call a waste.
John smirked and a gleam of teasing fun could easily be guessed in his eyes. Amanda caught it and thought to herself that she would not play along, but always when with him, she could not help but flirt.

-Never seemed that way to me, besides no one has earned that right.

-And what would “someone” have to do to earn it?

-First of all the would have to like the taste of chocolate.

The words came out of her mouth without her intending them to.  It was a joke between them and their friends, where they would tease her and say that because of her skin color she should taste somewhat like chocolate and he would taste somewhat like cinnamon. So she did not really intend to say that, but after she did, and he caught on it, she decided that she would just continue. After all, what was the worst that could happen? 

John remained silent for a minute, just looking at her, but more than looking, it seemed as if he was trying to read what was in her head. 

-You know, for a 16 year old that has never been kissed, you certainly have a way with your mouth.

-Well… For a 22 year old with a lot of experience, you look surprised.

She could not help teasing him like that, and a smile just drew on her face. She had always been considered a smart mouth, being the youngest and only girl of 6; she not only had to fight for attention but also had to be able to fend for herself, so she learned at a young age that having a daring mouth, being a bit hardheaded and holding her position would help her deal with the men in her life.

However lately she was learning a new lesson. Being that she was in blooming, her natural beauty was developing and she was becoming more noticeable. For a 16 year old, she was tall, taller than most at least.  She was about 5”9 and weight about 130 pounds, so she had a slim body. People would always tell her that she should try modeling, but she thought it to be shallow. She had long black straight hair that trailed all the way to her lower back, and she had fair features with big brown eyes. But what set her apart from the other girls was her chocolate smooth, skin color. Guys would go crazy about it. The whole combination made her look like some kind of black muse.

John was not blind to all this, and only a year ago had he started noticing her. He had been taken aback when he saw her in a party last summer, with a simple short, white summer dress and matching sandals. She had looked so beautiful that the only word that came to mind for him to describe her was, heavenly.

-What are you thinking about?

He had not noticed that he had gotten lost in his memories but was still looking at her. For an entire year he had tried to ignore the feeling that had been growing. But seeing her teasing with him, so innocent he could only think about one thing.

-I was thinking about how much I love chocolate.

Her eyes opened wide and as she saw him approaching her, slowly, she froze. She knew what was going to happen. As he got closer, she could feel his warm breath on her lips, he was so close she could almost feel his lips on hers. He was going to kiss her; finally he was going to kiss her…

-Hey!! Come on wake up we have to go!

Slowly Amanda opened her eyes, grudgingly. She had been having the most wonderful dream, John liked her, he found her beautiful, and he was about to kiss her. But that had been a dream. Only in her dreams she was able to get him to kiss her.

Completely frustrated, and a bit sad, Amanda got out of bed and went over to the bathroom to take a bath. Lucia, her best friend, almost sister, who had gone to live with her and her family after her parents had died three years ago, would not stop talking about the great day they had ahead.
It was the beginning of summer and they had gotten summer jobs at another city. They had found a job in a hotel in one of the most visited cities by tourist in Dominican Republic. They had arrived at Bavaro the week before and had settled in to take the training, but also to get to know the city and the places to be. The fact that they were working did not mean that they could not have fun.

They got ready, Amanda in silent, Lucia talking non-stop and headed to the front desk where they had been stationed for the next weeks. The day had gone by slowly and not too many tourists had checked in that day. What Amanda liked about that particular resort was that it was not only for tourists and it was a place to spend a nice, quiet vacation. However they also offered great options for young people who were looking for a bit of reckless fun.

She was lost in her own thoughts, mostly because Lucia had now started taking about fashion, a subject that she could go on for hours because of how much she loved it. Out of nowhere a group of guys came to check into the resort, they had not been expecting it as no one had made any reservations, not that it was a problem, but it made the check in process longer.

Lucia decided to leave the fashion subject for later and enjoy the very nice looking subjects she had in front of her, which was about 6”2 and 230 pounds, tanned skin, black hair, brown eyes, and a mouth she would not stop looking at.

Amanda decided to try and find the leader of the group of young, obviously college guys, and try to sort things out, which would make the room assignation easier. From the back of the group, which were about 25 guys, a 6”4, 245 pounds, cinnamon skin, dark haired, green eyes, eagle nosed, guy came walking towards her, looking directly into her eyes, smiling. He was wearing baggies and a shirt that allowed anyone a peek of his tribal dragon tattoo.

-Hi sweet chocolate. Did not think I would find you here.

-Hi sweet cinnamon. I take it this is what you meant when you said summer blast.

They smiled at each other and anyone on the outside could see the sparks flying around them. It seemed as if Amanda and John had been meant to find each other.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Usualy my posts have more substance to them, meaning more letters, but I thought I'd give you a glimpse of what is to come. Hopefully you will be able to "read" the feeling in this short, but filled with emotions, conversation.
Him: Hi.

Her: Why are you calling?

Him: I needed to hear your voice.

Her: silence.

Him: say something please.

Her: there is nothing more to say.

Him: I need to see you.

Her: I can’t.

Him:  Please don’t leave.

Her:  I am already gone.

Him:  I am not ready to let you go.

Her: It;s not up to you anymore.

Him:  I am still here.

Her: You left before I did.

Him: I came back.

Her: It was already too late.

Him: Give me another chance.

Her: I have to go.

Him: Are you crying?
Her: I have to go.

Him: Don’t hang up, wait.

Her: Thank you for calling..

Hung up, silence.

To be continued...

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Life's Story - Chapter 10-2

Kathy could barely believe it. She took the box with trembling hands and opened it. When she saw the ring, two long tears came running down her cheeks. Tears of joy. Jack took the ring and slipped it in her finger. She was smiling, and since she was not able to utter a word decided to respond the best way she could, by giving him a thousand kisses. When he asked once more if that was a yes, looked him in the eyes and said

-Yes, a thousand times yes.

The rest of the day was lost as they made mad love to each other.

A couple of months later Kathy and Joey were at Kathy’s apartment getting ready for a dinner Jack and Michael had prepared for her, they had, of course, refused to tell them what was it for, but only had told them that they needed to be extra beautiful since it was going to be a special night.

-So, Miss I-can’t-believe-my-eyes-he-gave-me-such-a-perfect-ring, what do you think we should wear tonight?

-Oh! Stuff it! Miss Bob-is-so-great-I-think-I-am-living-a-dream. Let’s go for THE DRESSES. What do you say?

Without either saying anything less, Kathy’s smile widened and they went to the closet to pick out a couple of the sexiest dresses they owned. They both chose red dresses, from The Heart truth Red dress collection they had attended to. Kathy looked murderous in a De La Renta long dark red dress that outlined her body, bringing out her best attributes, almost as it had been painted on her. The dress had spaghetti type straps and a square type top that begun at the middle of her breasts; it was skinned almost all the way to the bottom where it opened enough for her to be able to walk and had a nice trail. On the back she had a cleavage that went down to her lower back, revealing her tattoo. She completed the outfit with high heeled red, simple straps Manolo Blanik sandals with diamantine outlining the straps, long diamond earring and a thin diamond bracelet on her right arm. She finished her look by tying her hair in the back of her neck with a red and white diamantine grabber and letting her long tail trail her back.

Joey went for something a bit different. Ever since she had lost 40 lbs, she showed a bit more skin than she used to and looked gorgeous. She had always been a curvaceous woman but now they were enhanced and she took advantage of that. She chose an Armani red and white dress with a nice front cleavage that allowed her to exhibit those perfect breasts of her. The dress had a white line right underneath the breast line and the bottom part opened up in an accordion way to reveal to red sides enclosing a white strand coming out of the middle. She chose red and white Gucci high heeled sandals and straitened her hair to let it loose. She completed her outfit with a diamond Celtic cross pendant and diamond Celtic knot earrings. When they were done they looked at themselves in the mirror, completely satisfied with the way they looked and left for the dinner party.

When they arrived the place looked wonderful, decorated with candles and roses. A doorman held the door open for them and the place was packed with people. A lot of them they knew, their friends and some family were there. Jack and Michael were waiting for them in the middle of the room, holding red roses for them.  They looked stunning in those black suits. When Kathy and Joey reached them, they gave them the roses and kissed them. The entire crown was looking at them. Kathy, like always, was the first to talk.

-Why do I get the feeling we are the center of attention tonight?

-Because, my love, you are. - Jack answered in a low, seductive voice that sent shivers down Kathy’s spine.

–Now if you don’t mind, we need to step off for a little while, I think Michael has something to say to Joey.

-I need to tell you something and I need for you to listen very carefully, for I am only going to say it once, and you are not to let go of me no matter what.

Joey became a bit tense but for some reason was not nervous, she stayed there, dancing with him, waiting for him to say what he needed, and just enjoying the moment.

-I am in love with you and have been for a long time. I have never said it before because you were with my brother and I was confused. This whole tumor thing made me realize how much I needed you, and how much I am willing to do to keep you by my side. I want us to start all over as something different but the same altogether. I have something I want to give you, something that will define this in the best way possible. - He then separated from her and reached into his jacket pocket to reveal a tiny black box. Joey’s heart stopped and skipped a beat. As she opened it with trembling hands she let out a low scream. It was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. He had given her the perfect gift; after all, he did know her really well. It was a silver Claddagh ring, with a sapphire blue stone (her favorite color) in the middle of the heart.

-With this hands I give you my friendship, with this crown I give you my eternal and true loyalty, with this heart I completely give you mine. In love and in honor let us unite.- He said the words looking at her and slipping the ring in her left hand with the heart facing in, meaning that they were engaged to be united, forever.  What say you my fair maid? - He said this with humor in his voice, lifting all the tension in the air and Joey smiled. She looked at him and kissed him, a soft, caring, little kiss. -I say Aye My lord- she made a little bow and burst out laughing.

She looked around to find Kathy beaming and smiling at her. They reunited with Joey and Michael in the middle of the room and a waiter came with four glasses of Champaign for them. Kathy and Joey had been too focused admiring each other’s rings that they hadn’t even noticed when waiters started to fill the room giving everyone a glass of Champaign.

Jack lifted his glass in signal of a toast and said

-To second chances- 

Michael followed

-To New beginnings

Kathy then joined

-To eternal love and forgiveness

And Joey finished

-To the story of our lives.

Everyone then joined in a unison “cheers”

-So Kathy, do you think it will work this time?

-Well Joey, I have no idea what is going to happen, but I have to say, this is the best adventure I have ever been in. What do you say?

-I say, like my best friend always says, Why not? and of course, Yes!! I believe this is just the perfect way to start a new chapter in this great story.

-Amen to that sister, Amen!

Our Life's Story - Chapter 10-1

-          Ow… why do I feel like a 10,000 ton truck ran me over?
      Michael managed to say in a low raspy voice, while opening his eyes and feeling blinded by the light.
-          Maybe because one, you came out of brain surgery almost two days ago and we were waiting for you to wake up, and two because you were declared dead for three minutes, before the devil decided to send you back here, to me.

-          So apparently I am a pain in the ass, even in hell.
-          Yes you are, but unlike the devil, I am crazy enough to want to deal with you. Jo was barely able to finish the last sentence. Her eyes were wet with tears, tears of happiness, and tears of Joy.

-          Jo, I know that you are thrilled that I am awake, but I need to know, what did they do? Why did I go through surgery, I was very specific in saying that I would only do surgery if it was the last option and I had at least at 20% chance of surviving. Last thing I remember the doctor was telling me that I had no choice and that I had maybe a 4% chance survival if I went through with the surgery.

-        -  Yeah well … Jo took all her time to answer. Apparently the first doctor that ran the tests misread the diagnosis and the ones after did not bother to run the tests again so they just kept repeating the same thing. It took you fainting and us bringing you here, and insisting on more tests, for them to realize that they had miscalculated and that you actually had a very solid 70% chance of survival.

Michael was in awe. He was not able to utter a word, but Jo understood him and continued explaining.
-          And to answer that question lingering in your brain, yes they got it all out, though you will need to do chemo to make sure it will not grow back. You are now looking at some other 20 to 30 healthy years of life.
Michael could barely believe his ears, he was going to be fine and now he had been given a second chance to make things right with Jo. This time he would make sure not to screw it up, or at least not that much.

The sun was coming up, Jack could tell because sunlight was creeping through the windows. It was a beautiful orange colored light and it hit Kathy in the face, making her look like a beautiful angel. They had been making love all night long and fallen asleep exhausted. They had given each other their all, and Jack had known that this was forever, their souls had been united and they knew it. He pulled himself up slowly, not to wake Kathy up and reached to his drawer to take out a small black box. He opened it up and inside laid a beautiful white golden ring with a diamond shaped sapphire rock in the middle and 4 small diamonds, two on each side. He had bought it the day after they had made love for the first time, before he got the call that made him run and leave her behind. He had hurt her so much.
He had been so happy that they had finally gotten together; he had always known that they were meant to be together. After they had spent the night, he had sneaked out of her and had gone to the nearest jewelry store to get the ring. He had not wanted to waste any time I starting his life with her.  And then, the call came. Kathy’s brother had called him asking if he had seen her because her fiancée was going crazy asking about her. He went pale, Kathy was engaged? His voice was a bare whisper. When were they getting married, in two days Kathy’s brother had said. How long had they been engaged, for four years. Jack felt betrayed, he felt Kathy had played with him, she had said she loved him and it had all been a lie, she was marrying someone else, how could she? He had felt horrible and run, and had not even given her the chance to explain.

Last year he had run into Kathy’s brother and had asked him about her, only to find out that she had called the wedding off and went abroad. She never explained to anyone why, only said that she did not love her fiancée and she would not marry because it was convenient to her family. He had felt even worse than that day and had decided to do anything in his power to get her back. And now he was here, lying next to her, and the ring in his hand, it was time to make everything right once and for all.
Kathy stretched lazily and Jack came out of his trance. He hid the box under the pillow and gently caressed her cheek. She woke up and smiled at him, she felt so happy.

 -Good morning love.

-Good morning. - Again Kathy stretched and smiled. –How long have you been awake?

-Only for a few minutes. I wanted to watch you sleep.

-Please tell me I did not drool.  Kathy smiled but noticed that Jack only half smiled, as if something worried him. –Is everything ok?
Jack took a deep breath and asked her to sit straight. He could never stop being amazed at how well she could read him.

-Everything is fine, but there is something you and I need to talk about. I know you said you were tired but I need to explain why I left all those years ago.
Kathy made a face and sighed -Do we really need to. I was serious when I said I was tired of fighting, and honestly I don’t think I need to know anymore Jack. I love you and that is all that matters, you are here now, and unless you are thinking of running again, I don’t see a point in digging old memories.
Jack stayed silent for a moment, looking at her, just enjoying the moment.

-I know you love me, and I love you too, more that I could ever show you. But I need to tell you why I left; I need to get rid of my ghosts, so please just listen.
Kathy gave up and settled in the bed, then gestured with her hand for him to go on.

-You remember that night at the theater, after we left and went home?

-yes, of course, it’s imprinted in my head, why?

-Well, I never told you, but I had waited for that night to come for so long that when it finally did I was thrown. You were so beautiful, and I had loved you forever. I saw you grow up, become a beautiful, smart, independent woman, I never thought you capable of deceit or manipulations. That night meant the world for me. The next day I sneaked out of bed to go out and get you something, and then I got a call from your brother asking if I had seen you the night before at the theater because your fiancée was looking for you. I was shocked, you hadn’t mentioned anything, and you had even said you loved me over and over again the night before. Your brother and I engaged in conversation and he told me how you had been going out with this guy for four years and how you were supposed to get married in two days. I felt used, cheated.

Kathy was pale, and in awe.  –Why didn’t you give me a chance to explain? That marriage had been an arrangement my mother had made to according to her, save the family from going to ruin, but I did not love him. That night at the Theater I was trying to clear my mind of it all, and when I saw you everything seemed to disappear. When we made love that night I realized that you were the person I wanted to be and in less than a minute decided to cancel the entire thing off, no matter the consequences. Then you left.

-I know! I am so sorry.

Jack grabbed her hands and put them on his chest. You must believe I thought you were going to get married. I thought the worst, and I had always trusted your brother to tell me the truth about everything, so I believed him. I refused to answer your calls. I ran into your mother some days later and she told me you had left for your honeymoon.

Kathy was appalled.

-She what?! I can’t believe it. But I think I know why.

-So can you please explain it to me, because that is still a mystery for me.

-Well, even after I couldn’t reach you, I decided to go home because my cell phone would not stop ringing. When I got there everyone was waiting for me, they were ready to call the police. My fiancée came to hug me and kiss me but it felt disgusting to me, so a pushed him apart and told everyone the wedding was off. My mother went off about how I had given my word and I had to honor it and so on and so forth. My fiancée was so mad that he just left and said what a disgrace of a family we were. My dad pulled me aside and my mom followed, when he asked me what had happened I told him I did not love my fiancée. My dad always being able to read me, noticed that something had changed and asked me who, I could not lie, so I told him and my mom heard. She never liked you; you know that, so I can only imagine that when she saw you, she still hoped I would change my mind about my fiancée and told you I was in my honeymoon so you would leave me alone.

Jack looked at Kathy and seemed to understand.

-It makes some sense.

-What still does not make sense to me is how come you came back? All these years you thought I was married, so how come you came back?

-Ah! There lies the other part of it all. Last year I ran into your brother. Since him and I had always been good friends we hung out for a while and of course we came to the subject of you. He told me how you had called the wedding off and went abroad to study. How you became a business woman and how you had built your own company, he even game me your card, that is how I found you. When he told me about the wedding, I felt so stupid; I had judged you without giving you a chance to defend yourself.
Kathy half smiled.

-So now that you know, what happens?

-Well, I cannot erase the past, but I can sure as hell do everything in my power to make up for it for the rest of my life. Of course if you will have me.
Kathy smiled and to Jack it seemed like an angel was in front of him. She leaned forward and kissed him, softly.

-Is that a yes? He asked her teasing.

-Depends on what you are asking.

Jack reached underneath the pillow and pulled out the black box.

-Maybe this will help you make up your mid. Marry me Kathy.