Love Quotes

It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Monday, January 31, 2011

I want you

I want to loose myself in the arms of pleasure
I want to scream your name while reaching the deepest corners of heaven
I want to burn as the fires from hell embrace me and the devil himself makes mad love to me
I want to feel your body react to  movements
I want you to hear me moan
I want you to take me whole and make me yours
I want you to make me tremble, make me sweat, make me loose my self in ecstasy
I want you, here, I want you now
What are you waiting for?

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Have I done something wrong? Am I at fault sire? Have I in any way offended you? What have I done to deserve your contempt? your wrath? your dismissal? Your pain?
Did I not please you? Did I not do as you asked? Did I go away when you most needed me? Please, sire, please tell me what it was?
I hurt because of your words, but you seem to enjoy the pain you inflict. Are you testing your strength? Your power over me? Are you being like this to satisfy your own male ego?
You laugh at my face. How cruel can you be, how insensitive and how egotistical. This is but a game to you. This is how you feel superior.
I feel sad Sire. But not because of what you do, but because of who you are.
You are cold and dark inside. You are incapable of a word of compassion, of an act of true love, you love no one but yourself. And to think I used to stand up for you, there even came a time I admired you. Now I can only pity you. You are a dry soul. I feel sorry for you, for I know, you know what hell is truly like, you live in it everyday of you life.
My soul cries out for yours and I can only pray that God takes pity in you and reaches out to save you, for I see that you are forever condemned by your own actions, your own inability to just open up and love others, not just yourself.
To you I say farewell Sire. You are not worth my time, my friendship, you are not even worth my compassion, as you save none for the rest. You are what you made yourself be and one day you will wake up and ask what happened to those who claimed they were your friends and loved you. When that day comes, please read these lines again and you will know.
Farewell my dark and lonely Sire. I wish only the best for you, since you have already surrounded you with the worst.
The last person who was willing to believe in you:
The widow.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The man I love

The man I love has the virtues of an angel and the faults of a demon
The man I love knows everything about love and nothing about feelings
Knows about emotions but not about expressions
The man I love visits the worlds of fantasy but lives in a dreaded reality
He has the strength of the gods and the weaknesses of a child
He has a sensitive soul but a hardened heart
The man I love knows about me but knows me not
He is the kindest man I will ever see and the cruelest person I shall ever find
The man I love communes with God during the day and sleeps with the devil during the night.
He is perfect in all his imperfections, but in the end he is the one that holds my heart, he is the man I love.
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hidden truth

In order to be myself I have to remain unseen by others, especially by those whom I am closer to. In order to maintain my soul intact I have to hide what I truly feel, what I really believe, that is the only way I will remain whole. Or at least that is what I think.

I wear a mask every day so people won't know the real me. I play the part that others have given me in an effort to go unnoticed. I say what they want to hear, I do what they expect me to, and in that I guard my true self from getting hurt, from being criticized, from being judged by those who think themselves to be better or to have some saying in my world. But most of all by doing all this I avoid having to say what I truly feel like saying, I avoid having to explain who I am or why I act differently. I avoid having to give the world a piece of me and I am able to stay safely hidden within the walls of my own, pure and sane existence.
Can you blame me for not really existing, but just wishing to pass by unseen, unknown? It is so much easier and so less complicated.

I know I cannot go on like this forever, that at some point someone will see through my veil and force my soul to speak up. But I still try, my best, to keep it concealed. Only when I write am I really myself, only when the words flow through my fingers does my soul soar and the truth is unraveled. But only then.

Until that time comes again, I continue to walk through the shadows of the real me, and alienate a world that will only see what I let them.

We are all great liars, we are all great actors; we are all excellent clowns. We all hide from the reality of our lives.

Monday, January 24, 2011

To my eternal lover, I must now say goodbye...

I felt it again love. I felt your warmth, I felt your sweet soft touch, I felt your breath on my skin, I heard you whisper in my ears those words I longed to hear. I saw you again last night and it was as if you never left. The same emotions, the same feelings. I felt the electricity run through my body as you looked at me, I felt my heart stop as your lips touched mine, and as the kiss became more intense, it became more urgent, you claiming what has for so long belonged to you, my soul. I was barely able to breath, for it was so intense, so real, so like always. But deep down inside of me I knew. I knew that no matter how much you wanted to stay, how much you claimed me, how much we “belonged” together, this could not be, for deep down I know we are really not meant to be together. How could we? You are what I hate the most, yet I welcome you with arms wide open. You are whom I refuse to live with, yet I close my doors so you will not be able to walk away. You are the one thing that will be able to damage and hurt me beyond repair, but you are the one person I am completely comfortable with, for I do not owe you any explanations, I don’t have to answer a million questions, you don’t judge my every move, and with you, while trapped in a place where no one can reach me, I can honestly be myself.
So understand my dilemma and my pain when I say I love being with you, but you and I are not meant to be. I must find my way, without you.
So this is the day I say, goodbye my eternal love, my one and only true companion, with you I have found myself and lost most of my fears, but one, the fear of not being strong enough in the future and letting you in once more. But I must be strong, so once more goodbye my eternal shadow, goodbye, and though I know you will always be waiting, I must carry on. So one last time, goodbye… goodbye loneliness.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sleepless nights

Sleepless in an almost full moon night
Laying in my bed alone
Thinking about your hands
Remembering how they use to caress me, softly, gently
How that initial touch would turn me on right away, and how we'd see the night away, burning the fire that our bodies would create, welcoming the smiling sun, who's shining arms would greet our tired bodies, our exhausted brains.

Laying here, alone in my bed, I miss you.

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What do you see when no one else is looking
what do you say when no one is listening
What do you hear when no one speaks
What do you feel when you're alone
What do you wish for when you allow yourself to dream
What would you say if I was here with you?

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Monday, January 17, 2011


The chaos begins.
Doubt steps in and takes the place of a false security that used to reign.
The leaders are gone, there is no one to turn to for guidance.
We are left alone to deal with this uncertainty the best we can.
We walk with unsure steps in a road unknown to us.
We are living in a land that has a blurry future. What will be of us? Where will this rocky and unsteady way take us? Who knows? Where are our "leaders"?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Consumed souls

We have lost our human condition to the value of a dollar. We have sold our integrity to objects of material worth; we have let our spirituality get consumed by leafs of green and gold; we have allowed our souls to be devoured by an animal of 1/8 of an inch and one gram in weight.

We have allowed dirt into our bodies. We have allowed ourselves to be manipulated and controlled by something as worthless as money, and in that we have forgotten that the true value of our lives lies not in how much we can earn, or how much we can spend, but on how much we can learn, love and give, without asking in return. How much we can be there for someone in need, how much we can lend a helping hand to those who require it.

We have forgotten why we were sent here, we have ultimately forgotten who we are and the the purpose of our creation.

I am saddened by all this, for this is the place I live in and these are the people I am surrounded by. How sad is the world we live in today, how unfortunate are the people we know, and how poor their souls are.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Many a times I have encountered happy couples that go through life enjoying each others company. Many a times those couples seem to be the true representation of what a relationship should be. They choose to be with each other for as long as time will allow them. But many a times, looking deep down and taking the time to know the people involved in those relationships, I find that while they chose to give their lives to their current companion, their hearts belong to someone else.

Why is it that rarely we can be with the person we give our hearts to and whom our soul has chosen as the one?

I believe that we have lost our way in such a manner, and there are so many lessons for us to learn, that sometimes we are just meant to know the person that completes us, in the deepest of levels, but we are not really meant to be with them, not in that moment at least.

We are given the chance to know how it could be, who we could become, what we could have, if we just learned from our mistakes and made a true effort to transform ourselves into that wonderful spiritual being we have been meant to be since the beginning of times.

I believe this is the key to true happiness.

What do you think?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


 This was too beautiful for me to let it waste... I chose to share it because the writer is just wonderful. Thank you Salomée.
T he sun is down and i'm waiting for you to turn,i guess i'll be waiting for a while untill your blindness sets you free. I don't love you: I miss you. i'm not expecting a miracle, i just want a second chance, i just want to share a moment that would only belong to us while we dream at night. Be honest, how much you miss me?

I can't wait forever, soon i wont be near you, there's too much to tell you but you don't want to comunicate. I will only wait until sunrise!


The hidden us

There is a writer in all of us, hidden under the complexity of reality and the deceptions of a hallow truth. There is a person in all of us that screams to be heard, to be seen. It is the real us we choose to guard from a world that we believe will not appreciate us.
There is a part of us that no one knows, the one we let out only when silence speaks so loud that our ears hurt and our hearts cry. The one we allow others to see when our souls can't take it anymore.

There is a life inside of us capable of so many things. If we only let it out, if we would only be so brave. Would we touch others souls? Would we finally understand that we are really not alone?