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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

The one who never came to be

 The thing is you never realized that you were part of the problem, not because you reminded me, but because you couldn’t join me, and in that you left me alone.

You refused to see anyone else’s point of view or hear another’s opinion. You became blind and deaf to whatever I had to say or do, and you left me. 

You made my worst fears a reality, only this time you did not physically leave, but slowly you started going away, until you were no longer there, and I no longer mattered.

And then I left. I stopped caring for what you thought, for what you said. You became a burden to me, something I could no longer tolerate, and no longer wanted. We became strangers, more than what we were. We forgot how to talk to each other, how to care for each other, we just didn’t matter.

You chose to settle for that, I refused, and this was our curse. 

You blame me for leaving, but think back, and realize that you were never there. 
You left long before you came.  You say I did not fight, but there was nothing to fight for. You say I never really gave myself to you, and you are right, there was no one for me to give my heart to. You say I stopped caring, and it is true, because I never figured out how to love you.

So I guess we are both right. I did leave you. But in all honesty, you were never here, and you were never mine.

So now I say, goodbye.

To the one who never came to be.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Moments in time

What accounts for a great time with a person? What makes it special and unforgettable? What makes it linger in your
memory for days after it is over?
It's the moments. Those little moments that would pass by imperceptible if not for the fact that they take your breath every time they occur, making them special.
It's like that moment after making love, where he extends his arm and pulls you to him so he can feel your warmth. IS that moment where you are in your house and he just shows up at your door because he wanted to see you. Is that moment where you are standing and he creeps behind you, just to wrap his arms around you. Is that moment of that first kiss, that tells you everything that will happen. Is that mischievous look that he gives just to you in a room full of people, that holds a secrets that only the two of you share.
It's those little thing that can turn any one moment, into a lifetime of them. It's those special things that can make your heart melt in an instant. It is all that, that make him unforgettable to you...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Our Life's Story - Chapter 6

-You look like shit!
-Well Good morning to you too.
The next day Jo had woken up extra early, not really been able to sleep. Kathy had arrived at her house the night before about 10:00 pm, completely broken and depressed, so they had talked most of the night and by the time Kathy left she had not been able to get any sleep anyways, having gone through a very stressful day herself.

So she decided to pour all that anger into her work and try to make something of it. She went to Kathy's office thinking that she would be able to just sneak in and enjoy a few hours of silence, but was surprised to see Kathy's office light turned on, and even more surprised to see Kathy trying to do the same thing she had thought of.
-Here- Kathy extended a huge, smoking cup of dark coffee to Jo.
-Did you know I was coming, you can’t really know me that well-
-You'd be surprised. I knew you were not able to sleep, and knowing you the way I do, I knew you were going to hide in your work-
-Yeah! Then again, it takes one to know one-
-True, very true-
-So what are we going to do with our double trouble?-
Jo let herself fall on Kathy's couch, and memories came rushing to Kathy's mind. She had to force herself back to reality and to face the question Jo had asked her. The double trouble issue...
-I have been thinking about it all night long-
-And as much as I would love to tell Jack to stick it and go to hell with that Spawn of Satan called Michael, my company needs this account. If we pull this one off we would be able to position ourselves in the top 5 and I could afford to be extra generous to the team. And besides you have to admit it would look great in your portfolio.-
Joey was reluctant to admit it, but the truth was undeniable. She turned uneasy in the couch, and more memories rushed through Kathy's mind. Damn couch! She would make sure to call her supplier and have it substituted, maybe even change the office style.
-You have a point. But I wish the client was another one and not those two bastards. It is enough trying to cope with them outside of here, now we have to put up with them even in the hours we were able to be ourselves. Is there any way we can do this without them?-
Kathy thought hard for a moment but was not able to come up with a solution.
-I don't see how. Jack specified he wants you and Michael to be on top of all the graphical part of the campaign, and that he wants to be involved in each and every process, from start to finish. And knowing him, he will not back down. This is important to him and he will do anything possible to see that it is done how he wants it and that he agrees with every decision made.-
-How do you know that?-
Kathy sighed.
-I have seen the passion with which he talks about his restaurant. I recognize it, because that I have seen it before.-
-Where?  As soon as Joey asked and saw how Kathy's eyes went dark, she regretted it.
-It was there that night. But apparently I was not important enough, or he was not passionate enough about me. Otherwise he would have stayed, right?-
-Kathy...- Joey began to say, but Kathy interrupted her with a hand gesture.
-It does not matter, it is in the past now. Let's just focus on what we have to endure for the weeks to come. We have a lot of work to do and we did agree to meet again with the devil's advocate and his associate mid afternoon. And if we want this to work we better be ready.-
Joey could not help laugh and Kathy laughed too. They spent the next hours discussing the best strategy to use for the campaign and Joey did pretty good sketches of ideas for the graphics. About 10:00 am Norma came into the office to announce that Jack had called and asked to move the meeting to 6:00 pm because he had some business to take care of. Thinking that it would give them more time to work on the ideas Kathy told Norma to call him back and confirm for 6:00 pm.
Around 15 minutes to 6:00 Jack and Michael arrived looking beat and for some reason angry at each other. They gathered in Kathy's office, since it was just the 4 of them. Norma came in at 6:00 pm to announce that she was leaving for the day. They were the only ones left in the company.
15 more minutes into the meeting the tension between Jack and Michael was too noticeable and Kathy, frustrated by not being able to get anywhere stopped the meeting
-Ok, what the hell is going on between the two of you? Either we all try to get along and make this work or I will call this entire agreement off. So get your shit together now! Let's take a break and buy some food, maybe Cinderella and the Evil step mother here will work things out-
With this Kathy turned to Joey and asked her to accompany her to buy some supper. It seemed that it was going to be a long night.
As soon as they walked out Jack turned to Michael , anger showing in his eyes.
-You son of a B.... Why can't you just try to make things right? You had to bring me into your mess so you would not come out looking like the bad guy. Did you know that she spent the entire night talking to me about how much she loved you and how you at the last minute called the wedding off, without giving her an explanation, telling her that I had opened your eyes to reality.. And then when she managed to stop crying she started cursing the hell out of me. My neighbors called the police thinking that it was some kind of domestic abuse. I had to pay off the press for the entire thing not to come out in front page of the papers. Your lies and Bulls have cost a fortune, and then you disappear on me. Seriously, what the hell is going through your head? Have you gone mental?!
Jack was really angry at Michael. But not so much because of the whole mess with his now ex-fiancée, but because he had managed to partially blame him for the whole thing, disappeared for more than 10 hours, and his ex had shown up at Jacks place to make the scene of her life. Now Jack had a neurotic-hysterical ex-fiancée in his place, under medical supervision and taking pills to calm her down, and Michael did not even seem to care. He seemed to be off somewhere else. When Michael spoke his voice was low and the strain could be felt.
-I had no idea what to do.-
-You don't have to be Einstein to figure that out!-
-Oh shut up! is not like you have it all figured out either. You keep on messing things up with Kathy and try to act like everything is fine, You did not stop for a second to think what you were doing to her back when you left, and only realized it too late. So back off! I am sorry that I brought you into this mess. I just knew that you would be able to handle it better, and whatever you and I had to work out later, we would.-
-You trust our friendship too much.-
-I trust my brother, sue me-
In spite of all the anger Jack felt, he softened the tone a bit. Michael was always able to get him by calling him brother. Considering Jack was an only child, Michael had been his everything.
-Ok, whatever but you have to make this right. You still need to confront Cindy, tell her the truth, but please don't mention Joey; not that she does not know that you love her, anyone that stands between the two of you could notice it.. But still, you don't need to do any more damage.-

-I will go to your place and explain it. Though I still don't know what to do about Joey. I fell as if she is slipping away slowly.
-Don't worry, if everything goes accordingly, by the end of this project we will have our chance with them. And if my plan fails for me, at least you will still have a chance with Joey.
-I hope your plan is really good, cause you know I...-
Michael was not able to finish the sentence; Jack looked at him with utter sadness in his eyes.

-I know brother, I know... Have they said anything else.
-Still the same, always the same...
They did not have a chance to continue their conversation as the girls came into the office half smiling. Joey noticing some of the tension had eased was the one to talk first.
-So is the war over?-
Michael looked at her, and just stared for a moment as if taking in every detail and glad to have made the decision he had made.
-Everything is fine Jo. This war is over-
Jo. That was how he called her whenever they shared a special moment, and Joey could not help but notice the emphasis he made in the word "this", but before she could ask anything Jack interrupted them and asked to continue with the meeting.
-I am afraid if we do not rush this we will be here the entire night.
The girls handed them a sandwich each and settled back onto their seats to continue with the arrangements.
It was almost midnight when they left the office, tired and each of them just wanting to go to bed, but neither wanted it to be alone.
While Joey was getting into her car Michael came up to her and asked her for a minute of her time.
-Joey I know you are tired so let me make this quick. I am sorry for everything I did or did not do. I am going to make this right. That I promise.
He gave her a soft kiss in the cheek and left.
Joey was speechless and as much as she wanted not to feel anything, the kiss, however small it was, it made her body shiver, and even though she would never admit it to him, she wanted more, she wanted a lot more.

What is Love?

Someone asked me what was my definition of love. I did not know what to say. So me being, per my friends definition, obsessive-compulsive, decided to look for definitions of love. This is what I found:
1. a deep feeling of sexual desire and attraction
2.a strong positive emotion of regard and affection
3.have a great affection or liking for
4. a  profoundly  tender,  passionate  affection  for  another  person. 

So in every definition the word affection comes in, and in no definition I found the word connection. Which brings me to the conclusion that, by definition, you can feel something for a person without feeling connected to them. Is it me or does that sound wrong?

All my years I have believed that to love someone you have to feel truly connected with the at any level. You have to feel safe, secure, you have to trust that person. Apparently, by definition, that is not the case. Love is just mere affection. And if that is the case, why don't we just call it that, affection. In that case the word "Love" would not apply.

So in reality the word "love" has no definition. This I do believe, because Love is something you feel, it is something so strong that it takes over your entire body, it is so real that you feel it in your skin, in your bones. It takes over your mind and makes you do things before thought impossible. Love, in the end is a feeling, and like many other feelings it cannot be defined.

What would you say love is?

Friday, October 8, 2010

Failed Kiss?

The other day this guy that I like comes up to me and says he would love to give me a kiss. This guy is pretty good looking and has sensuous to die for, rosy lips. But not only that, he also kept on making little comments about how much he enjoys kissing and pleasing the opposite sex. So I in my immense innocence and ingenuousness believed that he must be a good kisser. How wrong was I?

Somehow we found ourselves in an empty room with the light off (for the purpose of maintaining this person’s identity a secret I will not reveal where these events happened).
So he comes up to me from behind, grabs my arm and turns me around to give me, what in his head must've been, a passionate-great-kiss.

However the reality was something entirely different. He was all over the place, apparently his lips could not really weld with mine, he kept on pressing them inward, and it was rough more than passionate. Also he was too fast in sticking his tongue in my mouth, so all that it caused was this sort of repulsion and me pushing away too fast with the excuse that it was too much. Thank god we women are born with the liar gene.
So this made me think. While most guys may think that they are great kisser, and while you may not give a damn about a one night stand (if that is what you're looking for)... that first kiss is what will determine if a girl will really sleep with you or not, because to us what gives away how good a guy may be in bed is the way he kisses, so here are a few tips.

1. While we may only sleep with you once, we want to feel as if we are truly special. We want to feel passion, lust, and we want to feel that the sex is great. And that in turn will make you an excellent lover in our eyes.

2. Never be rough with your first kiss. That only tells us that you are desperate and totally inexperienced.

3. Always start soft, gentle, with nothing more than a touch of lips. Kind of like a caress. If possible first outline the contour of her lips with your fingers; that will really give it an extra touch and tell her that you are LOOKING at HER, not just certain parts of her

4. Hold her face in your hands; that really gives it an extra touch.

5. Relax your lips. You are not going under water, it is a kiss.

6. Don't be too fast to want to deepen the kiss, just enjoy and savor the lips, she will eventually invite you in.

7 And remember. Don't talk so much about how good you are, we really don't buy it and we will only just take it as bluffing. There is this saying in Spanish "dime de que presumes y te dire de que careces" "tell me what you presume of and I will tell you what you lack" we really go by that.

So overall, make that first kiss special, and whether she is your one night stand or you true love, it will forever keep the door open.

The truth about love

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If I

If I offered you a kiss would you take it? 
If I offered you my hand, would you hold it? 
If I offered you my hopes, would you store them? 
If I offered you my wishes, would you grant them to me? 
If I offered you my dreams, would you help me make them a reality? 
If I offered you my fears, would you take them away? 
If I offered you my voice, would you sing along?
And if I offer you my heart, will you treasure it?
If I offer you myself, will you love me?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Let's stop time!

Can we just stop time? Can we just make it so a moment can last longer? Could we manipulate it so that this doesn't end?
I know it is wishful thinking, but even knowing I wish we could, because in that moment we would be able to really taste each other, to use our hands to explore the sensitivity of our bodies, to express through movement the repressed desire we have...
In that time we would say, without really saying anything, all those things we want to let go of, and in that moment we would let our spirits soar while rejoicing in the sensation of pure ecstasy

This is dedicated to those who feel the same way, specially my dearest friend Nadeshko Kikyo

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Blast from the past

They say that you are meant to leave the past behind, forget about old things and leave them to pass. I say that is not necessarily true.

There are certain things that you should never let go of, certain people you should not forget about, and most important certain memories you should never erase...

People from the past remind you of the person you used to be and of the things you used to do, good and bad. Things that you used to enjoy, things you used to hate, things you used  to believe in and things that you lost hope on. But those people also help you see that the things you believed in, may have helped them become who they are now, and when the outcome is good, it makes you feel gratified.

There are events you should never forget about, becuase they help you smile in those times of sadness. There are moments you can never let go of, because they remid you those special things people have. And that ultimatly becomes in way a truly happy moment.

So I say, never let go of the past. Just let go of the bad memeries, keep the good ones and make them happy moments to last for a lifetime.

Yours truly.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Mind-blowing shapes

I find myself intrigued by the different shapes a male body has... Square, round, rectangular; and then there are the states of those shapes, soft, hard, delicate. I must say that I would have to agree with the Italians on the Renaissance. The male body is indeed a beautiful thing.
They are able to bring it to such perfection it encourages female minds to think of the most interesting and best ways to enjoy them.

I have to confess, there are nights I spend imagining how to best savor and enjoy those shapes and its states without wasting anything...

Are you like that? Come on, confess! I dare you!