Love Quotes

It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Don't really know what to do now, or how to feel. It's been so long since I had it, that now I don't know if I deserve it. I know that everyone deserves a second chance or a third one, but I have been through so much, and done so many things... how can I pretend that I am worthy of it?
Maybe I just need to believe a little more. Believe that anything is possible, believe that I deserve happiness after all, that I deserve, that I have the right for something different, for something more. Because if I don't, what's the point?

Friday, July 16, 2010


Today is a day I would like to wrap my legs around your waist. A day I would like your tongue to lick certain parts of my body. A day I would like to hear your moans, and mixed with mine transport ourselves to heaven in a mixture of emotions and sensations. Today is a day I want you to take me and make me scream of pleasure...

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our life's story - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Outside of Kathy's company, Jack managed to get to his car without his body betraying him. He portrayed the image of a man who was in total control of himself, rather than the reality of things. When he got to his car his heart was beating a thousand beats per second, his hands were sweaty and he felt he was running out of breath. He had seen her again. He had done it, he tracked her down and just as he had promised himself he had created the perfect opportunity for them to start a relationship again, even if a professional one. Then again, he would make sure she would be his, and this time nothing would stand in his way. Now all he had to do was not mess it up, again!

Next morning Kathy was still feeling the effects of her encounter with Jack and was cursing herself. How could she allow him so close? She remembered again that wonderful night that turned into a living nightmare, the night it all started, that event had now become a ghost she had not been able to get rid of. And now the ghost had materialized, and her world was turning faster than ever.
She remembered that night, vividly. It was a nice, warm summer evening and she had decided to see one of her favorite plays. They frequented the same theaters and that night they were playing the Phantom of the Opera. Like always with this play, she had really enjoyed it and was still thinking about it when it happened. On her way out she heard a voice whisper her name from behind. She knew who it was even before she turned and she smiled. He was standing there as handsome as ever in that black tie suit and she looked gorgeous in that long pearl designer dress, with a back cleavage just a little below her waist. Her hair was picked up in an elegant bun and her neck was revealed beautifully, she looked devastating. For a moment they just stood smiling. The chemistry between them had always been there, ever since she had turned 15. Now in her twenties and him 7 years older that her, the chemistry had turned into something more, less innocent and more lustful.
She was the first to talk.
-I thought you might be here. You have always enjoyed twisted love stories, but what I never thought is that you would not have a damsel-in-distress-wannabe next to you, pretending you are her knight-in-shinning-armor. - The words came out of her before she could think about what she was saying, but then again being that handsome and wealthy he had always been considered an elegant player. Not that he wasn't.
-That quick tongue of yours and that cunning wit have always been one of your best traits and what I have enjoyed the most in the past.- That line was delivered with such intensity and lust that she did not misunderstand for a second what he meant by it. So loving a challenge and not being able to help herself the next words came out even before she realized what they would entitle.
-And how about now? What do you enjoy the most about me? - Charm, tease and flirtatious mode came on as if a switch had been triggered. In that minute she decided it was already too late to go back so why not continue? What did she have to lose anyways?
-That is yet to be discovered, as now I do not know you entirely and you are no longer the 15 year old you were. You have... grown. In that sentence he scanned her body slowly as if to make a point.
-Meaning I am no longer off limits, nor a free jail ticket. Right? - The conversation was begging to get interesting, in his mind, and very flirty in hers. How far would they take it?
-You misread me. - He really tried for that to sound serious but he could not hide the smirk in his lips or the tease in his eyes. -What are you doing now? You want to grab a bite, I know a great place that has an excellent cook, and it is just around the corner. - By the look on his face she knew there was more to what he was letting out and she intended to find out.

-Sure, why not? Besides I am so hungry I could eat you! - And she meant it. She was really attracted to him and tonight he looked like a million dollars. They both smiled and went for the door. When they got to the parking lot he directed her towards his car. He opened the door for her and when she turned to get it he whispered in her ear -By the way, you look delicious, I mean gorgeous. –
She then turned to face him, and placed her mouth just an inch from his, stopped for a moment, took a breath in and turned her face so she could whisper in his ear -I know exactly what you meant.- She then caressed his chest and smiled at him, she could feel his heart racing, and got in the car. He stood in her door for just a second, smiled and closed it to go to his side and drive off.
They made a couple of turns and as they approached a certain street she thought the place looked familiar. Before long she realized they were at his place. She then felt a bit nervous but managed to hide it pretty well and he did not notice it.
-I thought we were going to a place with an excellent cook. If I remember correctly from your family cookouts you are not the best chef in the world, though you make pretty decent burgers. - She smirked and looked his way to see him with a broad smile in his face. For a moment her gaze strolled down to his neck and then to his thighs. He had always had nice legs, and even in suit pants, they were noticeable. Her gaze went a tad higher and quickly turned her eyes away realizing he noticed her looking at him. Thank God for dark skin! Otherwise he would have noticed her blush.
They reached the garage that led into the house. It was nicely built, in 20th century architecture. The walls were high and it was painted a nice colonial white. It had a garden filled with Bay trees. Once they reached the inside Kathy noticed that the house had changed to reflect a lot the way of its current owner. Well kept, clean and very well organized so that the space was used wisely. It had new furniture. She had been in here other times, but never alone with him, and it was very different than what she remembered.

She was standing in the middle of the living room when he came behind her and placed a hand in her lower back while taking her purse form her and placing it in a nearby coffee table.
-Why don't you get more comfortable? - She looked at him with a look of wonder. How more comfortable could she get? When he noticed she looked confused he added: -I mean you can take you shoes off and loose that bun, knowing you I imagine those are the tallest heels you could find so your ankles won’t take long to hurt, you always did want to be as tall as me... and that beautiful hair of yours would be better off set free.-
She had to admit he was right, with a weakness for stiletto heels she tended to buy the tallest ones she could find, and about her hair she did feel better letting it loose, so she followed his advice. -Now isn't that better? What do you say to a nice pasta al pesto? If I remember correctly you love it.-
-I do. - He did the same thing and took his jacket and shoes off and folded the sleeves of his shirt up to his elbows. His arms were strong and his skin was tanned, she felt her heart starting to race again and immediately looked away. Placing his hand on her lower back again he directed her into the kitchen where he opened a bottle of red wine to get more into the mood. His kitchen was as neat as the rest of the house; it had a counter with two high stools made and it was beautifully decorated.
He started going through his kitchen and gathered everything for the meal. They talked about everything and anything. Conversation was always easy with him so the evening went by pretty smooth. Once the meal was done and they sat down to eat she had to admit, much to her surprise, it was delicious.
-You are a good cook; I must say this is really delicious. - She will never know if everything that happened after was because of the effects of the whine, but they would always blame it on that, or at least they would try.
-There are other things that look even more delicious. - His voice was low and rough and he was halfway looking at her with a lust in his eyes she had never before seen, but rather than scare her it turned her on.
-Care to elaborate on that? - She was deliberately pushing his buttons. He stood up and walked towards where she was sitting; he stopped right next to her and lifted her hand to help her up so that she was now standing in front of him. He was using all his manly charm and she was just letting him. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her towards him. Looking down at her he said -You are what I mean. - And then he bent down and kissed her. At first it was a sweet kiss, soft, warm... but then as their mouths parted it became so much more, they were expressing the hungry desire they had felt for each other. She felt her blood rushing in her veins, her heart beating a thousand beats per second, and her body answering to his touch. His hands left her waist and travelled down to her lower back and pushed her up. She let out a moan of pleasure that caused havoc in him and released all that sexual tension he had piled up inside for so many years. She moved her hands up to grab his hair and gain more control over the situation. She wanted him so much and she could feel him responding to her just the same. Their temperature was rising and it felt as if they were about to burn, but they wanted more. One of his hands moved up to cup one of her breasts and a loud groan of pure pleasure caught up in her throat. It was heaven. He lifted her and her legs crossed around on his waist and carried her into his bedroom. Before he could put her in the bed she let go of him and stood in front of him. She stared for a second and saw that he was as hot for her as she was for him, after all this time they were here finally and she wanted to really enjoy this moment. So she looked him straight into the eyes and slowly started to unbutton his shirt, only to reveal a well built torso with a nice but not exaggerated six packs. His skin felt so smooth. She kissed his neck; small kisses. She went down to his chest and onto his nipples, to give them little soft bites. He was going crazy; she could feel his heart beat. She loosened his belt, slowly unbuttoned his pants making sure her hands would caress his lower belly, and then let the pants drop. He let out a moan that drove her even crazier. She kissed his lower belly and straightened up to take two steps back. Looking at him she loosened the dress zipper and let it drop. She was wearing nothing underneath. With eyes that almost burned red from the lust he scanned her body head to toe. God she looked even more beautiful! She had a very athletic body and beautiful skin. Her hair loose on her back almost to waist level made her look like a goddess. He took the remaining of his clothes off and walked towards her. He was so hard and knowing that she could cause that effect in him made her crave more for him.
He kissed her and laid her in his bed. He caressed her and she caressed him back He was lost in her and she in him. He was a great lover and she answered to him in the same way. He made love to her like no one before and she exploded in a wave of sensations. At that moment she did not know whether she was alive or dead, she thought she was in heaven and she loved it. It had been so intense she fell asleep in his arms. Later she felt a hand caressing her face and thought she heard a voice say -I have loved you forever. Stay… Stay with me- She halfway opened her eyes and found Jack was staring at her, smiling. He had pulled a sheet over them. She must've been out for a while, she thought, because she had not felt a thing and it was darker outside.

-Miss Kathy? - Kathy's PA had come into the office and she hadn't even realized it. She must've been deep in thought because of the look on Norma’s face. -Are you OK miss Kathy, I've been talking for several minutes now but you didn't seem to hear me-
-I'm sorry Norma; I just have some things on my mind. If that is next week’s itinerary leave it on the desk and I will take a look at it later on. For now please gather the team, tell them we have a meeting at 2:00 pm in the conference room.
-Sure miss Kathy, would there be anything else? - Norma continued to look at her in a curious way, as if expecting her to say something, but not daring to ask.
-No that would be all, thank you. Kathy had been grateful for Norma's interruption. She had allowed herself to get lost in thoughts and relieve past event. She had fought so hard to try and get rid of them and now they were coming back as if it had been yesterday. She could not believe it had been so long ago.

The phone rang and Kathy was thrilled to hear Joey on the phone. For years Joey had been her best friend and confident, she knew really well Jack's story along with all the other stories of Kathy's life. Kathy noted there was something strange in her voice and immediately asked -Are you OK? You sound weird. What did you do?-