Love Quotes

It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Monday, May 31, 2010


All I ask for is time....
Time to see all those things I have not had the chance to see yet; to feel your warm hands run through my body; time to hear your loving voice call my name and say how much you love me; time to get lost in those beautiful eyes; time to hear the melodic sound of your heartbeat while my head rests on your chest, time to give you all the love I have inside; time to dance to the rythym of our desire for each other, of our ever growing lust.All I ask for is time, time to be with you, to live and to love.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our life's story - Chapter 1

So.. I know I have not written anything in a while, but it is because I have been a bit busy writting this, so I hope you enjoy it!

This is the first part...

Chapter 1

Hi there, long time no see. - The words came out of his mouth and like so long ago, Kathy felt the blood in her veins burn. She looked up only to feel as if she was about to faint.

He looked almost like she remembered him, only a little older, but age had done justice to him, he looked even more handsome. He was 6"3', fair athletic body, strong arms, flat 6 packs, tight and muscled legs, hair as dark as night except for a few white hairs which made him look even more interesting. His eyes, that had always captivated her, light brown, his eagle nose pointing at her and his lips... soft, rosy lips. In less than a second all those memories, that she had tried, in vain, to keep at bay, came back like a swarming wave.

-Hi- she was only able to manage those words, and as soon as she uttered them she noticed her voice was really soft and low. She could barely conceal the fact that she was running out of air, since she was struggling with her ever-increasing palpitations that made it hard for her to breathe whenever she remembered that she had to, in order not to faint.

She was kneeling picking up some papers when he talked to her. She stood up with difficulty and faced him. She had to look up, because in spite of being a tall woman he was still taller than her.

She had changed a bit, she was taller now and her body had changed also. She had always been beautiful, and to Jack she had always been an intriguing woman, but now there was something more to her, something else. Her hair was longer, it now ran all the way down to her back, that black wavy hair. She was taller than most women, being 5"10' and all, but that had never prevented her from wearing those tall heals, she just loved them. She had an athletic body, almost like a model. Her face was fair, with eyes as dark as night, fair nose and full lips. One of the things he loved most about her was her skin color. She had a copper like color to her, which set her apart from most people. She definitely had some Taino race in her. She was after all native from Dominican Republic and carried with her that Caribbean air. Just looking at her made him feel like a boy again.

They stood for a moment just staring at each other, as if taking in the sudden encounter. Kathy was the one to speak first, once she finally found her voice and managed to control her breathing.

-What are you doing here?-, she could not conceal the surprise and resentment in her voice, nor did she want to.

-Business as usual. How about you?-

-I own this place- After she left her country, Kathy had come to the UK to work in a major advertising company that allowed her to grow and a couple of years back she started her own advertising company that had quickly placed itself as one of the best ones in London.

-Really?!!- He sounded surprised, though she had known him long enough to know that he was just being sarcastic, trying to hide the fact that he knew that a long time ago. Just like when they were younger, he always knew more that he let her see.-This place comes highly recommended, they tell me is the best in London, if I'd known you owned it I would've come sooner.

-What business do you have here, and be honest- She raised her left eyebrow and he knew she was onto him, but he was not about to let her know the real reason for his sudden appearance.

-I recently bought the Cosmos restaurant and I want to launch an advertising campaign, so when I started asking around, every person I met recommended I come to this place. And might I say I am really glad I did. I came looking for the best and I found it, I found you. He looked at her with those penetrating eyes, and she felt the air leaving her again. She had to do something otherwise she would faint right there. She then astutely changed the subject back to business.

-I am happy to hear that my company comes highly recommended, why don't we step into my office and talk a bit more about your biceps... I mean business. - Damn her mind for playing tricks on her. She was really surprised by how much his body had developed, but the last thing she wanted was to let him know she was thinking about his body. His body, it brought back so many memories. His nice tanned body, his strong arms holding her, his fingers running through her body, touching her, caressing her hair, her neck.... Stop! She had to shake her head so those toughs would go away. Focus on the subject at hand, business!! She kept telling herself.



-You just shook your head, so what?-

-Nothing, just a mental note on something I remember I had to do- Liar she said to herself but hoped he would believe it, though she could tell he knew what she was thinking as he was smirking, trying really hard not to laugh out loud.-Shall we go into my office to discuss what it is that you want? He then Gave her that slick smile of his and she cursed herself for laying it out for him so he could take advantage of the opportunity and give her one of his nasty comments, those she secretly enjoyed so much.-About your business... remember? - She said it really slow as if trying to get the point across, but it was already too late, he was about to burst out laughing.

They stepped in and he took a seat across her desk. She then could not help but look at his well built legs, even over the loose trousers she could notice that they had not lost their muscled form. Get it out of your head! She kept on thinking, it was a long time ago and it is not to happen again, you promised yourself!

-So, you said you want to launch a campaign for your restaurant, are you planning on changing anything it has currently, what exactly do you want to achieve through your advertisements?- she went right ahead to the point, it was the only way she would stop thinking about him in another way. She had to, images of them together kept finding a way into her head and she was at the verge of getting up, crossing that table and kiss those rosy, full lips of his.

-Wao! You really get down to business right away.

-That's the way I like it.

-Not according to what I remember, there was a time when you where all but so business-like.

-Times change, now going back to your restaurant... She finally managed to get her guard up and he noticed, though he kept on smirking. God she hated that he knew her so much. He knew that when she put her guard up was because she was really disturbed, and he loved causing that effect on her but pleased her and kept it strictly business.

They talked about the campaign for some hours, she expressed some very good ideas and he was truly glad he had chosen her company to represent his restaurant, then again he had never doubted her talents. Two hours later they were ready to wrap it up, and he knew he had to make his move before she closed the deal and sent him to deal with a team of creative and copywriters.

-I want you to personally run this campaign.-

She was surprised by his request, but hid it very well and decided to be polite about it, though she knew he must have a hidden agenda to make a request like that one.

-You know I do not deal with that anymore, but I can assure you that the team I assign to this will take care of it as it was me.-

-It is not enough, I plan on spending a fortune on this and I want you to run it. I want you on the front, besides it will be like old times, you and me together again. - that is what she was afraid of, but she could not afford to lose this contract as she knew that a business like this would ensure high honors and would bring in more clients like him. After all he was one of the wealthiest men in UK, and he had that stubborn look on his face, the one he got when he would not let go of a subject until he got his way, so she gave in.

-Ok... But it will never be like old times and I would not want to have it that way. - She delivered those words with real anger in her voice. He said nothing, but sat there smiling. She stood up and he knew it was time to go, but he stayed there. He stared at her, outlining her body in such a way that she felt almost naked, but stood her ground, she was not about to let him intimidate her. He kept on looking and reminiscing and she noticed a gleam in his eyes. For a moment she wondered what it was but dismissed it right away, she desperately needed to stop thinking of him other that in a business related matter.

He stood up to leave and she walked over to show him to the door, when she got closer to him she realized he was not moving but rather standing there as if waiting for her. She stopped about two feet away from him and looked into his eyes, wondering what he was thinking of. He held her gaze and without knowing how, he got closer until they were face to face. He was so close now she could smell his perfume, it was delighting. She felt frozen, wanting to move but unable to. His warmth felt so good. All this time their eyes were locked together and she felt his hand moving up slowly, barely touching her leg, and grabbing her hand. An electrifying chill ran down her spine, her breathing became faster and she felt as if in a dream. They said nothing. He took her hand in his and took it up to his heart, he held it there for a moment, before letting go of it and moving his hand to cup her face. She did not know what to do but stay there. He held her gaze a little longer; his eyes now moved to her mouth and lingered there. He caressed her face sweetly and whispered very softly, -It will be a pleasure working with you, thank you for seeing me- and suddenly he let her go, took a step back, turned around and left the office.

She does not know for how long she stood there, not believing what had happened, or better said what hadn't happened, and hating herself for allowing him to make such an emotional train wreck of her. She knew she was alive because her body would not stop trembling. She did not dare move for she believed that she would fall if she did. She hated him, but she knew that she had never stopped loving him, and now, 9 years later, she loved him more than ever.

To be continued....