Love Quotes

It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lustful thoughts

At times like this, when you feel like taking on that person and just ripping off their clothes. When you want to just throw them on a bed or taking them up against a wall. Kiss them, nibble at them, carress them. When you want to take your hands and run them all through their bodies, softly. Starting on their heads, just tangling your fingers on their hair, going down to the back of their necks and lingering there for moment. Then show them, have them take you up and tear you apart. ... Is at times like this when you need to find them and just fufill your deepest most desired fantasies, let your lust take the better part of you, and give into the temptaion. The reward will be... unforgettable.

The past me

I live under the shadow of the person i used to be. I am but the remainig of somethign that was once great, beautiful, loved. I am but a ghost of my former self, someone i no longer know or desire to. I walk the roads that were once new, now standing there still, old, filled with dust and broken by the pain. I hide under the mask of defeat. Watching from the inside how the world keeps on turning and no one seem to notice that i exist, even if as just a reflection of what i used to be. I see how new faces appear and turn happy towards each other, and here i am, feeling uncaple of leaivng this lonesome stage. Living in despair. I've become used to this feeling of solitude. Grown acostumed to the idea that life is unfair. Yet i fear, that there will be someone that will come and force me to go back to reality and see that maybe the world is not so bad, and there are good things worth being happy for... But my worst fear is that maybe that person will never come...