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It was only a moment, but in that moment I loved you more than I will ever love anyone in a lifetime.

Monday, July 17, 2017

It's ok

This is a prayer/Meditation I found stumbling upon, and loved it so much I decided to share it. It sums up what I've come to understand in my 30's.

It's okay that I don't know where I am going
it's okay if I don't know where I came from
it's okay if I don't know where I am
it's okay that false thoughts linger in my mind and that I cannot always rise above them or win a fight
it's okay that I am human
it's okay to feel fear
it's okay to feel angry
it's okay to feel tired
it's okay to feel sad
it's okay to feel despair
it's okay to lose myself
it's okay to fall
it's okay to lose my mind
it's okay to lose touch with the ground
it's okay to doubt my existence
it's okay to feel imperfect
it's okay to feel weak
it's okay to feel shame
it's okay to feel guilt
it's okay to feel stuck in pain
it's okay to feel suffering
even when I choose dark, light breathes through me, truth holds me together
prayer speaks through my heart, I am still a child of earth
I am a free soul
I am never standing still
My soul moves forward
I don't need to understand love
Love finds me, comes out of me, love is faith, faith is hope, hope is light, light fills me into every atom of my being
light is everything
I rise above all dark matter and of every event in my human life
I am not my failures, I am not my mistakes, I am not my feelings or my thoughts
I am not dark, I am not right or wrong
Light will not elude me
Light will not elude life
Light will not elude eternity
Light will not elude life
I am rooted and intertwined with all life, all life's cycles, all complex matters, all divine wisdom
I am a being of light
May I slowly begin to detach myself from self-hatred
May I slowly begin to detach myself from self-destructiveness
May I slowly begin to detach myself from false thoughts
May I slowly begin to detach myself from defining myself out of lies
May I slowly begin to be gentle and kind with myself as I always have to those around me with ease
May I slowly begin to detach myself from my old failures
May I slowly begin to detach myself from my old beliefs
May I slowly begin to detach myself from everything that has ever hurt me in my whole life
Light does not define me by my thoughts, by my pains or by my failures
Light vibrates unconditionally
Love is not conditional
Light gives itself to me
Light breathes through me
Light never leaves
Light does not hold me responsible
Light does not judge me
May I slowly begin to detach myself from self-punishment and self-hurt
May I slowly learn forgiveness
May I not define myself out of things that happen or that happened to me
May I be open to heal
May I truly want my own healing
May I truly want truth to alter me
May I truly want truth to set me free
May I hope, May I believe, May I love, May I let my light shine
May I be vibrant and radiant
May I see the light in me not with my eyes but with my heart
May I feel compassion towards myself
May I have the knowledge and wisdom that life always unfolds as it should
May I slowly begin to detach myself from self-doubt
May I slowly begin to embrace myself with forgiveness
May I learn through life's lessons
May my soul go where I am supposed to go
May I find in myself courage and strength to rise above all false stories about myself
May I rise
May I keep breathing
May I keep living
May I meet myself
May I be amazed
May I be in love
May I be in light
May I be in freedom

may i want my own healing - sofie jansson - 5th of january 2012

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Loving you is easy, being with you is hard. Existing in a world where we are not together in nearly impossible.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Christmas Carol

"When haunting, the ghosts of what was, tend to be relentless creatures, that tear through the cracks of the doors of a past that refuses to stay locked away in the corners of your heart"

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Eternal seach

Everyone needs a confident, a person they can share certain aspects of their lives with, someone that calls to their mind and hidden parts of their soul, usually those dark and secret (sacred) places where temptation lies dormant, or shall we say it lies waiting for the call of another akin soul. 

This is where we believe we play with fire, because every once in a while, someone comes along, that touches and ignites that part of us and we find ourselves moved by them. There is no real danger... well, not always... 

I think we all have found someone like that in our many travels through the road of life, or actually many someones like that, and they have always caused a malicious grin to spread over our lips while all sort of "inappropriate" thoughts invade our minds. I say it like that because those thoughts are not always of carnal pleasure, but of something deeper that lust of flesh. Those thoughts are the ones that make us want to devour that person's being and keep them with us so we can tap into an infinite river of "forbidden" emotions that remind us that we can burn without ever touching a person or being touched at all. 

"And in the end, we are all drunk in the idea that there is someone out there that can save us from ourselves, or worse, get lost with us. Oh how tempting would that be"

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Heart for rent

A Heart for rent.

I am currently renting a heart. It is not in the best conditions, but I believe it will do, for someone out there  at least.

It has seen many battles, somehow it has survived most of them, but not unscathed. It has been torn, scratched, beaten up, shattered in a million pieces, pieced back together, only to go through the same process over and over again.

It has endured many cold seasons, and lonely times. It has experienced ecstasy like never before, grown twice it's size in an instant, beat for 30 years, each day, somehow, someway, stronger. It has known pain and love, happiness and suffering, longing, joy, beauty, betrayal. It has seen people come and go, it has shed tears of blood. And still, it beats on.

This heart that I offer, this, that I put out there in the market, is not perfect, is not new, not polished. It has been used, a lot, and because of that, it has a lot of worth, or at least I believe it so.

It will not disapoint you, I promise. Because it has been through so much it knows how to appreciate a good offer, if that is what you have.

I have a heart for rent, looking for an owner who would cherish it, care for it, nourish it, even if for a short time. This heart I offer will also cherish, and care and nourish in return. But best of all, I promise that your investment will be worth it, becasuse this heart will love you, should you chose to rent it.